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add to favorites Dell XPS Laptop Support Pc $ 560,001.00
The Dell XPS laptop is one of the fine products of Dell. There are different elements that should be considered while using computers and computer products. Maintenance and repairs are two of those elements that are very important and there are many companies all round the world that provides such services to the customers. In India there is Dell XPS Laptop support service centre in Delhi that provides quality services to the people. Posted id:-sepb396
add to favorites Grinding Wheel Manufacturers' Precautions For Use Pc  
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Precautions for the use of China grinding wheel supplier: In the industrial production and manufacturing, sometimes it is necessary to carry out certain grinding and cutting, then the use of the corresponding equipment is very necessary, and the use of the high quality 9'' grinding wheel is to carry out some Grinding of mechanical products, it is an important abrasive tool that we need to use, but for its use, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of appropriate methods for operation. Here, the ultra-thin cutting piece introduces the safe usage of the grinding wheel made in China. The hardest part of the high quality 9'' grinding wheel should be a diamond material. It consists mainly of the base and the cutter head. The base is the main support part of the bonded cutter head, and the cutter head is the part that plays the cutting role during use. Need to pay attention to the process: When replacing the high quality 9'' grinding wheel, first turn off the power supply, hang the warning sign, the grinding wheel must be concentric, fasten, so as not to fall off and hurt people; if the grinding wheel made in China is damaged during operation, it must be stopped immediately, and the well-replaced grinding wheel should be used again. After the cutting is completed, first turn off the power supply, and then wait for the grinding wheel to stop rotating, then take the object, so as not to injure the rotating grinding wheel; it is strictly forbidden to sand the object on the grinding wheel made in China. The knowledge about the high quality 9'' grinding wheel is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to Henan Aurora Abrasive Tool Co., Ltd. We specialize in grinding wheel cutting, grinding wheel ultra-thin, welcome new and old customers to come to buy grinding wheel made in China.
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add to favorites Jollyhers winter dresses online for cheap 70$ off money is coming at 11.11 Shopping Tour Pc  
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Really excited about this season on the cusp of our 40th, Shook said. latest daily dresses trs maternel. And Taylor could cook the best cheese pizza ever it was yummy. "I showed the guys the division standings, and we are what we've earned to this point," the coach added. Some younger folks would sit out on the hood, lean back on the front window and enjoy the summer breezes.. They're superbly thin, skin on specimens overflowing from a metal bucket ($2.25, regular), and the spuds get buttery as they cool. Some parents can probably imagine a similar scene playing out in their living room just not quite as tranquil if their kids disagreed on where to take the show.. Along with designing a virtual city, students wrote a 1,500 word essay that describes the unique attributes in the city leading to the last model as their final project.. Pam was intuitive and she enjoyed making people happy. "It is the second district in the country that made the decision to purchase instruments for students." He recalled many administrative positions in the district in the 1970's that dealt solely with music, from instrumental and vocal administrators to a full time music librarian. He rushed straight up to the monster and aimed a slash of his sword at its side. It has commercial purposes. It doesn't make sense for Pitman Farms, the producer, to sell to them directly. Aylakai on Main St. The demise of its big textile plants fueled unemployment and decay. The first track, "Why Are We Where We Are Now," has a unique bass line the high point of many of the tracks with James Colman on bass and is one of the songs where lead singer Adam Blair's vocal range comes through the most. Ce qui rend toute l plus sordide, mon avis, est le nombre de femmes qui sautent pour prtendre l l et tout ce qu peuvent obtenir. "Volunteer. Regnery's modern site doesn't seem to want to acknowledge the connection and the original Welch monographs are not readily available.). She attended Georgia Southern University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Troy University. (AP) Attorneys for a large Montana coal mine are due in court this week to press a judge to reverse an order that could prompt dozens of layoffs by blocking the mine's plans to expand. If the bank has already agreed to allow a short sale, you probably wouldn't be able to buy it that way. Nicole, 31, worked as a pediatric physical therapist, and has been helping the boys with their motor skills, preparing them for being separated. It is a substantially changing world. Glass in the pool or on the pool deck poses a huge accident risk and also will force us to shut down the area possibly for extended periods of time. Crazy 11.11 Shopping Tour! Up To $70 OFF Fashion winter dresses for women at Jollyhers! $10 OFF Code"ST10" for Order $109+ $35 OFF Code"ST35" for Order $279+ $70 OFF Code"ST70" for Order $469+ Visit Jollyhers to find Women Dresses, Women Tops/Outwears, Women Bottoms/Sets, Kids Wears with free shipping.Snap on
add to favorites Maintenance measures for standard cut off wheel for metal Pc  

