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Category Cars
Created 2020-06-22
Owner Nanlina
Title I've got some ideas that Igot some interest and've tweeted about
Description Every year, why does a company need growth? Is it not enough simply? Or even reduce profits but do some shit? It's disappointing that winrsgold people who are fundamentally broken get to decide how the rest of us live. People that are selfish always take more than what they want, meaning the proper play is to be selfish. It is so disappointing, we could achieve so much more if we weren't bound in this way. Capitalism is nice. It's only the notion of an individual being able to own means of production (land, tools, machinery, etc.) and distribute the gains of productions the way they see fit. This is compared to socialism, where the capital owners don't pick distribution, and communism where there are not real estate owners and the government decides what's produced in the first place. There's nothing inherent about capitalism that forces a company to grow. Like, a restaurant company does not need to grow to maintain providing a living for the owners for instance. But while you enable your company to be publicly traded, since the folks buying in are gambling on growth rather than raw production you unexpectedly have a huge incentive to grow. The main reason is that game studios rely on investors that don't care about games. It would be interesting if games studios could be run without any investors, but that is not sensible. OSRS Weekly Q&A Livestream What is the purpose in this thread if you aren't going to ask some of the questions Acorn? When you did one a couple weeks ago you simply asked dull typical questions such as; what is your day to day job like, what's the most interesting project you've worked on, what's the biggest challenge you've faced at Jagex etc.. These aren't that intriguing sorry, I believe people prefer to have questions answered from this thread so that they can learn about forthcoming changes, ideas on fixing bits of content etc.. I actually have 16 questions in my document from this Reddit ribbon and Reddit thread that is continue. Sorry if your question was not asked on some of the livestreams. I've got some ideas that Igot some interest and've tweeted about. Alchemy tablets - would start an interface like the ring. Another usage for runes/soft clay. Ash explained the dev who created tablets wanted to make these but was unable to buy RS gold at the time. Bones to peaches on any bone - I end up bonecrushing most bones because lack of usage after 99 prayer, no way to use bones to peaches etc.. This would help in some places where bones have been dropped but not necessarily utilized. Personally wyrms or fossil wyverns for me. Ash explained the exp threshold may change to be able to work on all bones based on xp they would give.
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