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Category Economy cars
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Created 2019-04-15
Owner freemexy
Title Oumier Wasp Nano RTA Review
Description Oumier Wasp Nano RTA Review This atomizer , oumier armadillo rda, is the latest atomizer tank from Oumier family. Exactly it has been released almost one month ago. And I have made its unboxing video in our YouTube channel, you guys can click the link to see where on the bottom of the review. Oumier keeps contributing in atomizer market all the time so you can find that there’re just a few box mods they produced and launched. That’s why we have such a great RTA to review today! Well plus this oumier wasp nano rta, the oumier wasp nano series is complete now. The other two is Wasp Nano RDTA and Wasp Nano RDA which has already sold at our store for a long time. Talk about the material on this tank, traditional material selection and the same craft combination. PCTG drip tip and SS metal frame are the all manufacturers choice in atomizer making. PCTG material or resin material drip tip has an effective prevention to avoid the heat from the hot cloud. And there’re also more replacement resin drip tips for vapers to select. Well judge from the picture above, you know you can not replace any extra drip tips on this mini RTA cause its none drip tip design but just one whole cap. The inner chamber part is easily to take off for coil building and cleaning. You can clearly see the painted wasp pattern with wasp nano logo. And another point is the small size building deck. So you need to carefully trim with the coil and cotton you install. On the other hand, the screw structure of the chamber part is not easily handled with. I mean, it’s not easy to screw on even just a little dislocation.
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