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Created 2020-08-24
Owner gjsohcat Gcat
Title The Investment Cost Of Dolomite Mill
Description The shortcoming of this scheme is the poor grain shape of the stone and the higher proportion of needle shaped materials. In the process design of dolomite grinding plant, we should try to use the grinding equipment of lamination principle to reduce wear loss of wear resistant parts. For short and medium term projects, two stages of grinding can be adopted. For medium - and long-term projects, three - stage grinding is an ideal choice. If the customer has a high requirement for the final stone particle size, it can be configured with a counter break or impact breaking to break up the whole type and form three pieces of crusher. The investment cost of the three stage grinding is higher, but for the long-term operation of the sand and gravel plant, the production cost of the three stage grinding is considerable. Using the three stage crusher, not only the product has excellent grain size, but also the production cost can be reduced, then we need to add a cone crusher between the jaw breaking and the counterattack break.
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