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Created 2020-07-01
Owner yanghuim 
Title Advantage of Multi-Span Agriculture Film Greenhouse
Description Multi-Span Agriculture Film Greenhouse is the most cost-effective greenhouse and welcomed by the users. The traditional tunnel roof design is simple but strong. The polythene film can diffuse the light to protect the crop from burning and aid the photosynthesis, but it needs to change every 3-5 years. In the winter, especially in China. Double layer film can be laid with a pump to inject the hot air, not only to prevent the dissipation of the heat but also to stop the cold air going in. So the inside temperature is guaranteed in cold weather. Poly film greenhouse anti-fog and anti-drip design will decrease the chance of suffering from the disease of the plants. The huge roof ventilation and side ventilation will reduce the heat and humidity to make a temperate environment. Advantage of Multi-Span Agriculture Film Greenhouse Hot-dip galvanized steel This kind of specially treated steel has good anticorrosion and antirust effects, which extends the service life of the greenhouse. Special designed structures and accessories make sure of the outstanding performance of the greenhouse. Excellent covering material With more than 80% light transmission and low cost, the PE is one of the best material to be widely used in the Multi-Span Agriculture Film Greenhouse. The working life is more than 5 years. One-stop service We can offer a one-stop service for the customer from designing, manufacturing, installation and after-sale service. All the greenhouse can be fabricated customized according to customers' demand and will be professional advice according to our experience. Greenhouse intelligent control The Multi-Span Agriculture Film Greenhouse remote control is available now. The sensor is installed in the greenhouse to detect the humidity, temperature, and ventilation, and the whole control system is integrated into the computer and phone number. You can control the greenhouse by the computer and phone to make the max capacity.
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