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add to favorites Staying private online could save you big bucks Cars 2019-12-04
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Staying private online could save you big bucks By far the biggest offenders when it comes to mining your data are not governments or police, but rather advertising agencies. They will buy up your credit card history from your bank, embed trackers into the web pages they visit and trick you into downloading tools that monitor your behavior as much as they can. The goal: to learn about your consumption behavior and to predict not only what you want to purchase at what time, but also how much you are willing to pay for it. Every good and service has value to you, something that economists call ‘reservation price.’ What is your reservation price? Your reservation price is the exact amount you are maximally willing to pay for a product. The further below the reservation price you are able to acquire a product, the more beneficial the trade is for you. Your reservation price for a good might change all the time. When you are returning from a long hike you are willing to pay more for water than at other times. If you are in a hurry you might be willing to pay more for a ride than when you have time. If an advertising agency knows enough about you, it might be able to make a good guess about what your exact reservation price is for a charging cable, a flight or a hotel room. They will be able to always charge exactly as much as something is worth to you. No more bargains, no more price transparency, with all the value generated from trade and exchange ending up with the merchant. In the physical world such massive price discrimination is difficult to execute. It might be difficult to identify customers before their purchase (as opposed to at the point of payment via credit card), and even more difficult to quote every customer a different price. Online, however, this can be easy, as customers are easily identifiable through their accounts, email addresses, saved cookies and IP addresses. A website might even be able to identify you with just your browser. Consider the following tactics to stay anonymous online: Use a VPN A VPN will hide your IP address from the site you are visiting, making it hard to identify your income by ZIP code or correlate your searches from previous visits. You can also switch servers to see prices for visitors from various countries, which can be an advantage especially on travel sites. For online shopping, be careful with free VPNs or Tor, as your web traffic might be mixed with those of scammers, and your payment might be declined as a result. Clear your cookies or use an incognito window Your browser’s incognito mode will not make you perfectly anonymous by itself, but it will open a new window without any existing cookies. This makes it even harder for sites to correlate your visit with previous visits to find out what you commonly shop for. When you close your incognito window all its cookies get automatically deleted, and when you open it again you start off fresh. Use an ad blocker You can use an ad blocker such as Ublock Origin (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) as a browser extension to not only block you from seeing ads but also prevent advertisers from learning about your habits. The EFF’s Privacy Badger can also help with further restricting your browsing experience. There’s a very tangible benefit to protecting your privacy. By preventing companies from learning about your spending habits, you will get better deals in the long run and make it impossible for companies to discriminate against you by charging you higher prices. When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN. RitaVPN is a relatively new unblock websites, but it’s already making a name for itself,which makes it one of the best VPN in 2019. Qwer432
add to favorites Cryptojacking: What is it and how do I guard against it? Cars 2019-12-04
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Cryptojacking: What is it and how do I guard against it? The term “cryptocurrency,” a combination of “cryptography” and “currency,” alludes to the fact that cryptocurrencies are a form of digital money that uses cryptographic keys to identify its account holders and signatures to authenticate transactions. Cryptocurrencies only enter circulation through “mining,” a process that’s used both for creating new units of the currency and securing the ledger from tampering. The mining process typically involves powerful, high-performance computers, which miners use to compete with one another to reap rewards. Before cryptocurrencies became as popular as they are today, it was possible to mine them with regular computers. Now, however, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are typically mined in extensive farms that feature hundreds of computers working in unison and around the clock. Photo: Wikimedia With its immense growth in scale, cryptocurrency mining has become a very expensive affair, requiring steep amounts of capital for the initial infrastructure as well as high recurring monthly bills. This has led duplicitous hackers to seek workarounds in the form of cryptojacking. What is cryptojacking? Plainly speaking, cryptojacking is the illicit use of third-party devices