thin flat cutting disc is made of resin fiber material, which is not easy to be broken, safe to use, and the cutting performance is particularly remarkable. It is most suitable for cutting high hardness materials such as stainless steel, titanium alloy, nickel alloy, general metal material, unquenched steel, cast iron, alloy cast iron, carbon steel, alloy tool steel, quenched steel, castings and hot brittle materials. It has two types of dry and wet cutting methods, which makes the cutting precision more stable, and its cutting is not black and beautiful. It is characterized by a small load on the machine, fast cutting and durability.

    Nowadays, this cutting piece is often used for the cutting of stainless steel pipes, capillaries, glass tubes, quartz tubes, automobile exhaust pipes, brake wires, tungsten wires, molybdenum wires, copper wires and other pipe and filaments, and it is for special steel. The cutting and the slotting of the workpiece have a good effect. In order to extend the service life of stainless steel special cutting blades, it is necessary to carry out corresponding maintenance. From the relevant industry, we have learned that the common maintenance measures for high performance cutting discare as follows:

1. When the cutting piece is no longer sharp and the cutting surface is rough, it must be repaired in time. Grinding does not change the original angle and destroys the dynamic balance.
2. If the cutting piece is not used immediately, it should be laid flat or suspended by the inner hole. The other pieces or feet should not be stacked on the flat saw blade, and attention should be paid to moisture and rust.
3. The inner diameter correction of the cutting piece and the processing of the positioning hole must be carried out by the factory. If the processing is poor, it will affect the product use effect, and may be dangerous. The hole expansion principle should not exceed the original hole diameter of 20mm in order to avoid affecting the stress balance.
In short, only keep in mind the maintenance measures of the above special stainless steel cutting blades, in order to make it better extend its service life.

add to favorites 70$ off Jollyhers Women Fashion Dresses on Sale for you at 11.11 Shopping Tour Pc  
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add to favorites History of diamond sawing Pc  
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Diamond saw blades are one of the diamond products and are the most widely used diamond products in the world. Despite the record of diamond saw blades for sawing stone in 1854, the truly effective diamond circular saw blade was designed by Frenchman Jacquinin 30 years later and was used for the actual cutting of stone for the first time in 14 years.7'' cut off disc for metal The abrasives used at the time were all natural diamonds (diamonds). Initially, large particles of natural diamond were inlaid into the cast steel insert by hand, and the insert was attached to the saw blade substrate for cutting. But the effect is not satisfactory. In the late 1930s, the diamond block powder metallurgy manufacturing technology that mixed metal powder with diamond and sintered was developed, and the design and manufacturing technology of the diamond saw blade has made great progress.

 Since the first synthetic diamond was successfully synthesized, the diamond saw blade design and manufacturing technology has been continuously improved. At the end of the last century, China's diamond saw blade design and manufacturing technology, along with the rise of stone processing industry, architectural decoration industry and road and bridge construction, has also achieved extraordinary development, especially since 1993, due to rising raw material prices, market competition has intensified. In order to reduce costs and improve product quality, diamond saw blade manufacturers have increased investment in scientific research, and various new theories and new technologies have emerged. The design and manufacture of diamond saw blades mainly include sawtooth bond design, sawtooth shape or structural design, and saw blade manufacturing technology. Looking back on the development of diamond saw blades, 7'' cut off disc for metal the design and manufacturing technology of diamond saw blades has obtained a lot of research results.

