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Created 2020-06-28
Owner yanghuim 
Title The operation method for sealing machine
Description Description of Sealing machine FR-900 series of automatic plastic film sealing machine adopts electronic constant temperature control and automatic conveying device, can control different shapes of plastic film bags, can be used in all kinds of the packaging line, the seal length is not limited Sealing machine widely used in food, pharmaceutical aquatic, chemical and electronics industries. Our Sealing Machine's Features : 1. Our shrink sealing machine is widely used in mass production packaging lines with high efficiency. 2. Shrinkwrap sealer can design with closely connecting function which specially designed for small items. 3. With a movable type punching device, you can switch the punching position and control the pinholes number. 4. The sealing knife uses the special steel knife is anti-stick coating & anti-high temperature. So the sealing will not have cracking, cooking, and smoking with zero pollution. 5. Using a digital temperature controller which built-in PID function. Sealing blade temperature is extremely sensitive and accurate which can be set arbitrarily. 6. Imported photoelectric sensor, positioning accuracy, fast response. 7. Adopt PLC programmable controller, simple operation. 8. Manual adjustment film-guide system and feeding conveyor platform make the machine suitable for different width and height items. The sealing machine can seal all kinds of bags Kraft paper, fresh-keeping bag, tea bag, aluminum foil bag, shrink film, food packaging bag, etc. Notice: This sealing machine is standard with an embossing wheel. If you need a smooth wheel and stripe wheel need to buy additional. The operation method for sealing machine A: Use a cross screwdriver to unscrew the screw head B: Unscrew the top screw, the screw does not need to take off, you can unscrew C: Lift the wheel by hand, slowly remove the wheel D: Remove the embossing wheel E: Wheel and wrench F: With the wheel, wrench unscrew the lid G: Unscrew the lid, took out the words,Change the words you need.
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