such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones to secretly mine cryptocurrency without the knowledge or consent of device owners. This type of malicious hack steals a portion of your computer’s resources and dedicates it to solving cryptographic puzzles on behalf of the hacker. As a victim of cryptojacking, you’ll be saddled with all the costs, such as high electricity bills and inefficient system performance, without reaping any of the rewards. Needless to say, it’s a situation that you would rather avoid. Lots of cryptojacking software is designed to be subtle, so users don’t notice that something’s amiss. After all, it’s not like we’re in the habit of constantly checking system performance and examining the processes in our system tray. If our devices perform slower than usual, we blame the latest software update or point to the dozens of tabs open on our browser. And if our cooling fan turns on more often than it did before, we just assume that our device needs to be upgraded or serviced. However, it’s likely these subtle signs that indicate the presence of cryptojacking software. How do I detect cryptojacking? If you feel that you have fallen victim to a cryptojacking scheme, the first thing you should do is check CPU usage. For Mac users, simply navigate to Launchpad > Activity Monitor > CPU. For Windows users, open up Task Manager > Processes > CPU. A CPU running at normal levels should look something like this: If your system utilization is at a high percentage, despite minimal use of processes and apps, it’s possible that you’ve fallen victim to a cryptojacking scheme. Other telltale signs of cryptojacking are overheated CPUs and consistent laggy performance. How can I guard against cryptojacking? Malicious programs designed to covertly mine cryptocurrencies on your device spread just like any other virus or malware. Hence, to guard against them requires an adherence to prudent security practices. For starters, this means refraining from clicking links in emails sent by people you don’t know or don’t trust. It’s also important to keep your devices updated at all times (we recommend turning on automatic updates) and only install software or apps from official marketplaces. There are also some browser add-ons that claim to guard against cryptocurrency mining. For starters, the Opera browser has an in-built protection that guards against this threat, akin to ad-blockers on web pages. If you prefer to stick with Chrome, you can download the No Coin extension, while Firefox users can utilize the NoMiner add-on. We also recommend using a robust antivirus product, making sure to update it frequently and running a deep scan every few weeks. Ad blockers like uBlock Origin and Adblock Plus offer protection, too. Is cryptojacking widespread? The amount of cryptocurrency that can be mined from a single device is rather miniscule, but when cryptojacking software reaches hundreds of thousands of devices, it becomes very lucrative. Plus it entails zero cost for the hacker. That’s precisely why cryptojacking is far more common than you might think. The Federal Trade Commission warns against it, urging users to be mindful of “scammers using your computer as their virtual ATM.” In 2017, Fortune declared cryptojacking the “next big cybersecurity threat.” Even Cristiano Ronaldo’s official website has fallen victim to cryptojacking, with dubious code capable of mining Monero surfacing a couple of years ago. Cryptojacking isn’t likely to magically disappear anytime soon, and hackers may well come up with even more ingenious methods to extract our system resources for their benefit. However, as long as you remain cautious and alert, it’s certainly possible to avoid the deleterious effects. On the flipside, if you want to share some of your excess computing resources to help a good cause, then check out Donate Your Tab. When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN. RitaVPN is a relatively new VPN service, but it’s already making a name for itself,which makes it one of the fast VPN in 2019. Qwer432
add to favorites Is your car spying on you? Cars 2019-12-04
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Is your car spying on you? Unlike many other devices, cars are not prefixed with the word smart. Even if they’re connected to the internet—and have the ability to collect and sell your data to third parties. And yet, that’s exactly what most modern cars can do. In recent years, carmakers have turned your vehicle from a product you own and control to one you merely use and license, much like software. The mechanisms of this are hidden between dozens of pages of terms and conditions. Apart from its implications of what “ownership” really means, there is the fear that the location and personal data collected by your car infringes on your privacy as it is inevitably transferred to the car manufacturer and sold to third parties. This is similar to the practices at telecommunication providers, which have, in some of the worst examples, put people in dangerous situations by selling their location data to stalkers. Does your rental have car spyware? Rental car companies were among the first to seize the opportunities from readily available surveillance technology to start car tracking their customers. This was driven partly by their interest to introduce new fees, reduce insurance costs, enforce contract