add to favorites Grinding wheel outer spherical surface and double end Pc  
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When grinding, the axis of the grinding wheel should be equal to the axis of the workpiece to ensure the roundness of the spherical surface. The error of the contour can usually be judged based on the grinding pattern. If the surface of the ball is convex, it indicates that the grinding wheel is grinding in the lower half of the grinding wheel, that is, the center of the grinding wheel is lower than the center of the workpiece. At this time, the center position of thethin abrasive cutting disc for metal should be adjusted so that it is equal to the center of the workpiece until it is ground. The surface of the sphere has a cross-web pattern. The error is required to be within 0.003-0.004mm.
When grinding the outer spherical surface, the grinding wheel frame should be rotated at a certain angle, so the trimming of the inner hole size of the grinding wheel should be completed before the machine tool is adjusted. After the grinding wheel is blunt in the grinding process, it is not necessary to trim the inner hole. It is only necessary to trim the end surface of the grinding wheel with a sand bar, so that the grinding wheel can be restored sharply and the inner hole size of the grinding wheel can be kept unchanged. After the grinding wheel is blunt, it should be repaired in time to ensure the quality of the processing.thin abrasive cutting disc for metal Since the grinding wheel axis and the workpiece axis cannot be absolutely equal when the spherical grinding is performed, a small step is generated on the workpiece, which affects the accuracy of the workpiece. At this time, a center hole of less than 1 mm can be drilled at the top of the spherical surface to avoid.
When grinding on both sides, the two grinding wheels cannot be adjusted to parallel position
The two grinding wheels should be adjusted to an inclined angle to form a thick, fine, and light-grinding zone between the grinding wheels. The size of the feed port should be 2/3 grinding allowance for the finished product size, and the size of the discharge port should be the finished product size.
In double-face grinding (straight-through feed), the parallelism of the workpiece cannot be ignored.
1) If the accuracy of the perpendicularity of the double-face grinding machine is too poor, the accuracy of the parallelism of the workpiece will be low. The grinding head should be overhauled and calibrated to make it accurate.
2) If the feeding or discharging guide is not parallel to the grinding wheel, the parallelism of the workpiece will be excessive. The feeding and discharging layers should be adjusted.
3) If the feeding speed is not uniform during grinding, the parallelism of the workpiece will be too bad. The feeding mechanism should be checked and adjusted.
add to favorites The steps that the grinding wheel needs to know to sharpen the crescent Pc  
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thin flat cutting disc
The steps for grinding the crescent in the grinding wheel are as follows:
1 Hand-held drill bit makes the main cutting edge basically horizontal to ensure the right edge angle is appropriate. The outer edge of the outer straight edge is not allowed to be tilted.
2 When starting to sharpen, the drill bit should be fed slowly and smoothly forward and horizontally, and the back should be ground to form a circular arc. The radius of the arc and the length of the outer edge should be guaranteed. If the fillet radius of the grinding wheel is less than the value of the radius of the arc, the drill should also be slightly swung in the horizontal plane to obtain the desired radius of the arc.
3 The drill bit must not swing up and down in the vertical plane, or the sintering shaft rotates, otherwise the chisel edge becomes S-shaped, the chisel angle of the chisel edge becomes smaller, and the arc shape is also difficult to control symmetry.
4 When turning the drill bit 180° on the other side of the sharpening, special attention should be paid to maintaining the symmetry of the arc and the tip of the drill.
add to favorites The Importance Of Grinding Disc Cooling Pc  
Why is the cooling of the depressed grinding disc in stock important? The progress of industrialization has promoted the development of the times. The more and more high-tech products came into being. In the hardware industry, the finishing pens were gradually replaced by dressing discs. Our company is developing more and more in the diamond depressed grinding disc in stock series. Well, after working with the high-quality grinding disc and the grinding disc, it is important to cool the diamond disc. This problem is also important to protect the diamond discs and depressed grinding disc in stocks and extend their life. In the production of difficult and complicated workpieces, because the speed is relatively high, the heat generated is relatively large. How to cool is also very important. The coolant nozzle is a necessary design. If the coolant leaves the nozzle, it is not directly accurate. Contact point, then there will be an incalculable serious consequence in the working process of the high quality grinding disc, so we should put the coolant as close as possible to the circumferential speed of the depressed grinding disc in stock and the contact point of the cooling, in the dressing line, coolant The nozzle must be installed because it is relatively important for the liquid between the contact points. Between the grinding disc table and the high quality grinding disc, in the direction of the disc rotation, the optimized design of the cooling nozzle, controlling the cooling nozzle is a very important link, otherwise, There will be immeasurable benefits. The above describes the cooling process of the depressed grinding disc in stock in the production process is also very important, so the cooling system is also related to the life of the depressed grinding disc in stock and the safety of the operators.
add to favorites adidas yung 1 orange Pc  
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adidas Sneakers 2018 Despite the new shape, the Yung-1 has still its chunkiness. And with the Torsion cushioning you won’t have to worry about the comfort of this sneaker. Besides the Boost-Technology, the Torsion-Technology is the common cushioning system in most of the Adidas runners.

