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Created 2020-08-20
Owner gjsohcat Gcat
Title Ore Milling Equipment Structure
Description First of all, need an optional analysis dressing material. Such as: containing the clay more hematite, limonite, if iron bearing minerals rarely cements in clay, in the ore washing after grade is improved; the placer ore washing after separating coarse is the waste ore, income fine fraction need to desliming selected; secondly, to determine the ore washing way. Some ores containing mud, often blocking crusher, sieve and ore bin mouth, so that production can not be sustained, can be a simple screening after washing. Ore washing by hydraulic or mechanical force scrub is clay cementation or more mud ore washing process under the surface of fine mud ore and separation. To determine the ore washing material standards, process of ore washing is mainly by limestone mining machinery company high-performance equipment to complete. A series of ore washing equipment structure of Shanghai SBM produced simple, stable operation, high ore washing efficiency, fine limestone particle loss, less wearing parts, convenient maintenance, the equipment unit and a water impeller transmission bearing and water to avoid the bearing material isolation greatly for soaking, sand and pollutants caused damage of the phenomenon, to ensure a long long life.
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