limits, fight theft and gather data about their clients’ behavior. Hertz went as far as installing microphones and cameras in their cars, although the company later insisted those were never turned on. Rental companies that fined their customers for speeding (with payments that went to the company, not the local government) were found in violation of the law. When you rent a car, you might have some choice between different rental companies and their policies regarding surveillance. But ultimately, the company owns the vehicles and can install surveillance tools at will. Some of these tools might even go beyond simple spying, such as locking your car if you take it out of a designated zone or off-road. The renter might then have to pay a fine to regain access. Cars leased or financed can also be subject to agreements that allow car manufacturers or the leasing companies to scoop your private data. Mercedes-Benz was caught handing this data to bailiffs in cases where drivers were behind on their payments. The new normal Almost all modern luxury cars are connected to the internet and have some location tracking device installed, either based on GPS or its Russian counterpart Glonass. The car tracks its location passively, though some actively send it to remote servers when a mobile internet connection is available. These systems can be used to save lives, for example in the event of an accident, but can also allow authorities and criminals to locate you in real time whenever they desire. At the very least, the data can be obtained from your car using the on-board diagostics (OBD) systems, which have become mandatory for cars sold in most countries since the early 2000s. Ford executives have publicly bragged about their ability to know where each of their cars is at anytime to detect traffic violations such as speeding. Some cars even have cameras pointed at the driver at all times to detect whether a driver is sleeping. Many of these features will help make driving safer. But with a car’s software becoming the most valuable intellectual property inside a car, systems remain heavily locked down, leaving consumers unable to verify the mechanisms that control access to cameras and sensors. Consumers instead have to trust the manufacturer and their government to respect their privacy and follow the law when accessing sensitive information. This is not acceptable. Smart car tips: How to stop your car spying on you While people do like buying smart surveilled electronics, surveys also show they care about privacy. Consumers have to be alert about smart car dangers and demand to be informed about their car’s capabilities and data policies. Purchasing an older, used car without internet connection and cameras is always an option, too. Eventually, we will either see car makers become more transparent about what they do or earn our trust in other ways. We might see cars developing similarly as phones, for which the open-source operating system Android competes with closed-source Apple iOS. Android users are able to install their operating system themselves, while Apple users trust the manufacturer to respect their privacy. In both cases, users often make the decision between opting in to draconian surveillance regimes and protecting their personal information. When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN. RitaVPN is a relatively new VPN service, but it’s already making a name for itself,which makes it one of the best VPN in 2019. Qwer432
add to favorites Opt out of a face scan at the airport? Easier said than done. Cars 2019-12-04
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Opt out of a face scan at the airport? Easier said than done. Airports and airlines are rapidly adding facial recognition technology to their security processes, whether travelers like it or not. Air travel is stressful—from finding the best flight prices to lining up for what feels like hours to get through airport security before finally squeezing into your ever-shrinking seat on the plane. The last thing you’d want is to be that person holding everyone up at security emptying your pockets or getting scanned for metal objects, all under the disapproving gaze of airport security and fellow travelers behind you. Your desire to spend as little time as possible going through security is exactly what airports and airlines are betting on when they ask to scan your face. To discourage you from opting out, they make choosing not to participate appear disproportionately time-consuming, if not completely unavailable as an option. How does facial recognition work at airports? Airports in the U.S. and a growing number of countries are adopting facial recognition technology with the goal of streamlining security checks while also collecting and storing biometric data from your face. Travelers going through a facial recognition scanner. A facial recognition scanner in Orlando International Airport. Source: Brian Naylor/NPR The process typically requires you to stand in front of a camera, placing your passport on a scanner so that the machine can see if your face matches your passport picture. This is supposed to replace manual passport checks by airport staff, who apparently can’t be trusted to match the face in your passport with your face in real life… Why are airports implementing facial recognition? Facial recognition, and