adidas Sneakers women buy The sneaker’s upper features a mixed material construction with over- and underlays that evoke a retro feeling. In addition, the ’90s Falcon Dorf-inspired sole adds a bit of chunk to this on-trend sneaker. The Yung-1 arrives in both a triple black and a triple white colorway.

adidas Sneakers mens cheap The Yung-1 sneaker was initially introduced to the game back in January, and have since gained respect from footwear fiends for being the ultimate “dad shoe” with its trendy chunky silhouette, in addition to the retro colorways that add a little spice into the mix. While the Yung-1 was first previewed in an off-white colorway, the official release sees the silhouette in a classic red, white, and navy color scheme. In addition, a second option combines a vibrant retro orange and navy together, further complimenting the suede and mesh mash-up perfectly.

adidas yung 1 orangeInspired once again by 90's and early 00's sportswear, adidas re-emerges from its archive with an updated upper from its 97's Falcon Dorf model. The chunky reworked design will be presented in orange/navy hues and navy/red/white, also resurrected from one of their own 90's running sneakers.

add to favorites Grinding wheel grinding process overview Pc  
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The grinding wheel is a grinding cutting tool that consists of a number of small, hard abrasive particles and a bonding agent. The abrasive particles are directly responsible for the cutting work and must be sharp and have high hardness, heat resistance and certain toughness. Commonly used abrasives are alumina (also known as corundum) and silicon carbide.China supply 7" cut off disc Alumina abrasives have high hardness and good toughness and are suitable for grinding steel. Silicon carbide abrasives are harder, sharper, and have better thermal conductivity, but are brittle and suitable for grinding cast iron and hard alloys.

Due to the different thickness of the grinding wheel, the surface roughness and processing efficiency of the workpiece after processing are different. The coarse abrasive grains are used for rough grinding, the fine abrasive grains are suitable for fine grinding, the coarser the abrasive is, the smaller the grain size is.

The binder acts to bond the abrasive. Ceramic binders are commonly used, followed by resin binders. Different binder materials affect the corrosion resistance, strength, heat resistance and toughness of the grinding wheel.

The harder the abrasive grain bond is, the less likely it is to fall off the grinding wheel. The hardness of the grinding wheel, that is, the hardness of the grinding wheel, refers to the difficulty of the abrasive grains on the surface of the grinding wheel falling off under the action of external force. Easy to fall off is called soft, otherwise it is called hard. The hardness of the grinding wheel and the hardness of the abrasive are two different concepts. The surface of the workpiece to be ground is soft, and the edge (edge) of the abrasive grain is not easy to wear, China supply 7" cut off discso that the abrasive grain can be used for a longer period of time, that is, the grinding wheel (harder wheel with higher hardness) can be firmly bonded. Conversely, a grinding wheel with a low hardness is suitable for grinding workpieces with high hardness.

The grinding wheel works under high speed conditions. In order to ensure safety, it should be inspected before installation, and there should be no defects such as cracks. In order to make the grinding wheel work smoothly, the dynamic balance test should be carried out before use.

After the grinding wheel has been working for a certain period of time, the surface gap will be blocked by the grinding debris, the sharp angle of the abrasive will be blunt, and the original geometry will be distorted. It must therefore be trimmed to restore cutting power and the correct geometry. The grinding wheel needs to be trimmed with a diamond pen.

Grinding is a method of cutting a workpiece with a grinding wheel as a cutting tool on a grinding machine. The characteristics of this method are:

