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Created 2020-05-23
Owner MMOruki
Title They're related but red wood are coastal RuneScape
Description Yo I got told the exact same thing so I'd check general shops everywhere and OSRS gold sure enough I found someone sold like complete black (t) to the al Khalid general store and I scooped it up and moved from having about 20k for my name to 250k cause I sold that shit at Varrock West Bank instantly.I remember my friend telling me to kill chickens and sell the feathers to the GE, so I accumulated a million and sold them all to the general shop in lumbridge because that's exactly what I thought he intended. There was a daycare my parents used to make me go to when I was young I absolutely loathed, and yet one evening I had the smart idea to convince them to simply drop me off at the library every day rather, so every day for that entire summer I was scapin' it up on the library PCs. They had a forced timeout every 2 hours which sucked but I just logged back in and kept playing all day long.I was there everyday playing for hours. Not doing anything, just enjoying the bliss of an online fantasy world. Back when my soul was not crushed and dreams still existed! Good times! Bro same!! My regional library had like 50 computers and everybody was busy with someone playing RuneScape. The library needed to limit access to you have 2h/day and computers that didn't block java were at the Teen Zone and the Kids corner, thus freeing up 35 computers for everyone else.There should have been a national library association meeting, since in 2002 for at least a couple of decades, there were no time limits on the computers. I would waste a lot of 12 hour library days on the exact same computer, which makes 15 different pure accounts to pk together and accomplishing practically nothing. But around 2005, the time limits came. And in Vegas, every library is basically booked up, so after your 1 hour of play, you were made to wait on a list for the next available computer while the library team eyed you disapprovingly for enjoying video games in their hallowed temple of learning. I recall learning that the sole use for redwood is really in pens and toothpicks since the tree is so large that when it's dropped it completely splinters the timber. That is not correct. Redwood trees don't only burst to 100 meters immediately - that much growth can take as long as 200 years. Most redwoods cut down are substantially smaller than those in OP's picture. That's a Sequoia that you're speaking about and the one from the picture. They're related but red wood are coastal, thinner but taller than the Sequoia. Sequoias happen to be there and are bigger trees on Earth. They re dated to be about 3,000 years old. Sadly although they used to buy rs 3 gold be all over the West coast the major were sliced down for timber.
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