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Category Cars
Created 2020-06-13
Owner Nanlina
Title Been thinking about this but I also play online
Description Been thinking about this but I also play online. Can there be some vc earned? Could be nice to still make a little for my time. I play 12 minute quarters and I believe I get 1100 VC for a complete game. I'm guessing the pay out is reduced if the 2K21 MT quarters are somewhat shorter however. Right now I am playing 12 minutes quarters with player lock, so it disturbs the parts when he's on the seat, and I normally get around 700 VC. My player generally plays around 32 mins a game.Not bad at all. I remember before that which was online so that it would be fine for an old school franchise drama and get vc. Thanks for the responses. Use the my profession builder, make what would be your build, screenshot your attributes when done, together with the badge count. That is how I make a create a player for the participant lock myleague. It usually comes out about 83/85 overall, and I just advance them from there. If you truly want more you are able to export the player DNA after u make the participant and upload the onto a draft prospect. What I do, which works for me however, is by no means a perfect way to do it, is create my player at 78-81 overall. My perception is that a 2K dev once explained the overall'tiers' as something such as: 68-73 is prospect/reserve, 74-77 is role player, 78-81/82 is rookie, 82/83-86 is all star grade, 87-90 is superstar/all nba, 91+ is similar to hall of fame level. List that from memory so I could be off a bit, but it catches the vague thought. By creating a participant who's'newcomer' degree you can still hang/dominate while leaving room for improvement. As a base starter you'd probably just have a few badges from some of those categories, and none of them are HOF and a number of them would gold if any at all. For development I don't know what to tell you, I usually play with games that are 10ish dump a couple points into an area I'd love to improve and try to restrict the ovr increase to two or just a point. Adhering to this system I usually will probably be in the mid/upper 80s all star break and will be starting to get some dope badges. I refuse to give my participant HOF badges until 90 tho. But I am hoping this will make him progress to be passer a elite shooter and dribbler with large rated defence. My player is up to 80 after about 40 games and started out at 78 overall. I do not know how the progression is going to Buy NBA 2K21 MT work, but I am considering tweaking it every now and then anyway so I will fix it if it's going wonky.
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