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Category Economy cars
Created 2020-09-10
Owner MMOruki
Title Current gen 2k21 will just be copy/paste of 2k20
Description Current gen 2k21 will just be copy/paste of mt nba 2k21 because the 2020 season isnt even over until like october!Good for him. He is very underrated in the NBA compared to most celebrities. This can enable him to be popular and recognized. Wasnt he the cover athlete of NBA Live a couple of years back? At least hes not contracted to play that now. Don't buy this game people. These sports games are gonna be crap this year, basically recycling last years while they wait until next year for buy nba 2k21 mt coins its new gen consoles. Just look at the Madden trailer, all that they did was add new animations.
Broken No
Promotion level None