biometric screening at large, was given the green light in the U.S. in 2017 after Donald Trump issued an executive order allowing airports to implement the technology in ways they see fit. The U.S.’s Transportation Security Authority (T.S.A.) argues that biometric technology is required to “meet the challenges of evolving security threats, rising air travel volumes, resource constraints, and limits on operational footprint.” Airports outside the U.S. are also trialing this technology, which could expedite the check-in process and improve the overall traveler experience. Some airports have even expanded this technology to incorporate facial recognition at every stage of your departure—the Caribbean island of Aruba has managed to make check-in, baggage check, immigration, and boarding dependent on biometric technology. Without any apparent irony, they have named the process Happy Flow, telling you, “Face it! You will love it! Illustration of how Happy Flow works. Happy Flow uses your face as your passport at almost every stage of your departure. Source: Happy Flow Why should I worry about facial recognition at airports? The allure of faster boarding at the airport is strong, and if facial recognition technology shaves minutes off your waiting time, doesn’t everyone win? Well, no. Surrendering your biometric data to a system that has dubious biometric confirmation rates and insufficient legal accountability leaves room for abuse, bias, and the complete invasion of your personal privacy. Not to mention the very real possibility of this data being compromised by hackers, as it was in India’s Aadhar ID database breach and, more infamously, the leaks in U.S. voter databases. The U.S. currently has no federal oversight on the use of facial recognition, although several cities have banned its use in public places and lawmakers are trying to place regulations on the technology. Meanwhile, the federal government is rapidly expanding the technology to all major airports. Without holding the T.S.A. and Center for Border Protection (C.B.P.) accountable for their use of facial recognition technology, there are no limits to how it is implemented in airports, nor are they obligated to tell travelers how to opt out if they wanted to. There is zero mention or consideration of how travelers can opt out of the process in the T.S.A.’s roadmap, which outlines how the agency collects biometric data. Can I opt out of facial recognition at the airport? If you’re an American citizen entering or exiting the U.S., you can opt out of face scans—but this isn’t usually made clear. Since the technology started appearing in major U.S. airports, anecdotes have been trickling through from travelers who have tried to opt out. Their stories have uniformly been negative experiences. One anecdote came from Allie Funk, who wrote about her experience in Wired. After hearing from Delta Airlines that facial recognition would be used to board passengers, she tried to opt out. There was no information on how to do so. “To figure out how to [opt out],” she wrote, “I had to leave the boarding line, speak with a Delta representative at their information desk, get back in line, then request a passport scan when it was my turn to board.” Without clear directions on how to opt out, travelers may not even know that it is a choice—which might explain why only 2% of all Delta customers opt out. It’s not just the U.S. Anecdotes from travelers who have attempted to opt out of facial recognition and other biometric systems at airports from London to Hong Kong attest to how time-consuming the process is—and how troublesome it makes you appear. It certainly looks like they want to make it as difficult as possible for passengers to reject a facial scan. And that is if you have that option. For non-U.S. citizens at U.S. airports, for instance, compliance with facial scans is mandatory, and photos are stored for up to 75 years on the C.B.P.’s database. For U.S. citizens, the photos are stored for 12 hours. Airports are betting you’ll choose convenience over privacy Because there is no legal obligation to tell you that you can opt out, nor any outlined procedure for anyone who wishes to do so, aviation and border authorities are given virtually free rein over how they wish to proceed with such travelers. Taken from the CBP’s official page on biometrics. They really want you to think it’s super convenient (and that this is how people really text each other). Source: C.B.P. They make it incredibly inconvenient to bypass any kind of biometric security by first putting the burden of opting out on the traveler (rather than consenting by opting in), then putting them through an even more arduous and time-consuming security check by border agents. Tech executive Amber Baldet tweeted her experience of opting out of biometric scanning, which she said took 30 minutes. The typical traveler doesn’t always have that much time on hand, and going through such a long check could mean missing your flight, on top of probably being put on “a list.” Biometric scans might very well speed up security checks, but it is only at the cost of giving your biometric data to a government that does not have to be held accountable as to how they handle it. Speeding up this stage of security checks will also give agents more time to search through your phone and social media accounts, or