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Category Cars
Created 2020-07-16
Owner Nanlina
Title Really the most tragic loss at the background of PSO2
Description It was pretty frustrating to do some parts of Phantasy Star Online 2, moreso since I solved the difficulty and did it almost all with off-classes. It worked somewhat, however the problem is that the difficulty is all around the area, so when you die it's in the middle of a 30 minute quest where your only thought is"I realllllly don't want to PSO2 Meseta start over" I held out on hardcore before the very last one. I finally brought out the best I had at the moment, but I wasn't going to experience a 30m ultimate dungeon solo again as a force, and need to beat bosses not designed to be solo'd after 10-20m of them. I felt kindof insulted by the difficulty difference between the last assignment on Casual and Hardcore. On casual you might as well not be there, whatever dies in one hit. Whereas on hardcore you could die immediately from a error. I'm on my 4th effort versus this bastard, died as a result of camera. I only wish the AI actually did things, at least distract him correctly instead of running towards me if I get too much away... I'm resorting to buying a strong light technician on the marketplace now and seeing if it makes it feasible or when I'm going to hide behind a pillar casting Namegid lv.14. Tech equilibrium is so whack, I do not know who made the potency%s, watched some elements literally did double the dps of the others, and thought"yeah that is nice". It is out of what I've been told because we are missing a remarkably basic facet of Force. That as well as also the Type-0 spells. I will say that spell damage is very perplexing in Phantasy Star Online 2. Without going through the rockbear repeatedly and accepting elemental weakness into account, it's hard to distinguish the usefulness of some charms. For instance Grants includes a lower potency than Illgrants, however, it appears to also have a faster charge time. Then you need to take into account some attacks may tick 4 occasions, some tick 6, and then ones such as Nazonde which essentially tick endlessly. Then you got spells which are good on paper, but are really awful trigger the missile never strikes. Like Illgrants losing out to Ragrants in near range will go the target around. Im currently doing this with my own bouncer gear and on a level 20 braver mainclass and kill bosses in like 3-4 PAs lol granted it might be more difficult to put up this if you don't have a dex mag for simple equipping of gear that the needs high dex. Really the most tragic loss at the background of PSO2 The English dub is decent! But as before stopping in Japanese somebody who sat, it is not any better in English the time. I am new to PSO2 entirely but I don't think the English dub is awful in any way, very tropey vocal archetypes but I sort of anticipated that part. Episode 1 story on the other hand has been fairly dull. Episode 1 has sadly been boring. That's why I never actually got through the story in JP and was always thankful that no material is can you buy meseta on pso2 locked to it. The Matter Board is gone now. There are a lot of individuals who think if the voices arnt exact copies of this jap dub then its a horrible shitty dub since they're seeing a familiar narrative being"bastardized." As always people prefer the first way they saw things if both manners are good.
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