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Created 2020-06-30
Owner MMOruki
Title A TON is to Learn about the Dofus game
Description The statement that some classes need other to Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro be in a position to advance in the Dofus game is only valid on the Dofus retro version of this Dofus game.In the present 2.53 variant, all classes can solo the stuff you'll need to solo (mostly pursuit conflicts ), just the soloing system will differ:Rogues will attempt to one-shot ennemies they will need to solo (We mainly say one-turn by the way), whereas Fecas will be able to reduce considerably the amount of damage that is done to them while killing their ennemies slowlier. For a Healer/Buffer class I would urge: Eni, Foggernaut (also known as steamers), Osa. There are also classes that can heal trhough unorthodox manners (Eca for instance). To get a Tank/Support class, my top recommendation is Panda. Feca, Masqueraider are also lots of fun to play: they're focused on tanking whereas Panda is focused on moving items about (while still being able to tank a little ).This said, keep in mind that you get to play 20 spells and as you level up, you'll unlock 20 spell variations, which will substantially enrich your gameplay possible, basicaly allowing you to do anything: Heal as a Sram, DPT as a Eni, Buffing as a Rogue. A TON is to Learn about the Dofus game. When you begin on Ilyzaelle feel free to add me (my chief is Sadida): Akanero. I will definitely give you a hand in game. Whenever you're beginning Dofus you want to begin with a class that's pretty good at solo'ing and does not take until degree 190 or something to receive strong.Some classes do NOT make great first characters. Osa, Sacrier, Pandawa, such as are not good first characters (they don't become strong until higher amounts ). Courses can make good characters but are very hard so I do not recommend them unless you are seriously up for a tactical to play. If you don't understand what you are doing, these classes will feel frustrating to playwith. Rogues Sadida's. Ouginaks are are great first class, Enutrof isn't bad either and folks love using an Enutrof in their team.Cra is a very very good first class but according to what you've mentioned, I don't think you'd like them.If there are any other classes you're thinking about just reply to the thread or shoot me a message, I will respond asap. How the hell can I make Dofus kamas? Keep pvp, more rating will provide more coins.If you continue doing pvp, tou will be able to do 2x or 3x that at mid day.Achievements offer quite a fair quantity of Dofus kamas too. I believe from the dungeon achievements alone (level 1-100) there's 5 thousand Dofus kamas worth. You will not do them but the harder ones can be a source of dofus kamas ilyzaelle earnings if you get a group together.
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