even confiscate your devices. The future of facial recognition at airports From London, Shanghai and Delhi to Tokyo and Hong Kong, airports around the world are now at various stages of implementing facial recognition systems. With greater biometric data collection becoming the disturbing new normal, it can be difficult to remain constantly vigilant about avoiding the face scanner. We are already seeing glimpses into the future of facial recognition in other countries. Earlier this year, a viral tweet showed a Chinese airport kiosk successfully ID-ing a traveler and displaying his flight details and how to get to his gate. The kiosk only needed his face to give him his flight information. Wow! China Airport face recognition systems to help you check your flight status and find the way to your gate. Note I did not input anything, it accurately identified my full flight information from my face! — Matthew Brennan (@mbrennanchina) March 24, 2019 The bottom line: It shouldn’t be this difficult to opt out Trading privacy for convenience is a bad deal for travelers, and it is one that we don’t appear to have a say in or significantly benefit from. But because opting out isn’t made easy or seen as available in the first place, it feels easier to submit, stand in front of the scanner with your passport, and have your face captured and stored in a government database. That is precisely how the authorities want you to feel. There is little that you can do other than kick up a fuss at security and actively look for ways to opt out. Fight for the Future’s Airline Privacy site lists airlines that have and have not implemented facial recognition. The EFF also has an excellent breakdown on how (if at all) you can opt out of having your face scanned at the airport. When comes to the issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our recommendation is RitaVPN. RitaVPN is a relatively new VPN service, but it’s already making a name for itself,which makes it one of the best VPN in 2019. Qwer432
add to favorites Cara menghilangkan Komedo Secara Alami dan Ilmiah Cars 2019-12-04
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Cara menghilangkan Komedo Secara Alami dan Ilmiah Cara Menghilangkan Komedo - Wanita mana yang tidak ingin memiliki wajah bersih dan bebas komedo, Tapi terkadang kehadiran bintik-bintik hitam komedo tidak dapat dihindari sehingga membuat kulit terlihat kusam. Komedo adalah masalah kulit terburuk yang dapat memengaruhi kulit kita. Untuk menghilangkannya, jangan pernah memencet atau menggaruk komedo.Pada dasarnya adalah jerawat yang menghiasi wajah dan untuk lebih mengenali jenis komedo yang hinggap di wajah anda ada baiknya mengetahui hal berikut sebelum menghilangkan komedo bahwa jenis jerawat yang satu ini terdiri dari dua jenis.cara menghilangkan komedo dan minyak di wajah Pertama, komedo yang terbuka (blackhead) terlihat seperti pori-pori yang membesar dan menghitam (yang berwarna hitam tersebut adalah penyumbat pori yang berubah warna karena teroksidasi dengan udara). Kedua, Komedo yang tertutup (whitehead), memiliki kulit yang tumbuh di atas pori-pori yang tersumbat sehingga terlihat seperti tonjolan putih kecil-kecil di bawah kulit. Nah jika sudah mengenali jenis komedo yang menyerang anda tentu akan membuat pekerjaan cara menghilangkan komedo akan terasa lebih terfokus. Penyebab timbulnya komedo ini lebih banyak disebabkan oleh sel-sel kulit mati dan kelenjar minyak yang berlebihan pada kulit. Ini terjadi bila Anda tidak rajin membersihkan kulit wajah sehingga sel-sel kulit mati menumpuk dan minyak di permukaan kulit kemudian menutup sel-sel kulit, lalu terjadilah penyumbatan. Make up dan produk penataan rambut yang mengandung minyak juga dapat memperparah keadaan. Dari berbagai referensi berikut ini saya hadirkan Tips dan Trik : 1. Hindari penggunaan kosmetik berbentuk krim dan minyak yang dapat meningkatkan peluang terjadinya komedo. 2. Berikan wajah Anda uap setidaknya seminggu sekali. Tempatkan wajah Anda di atas mangguk berisi air mendidih agar uap air menyentuh kulit wajah. Untuk mendapatkan uap secara maksimal, tutup kepala Anda dengan handuk. Lalu, gunakan campuran madu dan gula untuk melakukan scrubbing. Cara ini akan menghilangkan komedo sekaligus melembutkan kulit Anda. 3. Pengelupasan merupakan langkah penting untuk menghilangkan sel-sel kulit mati. Ini membantu menyingkirkan kulit mati yang menimbun di pori-pori kulit penyebab komedo dan jerawat. 4. Bagi pemilik kulit berminyak, cobalah gunakan masker yang berbahan tanah liat guna mengurangi minyak di kulit. Pilih masker yang tidak mengandung mint, peppermint atau bahan penyebab iritasi lain. Lebih baik gunakan bahan yang tak mengandung tambahan aroma. 5. Buatlah masker pembasmi komedo dengan mencampur air jeruk nipis, minyak almond dan gliserin. Oleskan pada wajah selama beberapa menit. Ini tidak hanya akan membantu mengurangi komedo, tetapi juga menyingkirkan noda hitam bekas jerawat pada wajah. 6. Lembabkan wajah dengan menempelkan kain basah hangat setiap malam selama 15 menit. Ini akan mengangkat sel-sel kulit mati, kotoran, dan partikel lainnya menyumbat pori-pori. Setelah digunakan, rebus kain dalam air mendidih untuk membunuh kuman dan bakteri. 7. Hangatkan sedikit madu lalu oleskan pada wajah yang berkomedo. Cuci wajah setelah 10 menit. Madu bertindak sebagai pelembab alami sekaligus mengangkat komedo.
