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Category Economy cars
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Created 2020-06-28
Owner MMOruki
Title Why is this weapon and one of the finest in Phantasy Star Online 2
Description Such as the Liberate Sword, this lance is the second most powerful in terms of PSO2 Meseta base attack power. Power and critical opportunity raises while PP intake, which is quite helpful for handling tougher enemies. Unrivaled Parry pairs with the playstyle for its lance. Power increases by 2%, after successfully doing a Guard, and you won't absorb any Gear for 15 seconds afterward. This weapon is gained by upgrading a +35 Book Lance using 50 Ultimate Booster, 500 Excube, 200 HuExcube, 500 Palmnia, and 10 Diard. This weapon has great skills to compliment partizan playstyles and has the base stats of any partizan. The weapon features a foundation S-ATK of 1820 plus a maximum S-ATK of 2457 when entirely leveled, that is the greatest accessible Phantasy Star Online 2. The Execour Glare capacity gives a DEF increase of +50 and an ATK boost of +20 to it. It is triggered using a standard Attack while being enemies for 40 minutes. The power increase can send the maximum damage potential of this weapon through the roof, while the PP regeneration will keep you flush having enough points to use your Photon Arts. This weapon is only available as a drop from Grav Execour, or via Split Medal Exchange. The nature of this weapon type may benefit from the greater Crit chance granted by the Liberated Fang ability. The ability increases critical hit rate by a maximum together with a power boost of a lowered PP consumption and 16 percent. This weapon may be upgraded from Novel Dagger +35 in Zieg with 500 Plamnia, 500 Excume, 200 FiExcube, 50 Ultimate Booster, and 10 Diard. This weapon isn't the most powerful saber in Phantasy Star Online 2, even though it does rank fairly high. Why is this weapon and one of the finest in Phantasy Star Online 2, is your Rose Dew ability that is exceptional. Rose Dew increases power up to 13 percent when leveled. The ability immediately consumes you to cure. This is even better when coupled with the special capability Medicinal Wisdom which restores PP when a Mate is consumed. This setup is intended to slightly improve your damage output whilst maintaining you healed and flush with Photon Points. This is great for Phantasy Star Online 2 gamers that make heavy use of things and Photon Arts. The weapon can only be received via the SP Collection document, or the Chocolate Way and Boisterous White Day events. The Forza Stil knuckles have the maximum base attack in Phantasy Star Online 2 for this weapon type and may be outfitted with the Power VI capability for an extra +45 S-ATK. This weapon may also have the Steadfast Might ability. Steadfast Might Lowers your power bonus whenever you're taking damage, however when your electricity bonus reaches 14%, it offers you a 40% damage immunity boost, raises PP recovery by 60%, regenerates 20 PP every 10 seconds, and buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta allows you to become massive. This weapon is available through the Puras Series of upgrades from Zieg.
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