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Created 2020-03-25
Owner z2ugame
Title FIFA Mobile revealed players are going to be able to acquire perks faster
Description You will not lose your account or progress when the new season starts. Always make sure you link your account to Facebook, Game Center, or Google Play to ensure your account is supported. Once you migrate to a supported device, log in to carry over your progress and goods Pre-Season for the new season. The new version of FIFA phone will be released on iOS and Android devices on the 7th of November. Continue to follow us also through our social Facebook and Twitter for news and other information.

Chemistry is displayed on the screen with colored lines between players. Green indicates good Chemistry, gray showed no chemical. Tapping on Chemistry View switch at 11 Start screen allows you to see exactly how much chemical you get from every player in your Starting 11, and how players interact and help each other from the perspective of Chemistry. The numbers to the right of each player is given by a player Chemistry for all the players involved, while the figure on the left represents the chemical received by the player from the player concerned.

We've also added a new currency, called the Gems. Gems can be obtained from the event, as a reward for competitive play, in the campaign, and many more, and they can be used for packaging in-store purchases. FIFA points will no longer be accepted directly from involvement. If you complete the Pre-Season Master Plan that has a Now and Later the symbol, you will get a special a Token Now and Later. You can redeem tokens for prizes in the new season, giving you a head start on the competition. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe FIFA Mobile Coins For Sale.

The above all the high-profile event that happens once every year. There are other events that can be done each day, in order to obtain tons of prizes, including improving the skills and coins, which can be used to train your squad, as well as the purchase of other items in the marketplace or in-game store. First, the control is simplified and adapted for mobile platforms. Second, the gameplay has also been simplified into something resembling FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer from the beginning of 2000 than a modern day version of these games.

Your team will operate this way by default. The important things to remember here is how to pass and shoot. Passing can be done by either tapping on the player without the ball, in this case the current players will get him by ground or air, depending on the distance.
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