add to favorites Menghilangkan Komedo Cars 2019-12-04
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Menghilangkan Komedo Apasih komedo itu? Hmm.. komedo adalah penumpukkan kotoran pada pori-pori kulit, biasanya terdapat pada hidung dang sekitar mata. Ada dua jenis komedo yang sering dialami oleh setiap orang, yaitu komedo hitam dan komedo putih.cara menghilangkan komedo dan jerawat Komedo hitam terjadi ketika pori-pori yang penuh dengan bakteri dan minyak. Komedo hitam disebabkan oleh debu dan kotoran yang menempel pada wajah. Sedangkan komedo putih, yaitu berupa tonjolan kecil pada bagian bawah epitel kulit. Komedo putih disebabkan oleh kotoran dan keringat yang bercampur, jenis komedo inilah yang menyebabkan timbulnya jerawat. Lalu cara menghilangkan komedo itu bagaimana? Kenali dulu jenis komedo yang dialami, ini berguna untuk mengetahui jenis perawatan efektif dapat kita lakukan. Gunakanlah bahan-bahan alami untuk menghilangkan komedo, karena tidak menimbulkan efek samping untuk semua jenis kulit. Tidak perlu mahal dan ribet cukup praktekkan saja beberapa tips berikut ini. Masker Putih Telur Putih telur sangat efektif untuk menghilangkan komedo di hidung. Kandungan protein putih telur juga dapat menjaga elastisitas kulit, dan mencegah penuaan dini. Cara penggunaannya, kocok putih telur hingga berbusa, kemudian oleskan pada bagian wajah yang berkomedo, tunggu hingga kering (sekitar 15-20 menit), bersihkan wajah dengan air. Scrub kopi + gula Selain enak untuk diminum, kopi dan gula juga bermanfaat untuk mengangkat komedo yang ada di wajah loh. Yaitu dengan dijadikan scrub untuk mengangkat sel-sel kulit mati. Cara penggunaannya, campurkan dua sendok bubuk kopi dengan sedikit air, lalu tambahkan satu sendok gula pasir. Oleskan scrub tersebut pada permukaan wajah yang sudah dibersihkan terlebih dahulu, oleskan secara merata, pijat secara halus supaya cepat meresap, lalu diamkan selama 3-5 menit. Bilas dengan air hangat. Jeruk Nipis Salah satu bahan alami yang sering dimanfaatkan sebagai produk kecantikan. Kandungan vitamin C dan anti oksidan yang terdapat pada jeruk nipis dapat membantu mengencangkan kulit, menyamarkan bekas jerawat dan flek hitam, serta dapat membersihkan komedo. Cara penggunaannya, rebus perasan jeruk nipis hingga mendidih, kemudian diamkan hingga dingin dan selanjutnya masukan ke dalam kulkas hingga menjadi es batu. Es batu dari jeruk nipis inilah kemudian kita gunakan untuk menghilangkan komedo. Cukup tekan-tekan es batu jeruk nipis pada area wajah yang berjerawat/komedo secara perlahan. Sebelum menggunakan es batu jeruk nipis ini, pastikan sobat beauty untuk mencuci bersih dulu wajah dengan pembersih wajah.
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Boost Xtra There are when you need to understand how to create lean body mass rapidly always a few things you can do. Particularly when you're not sure just how to build muscle.I understand how annoying this may be.Which is just why I do want to tell you on how to construct lean muscle mass quickly, some tips.
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Cara Menghilangkan Komedo Hitam dan Jerawat Secara Alami Wajah yang cantik dan bersih adalah dambaan bagi setiap wanita manapun. Memiliki wajah cantik dan bersih membuat wanita akan tampil percaya diri di depan umum. Maka dari itu, akan sangat menjengkelkan bila terlihat bintik-bintik komedo di wajah.cara menghilangkan komedo dalam 1 hari Komedo adalah bintik-bintik kecil, biasanya di sekitaran hidung, yang terkadang berwarna hitam atau putih. Bagi wanita, komedo berwarna sangat meresahkan karena mudah terlihat di muka umum. Banyak faktor yang menyebabkan timbulnya komedo ini, seperti keringat berlebih, wajah penuh bakteri, iritasi di folikel rambut, perubahan hormonal, dan masih banyak lagi. Cara menghilangkan komedo bisa dijumpai dan ditemukan dimana saja. Dream akan menjelaskan beberapa cara menghilangkan komedo baik itu berwarna hitam atau putih dan jerawat di wajah secara alami dan permanen dalam waktu singkat. Cara menghilangkan komedo banyak jenis dan pelaksanaanya. Berikut adalah cara menghilangkan komedo secara alami dan permanen. Cuci