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Category Cars
Created 2020-08-05
Owner Nanlina
Title I have bought every single madden since 01 about the day it surfaced
Description I Won't Be Mut 21 coins buying madden new this year I have bought every single madden since 01 about the day it surfaced. This season I will be buying Madden 21. I am hoping you'll join me. A disgrace that they published those Franchise notes. They literally added nothing to franchise style lol unbelievable. My expectations were rather low but not this low. I have seen patches. I did exactly the exact same thing with madden 19 ended up buying madden 20 cause I am a moron.definitely bypassing madden 21. Every year lol, maybe I'll just buy. It's crazy what Madden 21 has become now. I have owned every madden since I think 99 and it was a huge part of my childhood. My father and I'd play with franchise mode progressed to my brother and I would play. Those PS2 and PS3 franchises were amazing and so much fun. Sadly Madden 21 is going to be the first time that I won't be purchasing Madden 21 online release. If it goes on sale for under $20, maybe I'll succumb but they've handled the Aussie players like shit for way too long. I am over it. Once again EA has neglected. They gave patch notes because the franchise mode for 21 to us. All notes were either patches or easy fixes that should have been made in madden 20. On the other side, Axis Football is making an game. Their franchise style already has features than Madden 20. Yes Madden 21play isn't up to par w madden, as it's a newer game and contains funds. SO BUY Madden 21. Buy Axis Football 20 that we may have a community game again. When does Axis Football release? What can you share about it? My friend and I play with franchise exclusively and we do miss personalization of unis and such. Would you import rosters of the players that are real? It released. U can get it idk bout ps4 IOS Android along with pc/Mac. They hear the neighborhood and want something added they do it, if ppl have a problem or many ppl. They are quickly improving and we will need to buy Madden 21 to provide recources to help them improve their own game to them. If u can import rosters I am not sure but I'm pretty sure it is coming shortly. Game is cheap so give it a shot. I'm with you. I've purchased on sale the past few years, however I do not even need them to have the ability to report a unit that was sold from me. I wouldn't ever tell someone how to invest their money, I've made some stupid buys in my life lol, but I hope everybody who's pissed about how EA manages Madden will boycott this season, or buy it used like you mentioned. The neighborhood was able to have their voices heard for games like Battlefront 2, No Man's ESO, Sky, along with others, so maybe something could be accomplished here. Madden is obviously a different monster with all of the younger kids who likely get Madden 21 and also the buy Madden 21 coins proportion of MUT players spending a ton on micro-transactions, but you will never know. It is just crazy to me that they have the exclusive license for simulation football and they do not even look interested in utilizing it.
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