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Created 2020-10-12
Owner yanghuim 
Title About functions of Ice cream machine
Description The Ice cream machine with 2+1 mixed flavors, the product capacity is 18-25L/h. The machine can accept custom, two side is single flavor, the middle is mixed flavor, the machine can also add air pump, pre-cooling , rainbow function, hot summer, only one machine, you can start your business. Main Features of Ice cream machine 1. With 100% famous brand new compressor. 2. With Cone counter function, can calculate how many cones ice cream sell out. 3. Digital display can show what’s the progress of making ice cream, etc. 4. Ice cream machine Auto wash system. Easy to operate 5. Ice cream machine full stainless steel body, floor model 6. 2+1mixed flavors, with strength of Speed cooling, high production 7. With CE approved, quality is guaranteed 8. Different capacity models for choice, also accept OEM. About design of Ice cream machine 1. Multi patents: one outlook design patent, three pragmatic patents ,one invention patent 2. Low noise: running noise much lower than other brands 3. Low voltage and high currency protection system 4. Customized panel design to make its operation similar to house appliance 5. With durable color coated board. About functions of Ice cream machine 1. self cleaning system 2. Ice cream machine high and low voltage alerting 3. Ice cream machine low power consumption 4. cone counting system 5. cone &temp display 6. low mix and standby function 7. sixteen shift for hardness and softness alteration 8. numerical speed control, formation ratio indicating and formation animation display 9. problems alert system, low mix alert, belt skid alert, refrigeration trouble alert, switch trouble alert, high temp alert Application of Ice cream machine Coffeeshop,Convenience Store,Cake Shop,Hotpot Restaurant,Milk Tea Store,Cinema,Bakery,KTV,Barbecue Restaurant,KFC.
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