Muka Cara pertama adalah cara yang paling mudah dan dapat dilakukan dimana saja. Tujuan utama dari mencuci muka adalah membersihkan muka. Maka dari itu cara ini paling efektif dalam mencegah komedo. Selain untuk membersihkan wajah, cara ini juga dapat mengantisipasi penumpukan minyak dan debu yang ada di wajah. Cukup cuci muka dua kali sehari maka wajah akan terhindar dari komedo. Madu dan Kayu Manis Karena madu memiliki kandungan anti-bakteri yang alami, maka jika dicampurkan dengan kayu manis dapat mengangkat keluar komedo yang menyumbat pori-pori. Campurkan satu sendok madu dan setengah sendok teh kayu manis, lalu oleskan ke kulit wajah dengan sedikit pijatan. Terakhir bilas dengan air hangat. Minyak Kelapa dan Kunyit Kandungan anti-radang, anti-jamur dan anti-bakteri yang dimiliki oleh kunyit efektif dalam menghilangkan komedo hitam di wajah. Kunyit pun juga bisa membuat kulit menjadi berwarna kuning, jadi jangan digunakan terlalu banyak. Caranya dengan campurkan satu sendok bubuk kunyit asli dan satu sendok minyak kelapa untuk membentuk pasta. Lalu oleskan di bagian wajah yang berkomedo, diamkan selama 10-15 menit kemudian bilas sampai bersih. Lidah Buaya Lidah buaya diyakini sangat berkhasiat untuk mengatasi komedo hitam di wajah. Gel lidah buaya memiliki kandunngan vitamin E dan asam folat yang baik untuk kulit. Caranya dengan oleskan gel lidah buaya ke bagian wajah yang terdapat komedo, diamkan 10-15 menit, lalu bilas dengan air hangat. Mengonsumsi Vitamin C Vitamin C dapat mencegah timbulnya komedo pada wajah. Vitamin C dapat mengganggu pertumbuhan bakteri maka dari itu baik untuk kesehatan kulit. Buah jeruk atau sayuran hijau mengandung banyak vitamin C yang bagus untuk kulit.
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HOW MUCH DOES BREWERY EQUIPMENT COST? Breweries can vary enormously in size, from the smallest microbrewery to the largest multinational brewing corporation. The diversity of processes is likewise diverse, being largely dependent on the type of beer produced and the degree of automation desired.Water Purification Equipment For example, a larger brewery is more likely to be composed of distinct sections such that each is dedicated to a specific phase of the brewing process.At the other extreme, a microbrewery is more likely to consist of a single room, where the entire brewing process is performed. Despite the great difference in size, however, much of the brewing process has remained essentially unchanged, as it’s dictated by relatively simple biochemical processes.A microbrewery, or craft brewery, is typically owned independently and much smaller than the corporate breweries that produce most of the beer appearing in bars and retail shelves. However, this distinction has become blurred in recent years as major brewers have created some very large “craft breweries.” Brewery Equipment Material Brewery equipment is made of various materials, the most common brewing kettles being made from copper and stainless steel. Copper Brewery Equipment Brewery equipment has traditionally been made of copper, especially the kettles in which the wort is boiled. Copper ore is readily available and easily smelted into pure form. Furthermore, copper transfers heat quickly and evenly, which is highly desirable for brewing. However, copper reacts with many chemicals, which can give a metallic flavor to the beer. It can also be corroded by many types of cleaning solutions. Stainless Steel Brewery Equipment Today’s commercial breweries predominantly use kettles made of stainless steel, although they’re still known as “coppers” regardless of the materials used to make them.Many modern kettles have copper cladding to provide a more traditional appearance, but this cladding is purely cosmetic as it doesn’t come into contact with the wort. Stainless steel reacts with very few chemicals, although chlorine is one of them. Brewery equipment made of stainless steel shouldn’t impart any flavors to the beer, provided it isn’t cleaned with bleach. Stainless steel is also much stronger than copper, which is a critical consideration since kettles are pressurized when the wort is boiled.
