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Created 2020-10-10
Owner yanghuim 
Title Main features of cultivation material seedbed
Description Cultivation material seedbed also called physical weeding mulch film, is the fastest development in recent years. It can increase the soil temperature, moisture, and other effects, but also has a better weeding effect; at the same time, it can reduce the ground temperature, make peanuts, strawberries, tobacco, and other crops root system developed in summer. Cultivation material seedbed is a form of hydroponics that is known for its simplicity, reliability of operation, and low initial investment cost. when Pots are filled with an inert medium which does not function directly like soil that contribute nutrition to the plants, but which as a temporary reserve of water and solvent mineral nutrients in the anchors the roots. The hydroponic solution alternately floods is allowed to ebb away. Cultivation material seedbed is the industry standard for propagating seedlings in a modern greenhouse. The benches allow a large number of seedlings to be propagated in a confined space before they are transplanted into the main hydroponic system. Cultivation material seedbed uses a flood and drain process to hydrate the growing media from beneath before draining the excess moisture away. The growing media is not fully submersed but is only partially saturated, allowing capillary action to hydrate the rest of the media to the very top. Main features of cultivation material seedbed 1. Labor savings and cost-effective 2. Save the land, no soil is needed for hydroponics 3. An entire acre or more can be watered automatically and efficiently 4. Cultivation material seedbed all the growing conditions can be controlled with a hydroponics system 5. Stable and high productivity with rolling bench 6. Environment friendly 7. Plants grow healthier and easy to harvest 8. Plants are watered evenly, reducing losses due to poor watering practices 9. Plants can be fertilized as they are being watered
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