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Category Cottages
Created 2019-04-15
Owner yanghuim 
Title Engine/motor driven corn sheller production efficiency
Description The engine/motor-driven corn sheller is a commonly used equipment for corn shelling. Why is the equipment used by users, and how efficient is the equipment? Next, we will introduce the production efficiency of the Cheap Factory Price Diesel Engine/Motor Driven Corn Sheller. Introduction of engine/motor driven corn sheller: The machine is suitable for diesel engine or household lighting electric motor connection below 8 horsepower. Transmission mode: it can be connected with a small four-wheel tractor, electric motor, engine, walking tractor, tricycle, and V-belt transmission. Diesel Engine/Motor Driven Corn Sheller, which combines corn peeling and threshing in one machine to realize the multi-purpose function of one machine. It can complete stripping and threshing work while sharing one motor. It is updated on the basis of the original machine, the upper layer is peeled, the lower layer is threshed, and the shaft core is not replaced. Greatly save manpower, time, is a good helper for farmers friends, corn peeling thresher working efficiency: 6-7 acres / hour; removal rate: dry leaves in the dry yellow period is not less than 95, green skin or half yellow period is not less than 92; Loss rate and breakage rate: both less than 3.
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