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Category Cars
Created 2020-07-07
Owner Nanlina
Title What gets me is each year I have had to adjust Madden nfl sliders to create Madden nfl
Description You wouldnt have to wear them. If data and you are going to be useful you really just need a lot. The initial investment is. Require 1 practice. Coaches get an additional day (makes them happy) players dont wear pads (makes them happy plus they can Mut 20 coins flaunt their signature athletic skill ) practice. Spread across a huge array of players it would be pretty clear what separates Joe Thomas out of Garret Bowles lol. Take that data and apply it. Great Corners like Sherm catch skin. Refs are not as inclined to call PI based on him. You have tons of cartoons of your 99 corner and also a trait others can create get drafted with. I really don't think that it's that hard. I mean I know that it will be coding wise and from a dev perspective but I think that it could be achieved and ought to be able to be done using a powerhouse like EA. From then on its sometimes allowing 1st rounders/superstar to put on them in non practices to get some fluid animations to include. Rather than each runningback juking precisely the exact same every time. There are a lot of things they could add. Tackles will some times drop their foot too far on passes so they dont get conquer the edge. If that is higher and too much they can watch film hell. I believe for madden to become more competitive, they will need to up the ante. Rather than 3, they NEED to create 11 on 11 team play. I understand that isnt the most appealing to ppl that play as Offensive lineman, but the CPU playing with OLine isnt going to cut it anymore in Competitive Madden. Think of it this way button mashers also have Pass Rush Battles from the DLineman players, and in your group can be OLineman. I know it will be tougher to receive 11 player, possibly even 22 participant teams (unless everybody plays 2 rankings ) but how else can you make it more staff based competitive play? Before they get rid of MUT hell will freeze melt and freeze over. The gaming on packs matches with all the RNG dice roll game play. Plays go your way. The players engaged. As soon as you start losing you start buying packs looking for that top rated player that you think will help you win matches. It's been building up since madden 12. EA keeps finding new ways to maintain players spending. Shit they may find themselves getting rid of franchise. Doesn't make EA any money. I'm likely to run elongate before my head 19, since I was fucking stupid to shell out money. I would sell it I'm gamesharing. I will not risk a ban. Maybe I need to sell and find both accounts. Likely doing my brother a favor. Your organization is doing an excellent job promoting gaming if this is seen by anybody at EA. Good fucking job. Way to kill a franchise. What gets me is each year I have had to adjust Madden nfl sliders to create Madden nfl not absurd (fumbling 4+ times a game, qb fumbling when I dive with NO ONE NEAR HIM, too many penalties, preventing every opposing qb to move 30 for 30 on crime against me on all madden and scoring TDs each push ). I am not good or something, but back in the early 2010s, I could put time in, actually know I was becoming at Madden nfl, then perform all madden and triumph if I had been concentrated playing. Today, all pro is too easy after playing a few games (when I haven't played in some time ) and most of madden is like wtf hard where I need to score a TD on buy Madden nfl 20 coins virtually every push to keep up, so I have to fuck with sliders half of the time before I find the right combination to where should I play really well, I will win by a fantastic margin.
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