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Category Cars
Created 2019-04-15
Owner yanghuim 
Title Peanut Thresher with Dust Removal Sheller working process
Description The use of peanut threshers and dust strippers is now used more and more widely in agricultural production, and many users choose this equipment for corn threshing during the peanut harvest season. So how do you know when the thresher device works during the use of the device? Today, the Peanut Thresher with Dust Removal Sheller Well-known Manufacturers will come to you to introduce the working process of the equipment. Peanut fruit is fed by hand and first falls into the thick text grid. Due to the force between the rotation of the plate and the concave plate of the fixed grid, the peanut kernel and the shell separated and separated from the shell are simultaneously dropped through the grid and then passed through the wind. It is said that most of the peanut shells are blown out by the wind, and the peanut kernels and a part of the peanuts that have not been peeled off fall into the specific gravity sorting sieve. After pre-screening, the peanut kernels are separated from the sieve surface and flow into the sack through the material inlet. The peanuts (small fruit) that have not been peeled off are descended from the sieve surface, flow into the hoist through the discharge channel, and then sent to the fine grating by the hoist to be secondly husked, and then sieved by specific gravity. Achieve all stripping. The above is the production process of Peanut Thresher with Dust Removal Sheller introduced for everyone, hope to help everyone know more about this equipment.
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