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Created 2020-07-30
Owner yanghuim 
Title Application of Sweet Lollipop Making Machine
Description Sweet Lollipop Making Machine is the automatic ball shape lollipop forming machine, and it can make the stuck plug into the lollipop automatically. It can produce different specifications ball lollipop, oblate lollipop, and so on. The Sweet Lollipop Making Machine is consisted of the vacuum sugar cooking machine, batch roller, rope sizer, forming machine, hoister, cooling cabinet, packing machine, and so on, can produce monochrome, two-color, multicolor lollipop. Electrical integration control of the whole production line, easy to control the operation, large output, high efficiency, no waste of sugar, is the ideal equipment to produce the great lollipop candy. Sweet Lollipop Making Machine is designed based on the hard candy depositing line with more than 20 years' candy depositor fabricating experience. The 4th generation GD series lollipop depositing line is an upgraded machine against 3rd generation one. It is an advanced equipment that can continuously produce various kinds of lollipops under strict sanitary conditions. It consists of vacuum continual candy boiler, jam pump, batch roller, rope sizer,forming machine, crumb absorber, cooling cabinet(can be equipped according to the consumers’ request),and it is the equipment for large, middle, small candy enterprises to produce spherical, oval and other shape candy. our product has advantages such as reasonable structure superior function pleasant appearance, reliable performance and so on, it will convenient your work and help you to attain the utmost profit. Application of Sweet Lollipop Making Machine The Sweet Lollipop Making Machine is specially designed to produce ball or flat lollipops, such as single-color, 2-color, striped lollipops, layered lollipops, etc. The line offers high output, good quality of products, automatic operation, and high levels of production efficiency. The line is continuously depositing syrup from Microfilm Cooker at final moisture into metal molds. This makes candies have a smooth surface finish and good taste. Sticks are placed accurately by an automatic stick putting device or inserted straightly by an automatic stick insertion device.
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