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Category Cars
Created 2020-08-08
Owner Nanlina
Title It's amazing because M18 is another older Madden I still have and it plays like tras
Description Madden, can we get back to Mut 21 coins things like this? Madden is the only game I've played in which you gain more attributes as you go backward. I left a post a while ago about what should iNFLuence retirement. Some gamers may decide it is not worth coming back if the teams record was bad that the season before, or perhaps a team is in rebuild phase. In thar scenario a player should pursue moving into a contender and taking a pay cut (Free Agency). Scenario engine has a lot to offer, nevertheless conditional statements will need to be enhanced/updated. If they come out of retirement, they do not age, they'll be the exact same age as when they retired 3 seasons afterwards. In addition to the sim is soooo god awful in 25 so nothing has burden. Yeah 25 was no where near perfect or as in depth as the ps2 gen of maddens. But this was the very first entry in the Xbox one and guy at least they attempted and could've built upon it and made things better but they scrapped it and Madden 16 wasn't the worst but I believe it accelerated us to what we have now. It crazy. You can literally return to some madden throughout the rebuilt phase (after PS2) and just pick and choose which one was your preferred because they always remove and add features and gameplay elements every single year. So it never actually improves year after year as it should. I'm currently playing M17, also it is not that bad. Madden 21play was more physics based compared to cartoon based at the time and plays don't really all play out the same because of it. I actually saw a sack where my guardian hauled the QB down by the back of his jersey at a really unscripted way you just will not see in Madden now. It's amazing because M18 is another older Madden I still have and it plays like trash. They started going more animation heavy I guess because it looked more crisp to them and maybe some Madden players, but it simply feels too scripted. The run game was dreadful, you either got 0-2 yards until the defense chose to all rush the LOS giving you a guaranteed TD which occurred at least two times per game. Along with the pass defense just seems to zig and zag at warp speed aimlessly all over the area making it impossible to genuinely read the area. People who are planning to buy Madden nfl 21 coins buy Madden 21, Why?
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