(1) Since the grinding wheel itself has high hardness and heat resistance, the grinding can process materials with high hardness, such as hardened steel and hard alloy.
(2) The characteristics of the grinding wheel and the grinding machine determine that the grinding process system can make uniform micro-cutting, generally ap=0.001~0.005mm; the grinding speed is very high, generally up to v=30~50m/s;
the grinding machine has good rigidity; Hydraulic drive, so grinding can economically achieve high machining accuracy (IT6~IT5) and small surface roughness (Ra=0.8~0.2μm). Grinding is one of the main methods of finishing parts.
(3) The temperature in the grinding zone is high due to severe friction. This can cause stress and deformation of the workpiece and even burn the surface of the workpiece. Therefore, a large amount of coolant must be injected during grinding to reduce the grinding temperature. The coolant can also act as chipping and lubrication.
(4) The radial force during grinding is large. This causes the machine-grinding-workpiece system to retreat so that the actual depth of cut is less than the nominal depth of cut. Therefore, when the grinding is about to be completed, the knife should not be used for light grinding to eliminate the error.
(5) After the abrasive grain is blunt, the grinding force also increases, causing the abrasive grain to break or fall off, and the sharp edge is re-exposed. This characteristic is called "self-sharpness". Self-sharpening makes grinding at a certain time. The internal energy can be carried out normally, but after a certain working time, manual trimming should be carried out to avoid the vibration, noise and damage to the surface quality of the workpiece caused by the increase of the grinding force.

add to favorites China cuts off the disc to prevent the rupture of the cutting blank Pc  
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Reasonable arrangement of machining process

1) The size of the wire-cut workpiece blank should be determined according to the size of the part, and should not be too small. In general, the pattern should be located in the middle of the blank or at a position far from the edge of the blank and not easily deformed. Usually, the pattern should be taken to the blank margin of more than 10 mm;
2) Where a large cavity or a narrow and complex punch is used, the traditional solid sheet habit is changed when preparing the blank. Large frame cavity, narrow and long cavity and other easily deformable parts, the middle part should be hollowed out. In this way, the condition in the surface is improved when quenching, the temperature difference is small, the generated stress is small, and the volume to be cut at the time of cutting is small, and the stress is balanced and not damaged;
3) In the case where the mold is allowed to use, China cut off disc the corner of the large frame-shaped cavity part should be appropriately increased, or the blanking point should be drilled before the line cutting to alleviate the phenomenon of stress concentration;
4) For the punched part, before the quenching, the threading hole of the starting point of the shape should be drilled in the bump blank, so that the workpiece maintains the internal stress balance and is not damaged during cutting, so as to avoid cracking deformation from the outside of the material.

Optimize the process plan of wire cutting and select reasonable process parameters

1) The traditional habit of changing the cutting position in one place is the coarse and fine secondary cutting, so that the deformation amount after the first rough cutting is corrected in time in the fine cutting. Generally,China cut off disc the cutting amount during fine cutting should be determined according to the amount of deformation after the first cutting, and generally takes about 0.5 mm. This method is often applied to parts with complex shapes that are bound to be deformed or molds that require high precision and small clearance;
2) The habit of changing the two-point clamping is single-point clamping, so that the deformation during the cutting process can be freely stretched, and the interference of the two-point clamping on the deformation is prevented, but it should be noted that the reasonable part of the single-point clamping is usually at the end program. Where. The deformation produced in this way only affects the scrap portion and avoids the influence on the molded portion;
3) For the easily deformed cutting parts, the starting point of the cutting, the program direction and the clamping position should be arranged according to the shape characteristics of the parts to reduce the deformation amount. Generally, the starting point of the line cutting should be set in a flat, finished or incompletely affected part of the workpiece.
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  1. The actual line speed of the fast grinding wheel for stainless steel shall not exceed the requirements of the following table.   2. Before the installation of the fast grinding wheel for stainless steel, check the speed mark of the grinding wheel, check whether there are cracks and damages, and check the strength.   3. After the installation of the grinding wheel, it must be idling for not less than 5 minutes with the protective cover. Only when it is sure that the fast grinding wheel for stainless steel has reliable strength can it start working.   4. It is forbidden to use a coolant that has a destructive effect on the grinding wheel binder.   5. When handling the fast grinding wheel for stainless steel, it is necessary to prevent severe vibration and impact.   6, according to the size and shape of the grinding wheel, should be placed on the shelf and in the box.   7. The fast grinding wheel for stainless steel should be stored to prevent moisture and freezing.   8. The storage period of the resin bond grinding wheel shall not exceed one year. If it is overdue, it must be strictly checked to confirm that the quality is no problem before it can be used.
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adidas chaussures 2018 Comme certains d'entre vous le savent, il y a eu une petite confusion autour de la sortie de Yeezy 750 en ce qui concerne le portage de cette chaussure par Capsule. En fait, nous n'avions pas l'intention de lancer ce produit et il a été mal communiqué via la liste des magasins sur En raison de la confusion que cela a pu causer - adidas Canada nous a ouvert ce produit pour le lancement en raison de cette mauvaise communication.

