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Category Economy cars
Created 2020-07-29
Owner Nanlina
Title With a game of soccer that is fantastic and I would happily play with fake players
Description And then my group moved, and the CPU was transferred it does not reflect the NFL substantially at that point anyway concerning places and team names. I will always love customization and depth more than look. It was just 32 teams that are Mut 21 coins literary even though there wasn't any custom clubs, I prefer a soccer game over recent Maddens. Madden right now has nourishment that is enough that is good. It has improved in certain areas. But some of the things was bad for over a decade now... and that is only the actual on-field stuff. They have actually stripped attributes AWAY from franchise. So I would take anything at this point. Yes, particularly if it had been for PC, for modding capabilities with the potential, you can only mod everything to mod the NFL to Madden NFL 21. Anyways, a full-scale franchise mode, despite"fake" players and teams are a lot more than the polished turd EA has predicted a Franchise mode for the last 13 years. So I'm frankly done, I do not even play with the other modes, and also have been completed with Madden for the past ten years, except for when I pirated Madden 19 to determine if Madden NFL 21 was worth playing again. Until they staged Franchise mode to be with the'06-'08 decades, I am passing. It is pitiful how bare bones Franchise is compared to 12-15 decades back. Completely inexcusable. I enjoy playing MY team. I then love bitching to my friend (who's my opponent. We play a lot of Madden Madden NFL) how they have player x incorrect or how player y isn't amazing but his entire thing is perform type 1 and that he can't do play kind 1. We began playing in my group drafting individuals to fulfill our teams. That is the most fun I have had in Madden. I do not care about MUT, I do not play against people on line. I buy it every year. I would like a soccer. I want a game that lets me build a dynasty out or try too. Madden cares about MUT. Not me. I'll also shell out for one more year of EA Origin Access Pro or whatever the hell it's called because I'm an idiot. With a game of soccer that is fantastic and I would happily play with fake players. Kind of sick of creating my heroes make titles they'll never really get. Allow my team predominate! I want gameplay and franchise depth. Now I am aware that there are things that may perform people better but they do not do both better. Please someone construct a great multi decade (in game) football match. Until then EA will keep getting my money for garbage increments that are small. Hell EA or anybody else you are missing your mark to make a fantastic monthly or more upgraded game.Madden 20 has dipped to the lowest of the lows That is currently gon na be a rant, so you can keep scrolling, if you don't want to read it. I have been playing Madden since I was a kid around madden 11 or 12, though I do not really remember which one. I've bought and played almost every single madden since then, maybe besides 1 or 2. I've always been more of a casual player than a competitive player, and I wouldn't believe myself amazing at Madden NFL 21, however I had probably at least place myself. Since I have a more casual playstyle, I have always tried to avoid the glaring metas in Madden NFL 21 that are overpowered (each madden has them). I challenge instead of running the buy Madden 21 coins cheese blitz over and over myself to perform to be an actual soccer team. Anyhow,
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