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Created 2019-09-30
Owner freemexy
Title FIFA 20 vs PES 2020: Which is the definitive football sim of 2019?
Description FIFA 20 vs PES 2020: Which is the definitive football sim of 2019? EA Sports and Konami have now played their cards in the yearly football sim battle, both companies releasing great-looking, mechanically competent experiences that push the boat in their own ways. However, there’s always a winner in this tried-and-true battle of visuals, gameplay mechanics and licenses, with hardcore fans fighting for their respective sides each and every year. fut 20 coins FIFA 20 and PES 2020 have proven themselves as excellent football sims in their own right, but which one is worth buying, and why? Now they’re both out in the wild, Trusted Reviews has delved into the thick of things to help you find out. Visuals have now evolved to the point of photorealism, with players from major teams depicted with startling accuracy. Both games look great, with FIFA and PES running on the Frostbite and FOX Engines respectively. This one will come down to personal preference if we’re being completely honest. Each entry has their own distinct licenses when it comes to specific teams and locations, with FIFA 20 having the advantage in this area by a significant margin. However, Konami has snapped up major teams such as Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Juventus for PES. If you’re a hardcore fan of any of these, it might be worth dipping into PES 2020 to get your dedicated fix. If we’re being honest, it’s hard to decide a victor here. Both look excellent, with neither slacking in any major area. In the end, it’s down to personal preference and certain licenses. This has been a long-running battle with Konami and Electronic Arts signing agreements that carve up the world’s most popular teams and leagues, drawing in players from the official kits and likenesses alone. A shift occurred in recent years with PES losing its grasp on the Champions League, a huge tournament that now belongs exclusively to FIFA. This hurt Konami, and if we’re being brutally honest, they’ve been fighting a losing battle ever since. This hasn’t stopped Konami from launching a fightback. Having acquired the exclusive rights to Juventus with PES 2020, that’s ensured FIFA 20 must default to generic names and likenesses. It’s a small bruise on an otherwise outstanding package, so unless you’re a fan, it won’t make a big difference. In terms of specific licenses, PES 2020 has claimed Juventus, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Manchester United. These come with players, kits and stadiums all portrayed with visual perfection. Sadly, it probably won’t be enough to tempt those already loyal to FIFA. if want know more cheap madden 19 coins visit homepage
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