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Category Cars
Created 2020-06-15
Owner juniperqq
Title Haomei block machine maintenance focus and daily use knowledge
Description The use of the customized block making machine for sale can be said to bring us into an era of mechanization of brick making, which is also an important symbol of the development of the era. The block machine produced by Haomei does not need to waste any resources in the process of producing bricks, and it can provide us with more benefits. In particular, this brick making process is simpler than the traditional brick firing process. The entire production process eliminates the traditional firing steps. In the fully mechanized production, we only need to operate the workbench and Control, you can produce high-quality non-fired bricks. Secondly, Haomei brick burning machine has another biggest feature, that is, its beautiful appearance and simple operation are suitable for the current brick making. It can be said that the current Haomei block making machine has become the latest brick-making process. It can not only provide us with more high-quality non-fired bricks, but also increase the average income. So when the large mechanical equipment such as Haomei block machine is used, in order to ensure the normal use of the period, we must regularly maintain and repair the equipment of Haomei block machine, the most important thing is to understand the focus of overhaul Because many equipment may cause problems such as loose screws and lack of lubricating oil during use, our timely maintenance can also make cheap concrete block making machine run better. Especially when the entire Haomei block machine is used, it may cause some wear on the mold, so we need to carry out regular maintenance and maintenance. 1. The main point of the maintenance of the block machine produced by Haomei is the main part of the whole equipment. This part is related to the overall operation of the equipment. If we find that there are some small problems in the whole main part during the maintenance process, we must To repair it, especially when it encounters some parts deformation and other problems, at this time, we must communicate with professional maintenance personnel in time to discuss a reasonable solution to ensure the operation of the entire machine. 2. Anyone who has a certain understanding of the block machine produced by Haomei knows that the most important thing in the block machine is the mold, which is also the key to the forming of the block machine produced by Haomei. Therefore, in daily use, we must clean some dirt in the mold, and after cleaning, even spray some protective layer, so as to prevent the mold from appearing rust and affecting the use. Secondly, it is necessary to check whether the molding surface on the mold is worn. If it is found, it should be repaired evenly to prevent cracks in the appearance of the brick during the production of burn-free bricks. In fact, in the process of using the concrete hollow block machine for sale, we can judge it by its sound and strength, because once the equipment fails, the work of the entire block machine will be abnormal.
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