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Created 2019-06-12
Owner yanghuim 
Title Tractor Mounted Combine Two Rows Corn Harvester China made
Description Tractor Mounted Combine Two Rows Corn Harvester China made,the kind and sequence of crops grown over a period of time on a given area of soil can be described as the cropping system. It may be a pattern of a regular rotation of different crops or one of growing only one crop year after year on the same area. Early agricultural experiments showed the value of crop rotations that included a legume sod crop in the regular sequence. Such a system generally maintains productivity, aids in keeping soil structure favorable and tends to reduce erosion. Alfalfa, sweet clover, red clover, and Ladino clover are considered effective for building up. Features of Two Rows Corn Harvester Tractor Mounted Combine Two Rows Corn Harvester China made, Cutting speeds synchronized with tractor speeds. A single machine that can do all operations from Harvesting, Threshing, Cleaning to Unloading of grains into gunny bags. The tractor can be put to multiple uses when the tractor is dismounted from the combined harvester during offseason. Saves time and manual effort and can be self-driven on roads. Better design of the threshing unit reduces brain damage and improves threshing efficiency.
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