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Created 2019-10-07
Owner freemexy
Title 99% Purity Hexarelin Peptides Powder with Competitive Price Bodybuilding
Description 99% Purity Hexarelin Peptides Powder with Competitive Price Bodybuilding Product Name:Hexarelin CAS:140703-51-1 Molecular Formula:C47h58n12o6 Molecular Weight:887.04 Purity:98% Physical State:Lyophilized Powder Solubility:Soluble in Water or 1% Acetic Acid Synonyms:Hexarelin Export Markets:Global Additional Info. Packing: 2mg/Vials Standard:ISO9001 Hexarelin powder is becoming a popular choice as a performance enhancement drug Application of Growth Hormone Peptides Hexarelin Like other peptides, hexarelin has the ability to help promote more production of natural growth hormone, and it will not shut down the production of the body's ability to produce GH. Hexarelin has been shown in studies to increase bone mineral density, mitosis and meiosis, fat loss, connective tissue strengthening, and improved skin elasticity. Interestingly, the most amazing finding with hexarelin was its ability to act on cardiac receptors separate from the GH releasing properties. The peptide can directly aid in cardio protective left ventricular pressure issues, as well as, help healing scar tissue on the heart. Studies on lean and obese lab rats concluded that while lean rats were able to take advantage of the GH plasma increase better than the obese rats (the healthier the rat the more hexarelin effectively produced and utilized GH), obese rats did not see the same advantage. Separate from the studies that monitored GH, both lean and obese rats both received all of the cardio protective properties of hexarelin.
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