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Created 2019-05-15
Owner juniperqq
Title How to Store Galvalumed Steel Plate
Description As one of the commonly used metal materials, the galvalumed steel plate is mainly used in construction, workshop, machine production, and other aspects. At the present stage, the standards stipulate various indicators and quality requirements of aluminum and zinc plated plate, including the chemical composition, its external size, product quality, product internal structure, and its performance structure contained in the aluminum-zinc plate. Although low cost Galvalumed steel plate is strong and precise, but we still need to pay attention to the maintenance in use, in order to extend its service life. If you buy a large amount of one time, after receiving the galvalume steel plate, it is impossible to immediately use up all. The vast majority of aluminum zinc plates need to be stored in the warehouse. When you choose a place or warehouse to store aluminum and zinc plates, you should try to choose a place with a clean environment, ventilation, and unobstructed drainage. Keep away from places that may produce harmful gases or dust. However, it is better to clean up the weeds around the site as well. Because there are plants, the surrounding humidity is relatively large, galvalume steel for a long time in this environment is easy to rust surface. In piling up galvalume steel plate is also a principle, is in stacking solid and ensure the safety of solid conditions, it is best to do according to the galvalume steel plate varieties and specifications placed. If other materials need to be piled up in the workshop or the site, please be sure to place them separately.
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