adidas chaussures femme pas cher Après un premier aperçu en décembre dernier et une visibilité importante sur Kanye West lors de la Fashion Week de New York en février 2016, ce nouveau coloris du adidas Yeezy 750 Boost a déjà été confirmé comme étant la prochaine version.

adidas chaussures homme acheter En novembre 2013, Kanye West a annoncé ce que la plupart d'entre nous entendions: il était le dernier membre de l'équipe Three Stripe et il était sur le point d'apporter plus de crème à Adidas Mad. En près de quatre ans, Yeezus a contribué à placer Adidas au premier plan de la culture de la chaussure américaine et chaque chaussure Yeezy qu'il libère provoque toujours une hystérie de masse. Au cours de ses derniers défilés de mode, nous avons constaté que Kanye était sur le point de passer des 350 et 750 Boost et d'introduire de nouveaux modèles Yeezy dans la nature.

adidas yeezy boost 750 pas cher Reconnu pour son sérieux et son sens de l'humour désastreux, Brad s'investit profondément dans son nouvel achat de la basket dont tout le monde parle. À la moitié du tir, il reçoit un courrier électronique indiquant qu'il doit rendre la sneaker après l'examen et qu'il ne doit en aucun cas essayer la chaussure.
Laptops combine the components, inputs, outputs, and capabilities of a desktop computer, including the display screen, small speakers, a keyboard, hard disk drive, optical disc drive, pointing devices (such as a touchpad or trackpad), a processor, and memory into a single unit. Most modern laptops feature integrated webcams and built-in microphones, while many also have touchscreens. Laptops can be powered either from an internal battery or by an external power supply from an AC adapter. Hardware specifications, such as the processor speed and memory capacity, significantly vary between different types, makes, models and price points.Posted id:-XYZ1
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1.7" cut off disc for stainless steel Due to the large cutting force and high cutting temperature, the material of the tool is made of high strength, high thermal conductivity and good hardness.
2. In order to make the cutting light, a larger front angle should be used, and the smaller lead angle
3. 7" cut off disc for stainless steelTo avoid sticking, the rake face and the back should be carefully ground to ensure a small surface roughness, and a higher cutting speed can be selected.
4. The cutting strength of stainless steel is strong and should be taken for measures of chipping and chip breaking.
5. Stainless steel has low thermal conductivity, high temperature in the cutting area, and is prone to thermal deformation. The accuracy of the scale will affect the finishing requirements.
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add to favorites The 12th Shanghai International Metal Cutting and Welding Technology Exhibition Pc  
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The industry giants are all present, competing and demonstrating on the same stage.
   Shanghai International Metal Cutting, Welding and Forming Technology Exhibition was founded in 2004 and has been successfully held for 11 sessions. It is the largest and influential event in the high performance cutting disc field of cutting, welding and forming of metal materials in China. The exhibits cover metal sheets and welded pipes. In the field of seamless pipes, profiles, bar products and cutting, welding and forming equipment, the last exhibition was held on November 22, 2017 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Nearly 400 outstanding enterprises in metal materials and processing equipment participated. The exhibition has a scale of 30,000 square meters. It attracted 28,321 professional visitors from 37 countries and regions to visit.
◆Several highlights cast the top event
In the same period, we will achieve a perfect industrial chain: Shanghai International Metal Cutting, Welding and Forming Technology Exhibition will be held again at Shanghai New International Expo Center on November 1-3, 2018. Concurrently held:
Shanghai International Metal Sheet and Processing Equipment Exhibition, Sheet Metal Automation and Advanced Equipment Exhibition, Shanghai International Steel Structure Exhibition,
Through the display of top metal sheets, pipes, profiles, bar products and manufacturing equipment, cutting and welding and processing equipment at home and abroad, we will achieve the 2018 Asia's largest metal products and processing technology event, covering new materials manufacturing and equipment enterprises and end users. . Visitors will radiate more than 40 countries and regions.
The organization has a strong lineup and is in line with the international market: 6 foreign industry organizations, 8 national embassies in China and 12 overseas exhibition institutions will join us, and will usher in Germany, Italy, India, Australia, the United States, East Asia, the Middle East and ASEAN. Pavilion and audience purchasing groups.
 Exhibition scope:
