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Created 2019-09-30
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Title NBA 2K tweets update on major technical issues with newly-released NBA 2K20
Description NBA 2K tweets update on major technical issues with newly-released NBA 2K20 The release of NBA 2K20 was met with controversy, with plenty of customers expressing their outrage over the bug-filled installation of the popular basketball video game. In response, NBA 2K quickly made an update to address the major technical issues. However, the game developers admit that there are still other issues they need to resolve. The variety of bugs that plague the game vary. Some can be as frustrating as unsaved progress. Other bugs can cost real-life money, such as a bug that takes away stat points purchased with VC — 2K20’s in-game 2k20 MT cheap The gamers also aired their grievances with the aggressive microtransactions that cover the game. According to IGN, the issue is extremely prevalent in the game’s popular MyTeam mode. Forbes tackled another issue that 2K has weirdly not addressed over the past couple of years: the lack of community managers to stem the tide. With the company leaving it to the game’s support page to address the players’ grievances, you can only expect the toxic nature of the fanbase to increase. There are plenty of factors for the game’s buggy release, one of which is the short development cycle. Since the game is released yearly, devs have little to no time to address the issues that made the previous iteration a hassle. Moreover, priorities set by the company’s big wigs could have also affected the sales. As the bottom line is always more important, the devs may have been forced to create as big of a cash cow that they can with 2K20. There are more issues in the game, and it cannot be denied that it is frustrating gamers time and time again. The game’s Steam page is chock-full of negative reviews. However, it’s unlikely that the game will change any time soon. As long as consumers don’t speak up with their wallets, nothing will be different.Buy Now
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