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Category Economy cars
Created 2020-10-06
Owner MMOruki
Title I guess this pickaxe will rise a bit to about RuneScape
Description Now, It finally is published, however, I'm not a member right now, and RuneScape gold it takes 14 days for my money mail to get there. Hopefully the cost should drop below 2m that makes me a proud miner with this Dragon Pickaxe. I am not so very good at mathematics calculations, but I'm very certain it will drop below 2m as Dragon axe is 2m, and also the axe is much more difficult to get. It's a rare drop, from a challenging boss, at someplace difficult to reach. I guess this pickaxe will rise a bit to about 5m or some thing these couple of days, and hopefully drop back to under 2m (To some cost a poor noob like me can manage ) once I become a member back if I cover tomorrow! Hahahaha! Okback to buy old school rs gold the topic, what is your say about this thing?
Broken No
Promotion level None