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Created 2019-04-15
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Title The importance of the overall environmental design of the kindergarten
Description Throughout the entire society, the construction of kindergartens, especially the kindergarten environment design has not attracted enough attention from the society, and the government's macro management of kindergartens is not enough. In terms of rural and rural early childhood education, although there are many kindergartens, most of them have become the same pattern as nanny-type nurseries. They rent a village house and make a few tables and benches for children to play. What a good environment. A large part of urban kindergartens are also not standardized. The environment in the park is tedious, does not meet the characteristics of children's growth, and the environmental space is not fully utilized. The environmental interlock commercial basketball court surface design layout only pays attention to the simple arrangement of indoors and walls, and does not pay attention to the scientific nature of kindergarten environment design. Artistic; environmental space, color, toys, furniture design is even less ergonomic. In the new era, social material and spiritual life is more abundant, and parents have put forward higher requirements for the life of children and the environmental quality of learning activities. Therefore, designing and creating an environment that is scientific and artistic, not only meets functional requirements but also has cultural connotations has become an urgent problem for the majority of early childhood educators and parents. From the time of birth to the primary school, the development of brain intelligence is mainly based on the right brain, and then gradually turns to the left brain. Therefore, it is necessary to use the necessary environmental image to stimulate the right brain in early childhood, and it should be taken as the primary task. Kindergarten design should allow young children to live in full sunlight, fresh air, suitable temperature and a more spacious and quiet environment, allowing children to play various fantasy or creative game activities in the set area, according to gender, The special needs of age characteristics take an imaginative design and can change with age and interest. In view of the growth rules of young children and the characteristics of their environment, kindergarten interlock double tier sport flooring should conform to the law of education and adapt to the age, personality and gender characteristics of young children. It should be combined with environmental image, brain science theory and scientific methods of brain intelligence development. ; combined with brain physiology knowledge and brain function singularity; combined with children's intellectual training and game activities. The environmental design of the kindergarten includes the functional and artistic layout of the classroom; the diversification, fun, visualization and modernization of the toy design; the aesthetic and practical design of the furniture design. The purpose is to play a direct role in the sensory organs of young children, and to provide image stimulation to the right brain of young children, which is an effective way to develop the brain resources of young children. Learning from the characteristics of foreign kindergarten environment design, expanding the design level American kindergartens attach great importance to the layout of classrooms. They divide the classroom into several different learning areas: Block Corner, Art Corner, Sand and Water (Science Corner), Book Corner, and Desktop Toy Corner. These scattered learning areas make the learning content of young children change, which not only matches the children's fun, curiosity, learning interest, and non-persistent multi-variation, indoor tennis court interlocking mat manufacturers, and unified in the teaching of environmental visualization. This form is a dialectical relationship that conforms to unity and change. In the interior design, special attention should be paid to the potential of the space, making full use of every corner of the indoor space, setting up a sand pool, playing pool, and feeding corners. More natural materials such as sand, stone, water, animals and plants are provided to meet the interests of young children, giving them more opportunities to contact the sand, stones, water, animals and plants of nature. For example, in the summer, you can play waterwheel toys on the pool, let them know that the water bucket of the waterwheel is full of water, the water bucket will fall down, the waterwheel will naturally turn, and the teacher tells the child. The flow of water has the principle of impulse and so on. Let these physical phenomena in nature form a concept in the minds of young children.
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