Metal welding, standard cut off wheel for metal and accessories:
◆ All kinds of arc welding, resistance welding, high energy beam welding equipment; welding rod, welding wire, flux, etc.
◆ Flame cutting, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, CNC cutting machine; water cutting, gasoline cutting, oxyhydrogen flame cutting, saw cutting equipment, etc.
◆ Welding robots, spot welding robots, cutting robots, handling robots, palletizing robots, multi-degree-of-freedom robots, assembly robots, Cartesian robots, multi-degree-of-freedom robots, parallel robots, robotic arms and robot systems and solutions.
◆ Welding inspection, gas, software; protective masks, glasses, protective clothing, protective shoes, etc.
Sheet, pipe, profile, bar cutting, welding and processing:,
◆ CNC metal band saw, intelligent metal circular sawing machine, vertical band sawing machine, gantry sawing machine, various metal plates, tubes, profiles, bar cutting band sawing machines, circular sawing equipment; carbide saw blades, diamond saw blades, Metal circular saw blades, saw belts, saw blades, machine saw blades, bi-metal band saw blades, etc.;,
◆ Plate slitting slitting, CNC punching machine, high-speed precision punching machine, turret punching machine; all kinds of plate laser cutting machine; plasma cutting, CNC bending machine, shearing machine, sheet metal processing center, thin plate forming compound machine tool, thin plate stretching Machine, roll forming, joining; thick plate forming;
◆ Steel pipe welding and cutting equipment, pipe laser cutting machine; bending pipe and pipe fitting processing equipment;
◆ All kinds of presses, forging, bending, folding, straightening, shearing, stamping, slotting and other metal processing machines.
◆ Machine tool accessories, CNC systems, servo drives, machine tools, digital display devices, tools, tools, etc. Metalworking fluids, rust-proof materials, surface treatments, burrs, polishing equipment, etc.
add to favorites Main factors of deformation and cracking caused by wire cutting Pc  
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1.related to the structure of the part The concave and convex dies of the narrow and long shape are easy to be deformed, and the magnitude of the deformation is related to the complexity of the shape, the aspect ratio, and the width ratio of the cavity to the frame. standard cut off wheel for metal.The more complicated the shape, the larger the aspect ratio and the ratio of the cavity to the frame width, and the larger the deformation amount of the mold. The law of deformation is the middle of the cavity, the punch is usually warped, and the quenching cavity with complex shape and clear angle is prone to cracks at the sharp corners, and even prone to bursting. The frequency of occurrence is related to the composition of the material, the heat treatment process, etc.; the cylindrical wall thickness is easier to deform if it is cut on the inner wall, generally changing from a circular shape to an elliptical shape. If it is cut into the gap, it will easily burst when it is cut through; the deep slot cut from the outside of the part is easy to deform, the law of deformation is the mouth adduction, the magnitude of the deformation and the depth of the notch and the material properties. related.
2 related to the hot processing process When the die blank is forged, the forging temperature is too high or too low, and the final forging temperature is low; the final forging temperature is too high, the grain grows, the cooling rate is too slow after the final forging, and the die blank with the precipitate of the net carbide is precipitated. The forging blank annealing is not carried out according to the spheroidizing annealing process, and the spheroidized pearlite exceeds 5 grades; the quenching heating temperature is too high, the austenite grains are coarse, the material toughness is lowered, and the brittleness is increased; the quenched workpiece is not tempered in time. Parts that are not tempered.,
3 related to the machining process The larger concave die has a large area in the middle and has not been hollowed out beforehand. Due to the large volume in the frame, the frame size will produce a certain deformation; Where there is no shape starting point in the blank, the hole has to be cut from the outside of the blank, no matter how the tempering and shape of the punch is, it is generally prone to deformation, especially the quenching part is severely deformed, even in the cutting; For the ground parts after heat treatment, there are no grinding wheel particle size, feed amount, cooling method and other process requirements. After grinding, there are parts such as burns and micro cracks.
4. Related to the wire cutting process The wire cutting path is improperly selected, and it is easy to produce deformation. The clamping method of the workpiece is unreliable, and the selection of the pinch point is improper, and the deformation is easy to occur; the electric gauge is improperly selected and cracks are easily generated