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Category Hard disks
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Created 2020-01-15
Owner Mocsky234
Title From cheap RuneScape gold performing them
Description Item remaster cheap RuneScape gold balancing/adding/removing items, eliminate auras. Make more items tradeable (I do not see item acquisition locked behind quests and skills as one of Runescape's super powerful points), reduce the amount of things with multiple fees as one particular goal (instead of a digsite pendant(5) why can't we craft 5 stackable digsite teleport items).Don't eliminate auras but also make them more accessible through in match means instead of waiting months to get loyalty points. You can already stack teleportation things with fees. A passing of an abyss can hold 6 kinds of teleportation jewelery and every jewelry can be compacted to hold countless charges efficiently giving hundreds of teleports to you in one item to over 15 places. Allowed it's secured behind requirements that were substantial and pricey but that it should be. From performing them I've ran into some annoyances, I got hooked on Clues in RS and it turns out that other clue people have! The people from Clue Chasers made this collection of suggestions for Clues and I believed it was worth posting it here, so it has traction and so Jmods can consider doing some of these and at least watch it! Shows feel nicer to do, although this is very wordy. If this article is useful I might look to do one similar for PvM, allow me to know what you think as the hint people have done a fantastic job. I have two suggestions that will be ignored because it seems jagex and reddit have given up on the notion of runescape players not utilizing alt1 for everything. Either massively reduce the randomisation of slider puzzles which you massively upped following the clue scroll launch in order to slow users while ruining the experience for users, or decrease their frequency. This one change alone completely destroyed clues for people who don't want to rely on third party software to play runescape for safe osrs gold buying them and think that it's disgrace. DO SOMETHING about it.
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