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10 Ideas On How To Use Private Label Candles To Stand Out From The Crowd When people learn Destinations Scented Candles offers private labeling and custom candle options, eyes light up. Designing unique scented products opens the door for creating a brand identity that can make marketing a business or special event stand out. Private label candles How does scent marketing works? In an article titled Follow Your Nose to Enhanced Customer Experiences via, they state, "As the sense of smell acts directly to the limbic system, it deals with instinctive or automatic behaviors and immediately evokes memories and feelings without being filtered and analyzed by the brain." Accordingly, the sense of smell has strong effects on memory, emotions, and moods, as well as on the buying behavior in retail stores. Furthermore, by targeting smell, customers can feel more connected to the company, and thus, evoke feelings of attachment to the brand." Make sense? So, what can be done with custom/private label candles or room sprays? Here's some inspiration! Check out our top 10 ideas on unique ways to use private label candles to stand out from the crowd. Giveaways at expos/conventions. Individual tea lights in 3x5 clear bags labeled with a special message with a business card inside makes a long lasting impression for event goers. Free gift for boutique shop owners. Draw customers to a sale or event with a free gift incentive of a 4 pack of tea lights or 4 oz candle to the first 25 or 50 customers who arrive. Studies show people who receive something free often reciprocate usually in the form of making a purchase or word of mouth advertising. Affordable wedding favors. Wedding favors can be a cinch and affordable with a personalized 4 oz candle complete with photo of the newlyweds complete with candles in the wedding colors as a great memento commemorating the special day. Business card booster. Just like in example one, business cards inserted into clear bags with individual tea lights are great to give out at networking events or after meeting a client to remember your contact information. Scent marketing. A big trend in marketing is scent marketing which involves tying a particular scent with a business. Hotels, retailers, restaurants, and casinos have embraced this and you can too. Custom room sprays as well as candles like lavender or sage used in waiting rooms of doctors offices or at yoga studios is just one example to explore. One of a kind products to sell at gift shops. With competition from Big Box Stores and other nearby shops carrying similar items, gift shop owners turning more to personalized/private label gifts. Items that can only be bought at one store for their stores to stand out and get repeat customer traffic. Customer/employee appreciation gift. Customers like to know they are special, and businesses know if it weren't for their customers, they wouldn't be where they are now. A specialty made custom gift like a 4 oz or 12 oz candle given out at a holiday party or special business event, goes a long way in showing that appreciation. Thank you gift. Candles make great thank you gifts for those who attend an event - from vendors or family and friends. The gesture can motivate people to RSVP faster and more often for future events too. Sale incentive. Shop owners use BOGO and seasonal sales to get people in and buy. Have sales go further with custom candles like adding tea lights added to shipping boxes (for those who sell online) or incentivize the sale where if customer buy $50 or more of products, they get a free gift at the check out in the form of a 4 oz candle. People love free stuff! Word of mouth/referral marketing. Just like in previous examples, giving candles to people you encounter, is a nice gesture. Rewarding people with a simple custom candle truly solidifies business relationships.
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Jordan Release 2020 has officially revealed the Dior x Air Jordan 1 High OG collaboration. Made in Italy to superlative standards, the silhouette is created with the fine calf-leather that characterizes Maison Dior's leather goods, edge-painted and dressed in Dior Grey, a color synonymous with the Maison since its founding in 1947. Rumored to be limited to only 1,000 pairs. This Dior x Air Jordan 1 features a White and Grey upper with "Air Dior" branding on the tongues and above the Wings logo. An all-over printed Swoosh logo on the sides atop a co-branded icy translucent outsole with a Silver Jumpman and "Air Dior" Wings hangtag completes the design. 2019 Jordan, French fashion label Dior is set to release an extremely limited Air Jordan 1 during Summer 2020 with a hefty price tag. A remix of the iconic Jumpman Wings logo is embossed on the upper and features the words "AIR DIOR." The Nike Swoosh is executed in Dior Oblique jacquard, a single motif simultaneously representing both industry leaders. The same Dior motif is scaled down and laser-etched into the insoles at a 50 percent scale. This offering the Nike Air Foamposite One features a Black Foam shell covered in Grey mini Swoosh logos. Nike Sportswear is set to release yet another new Air Foamposite One in the coming months, with this one featuring miniature Swoosh branding. Black nubuck on the upper paired with Silver embroidered branding and striped pull tabs with a graphic insole adds to its theme. An icy speckled translucent outsole completes the design.
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INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF TIANJIN The International School of Tianjin (IST) is a Nursery/Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12, non-profit, parent governed day school for the children of expatriate families living in the city of Tianjin. IST was founded in 1994, has a current enrolment of 470 students (210 in Elementary and 260 in Secondary) from 30 different countries. The school currently employs 65 highly qualified teachers from a range of countries including Australia, Canada, China, Korea, New Zealand, German, France, the UK, and the USA. The senior academic administrative team consists of the director, and the elementary and secondary principals. The language of instruction is school in Tianjin Curriculum IST is an IB World School, fully authorised to teach the Primary Years Program (PYP), the Middle Years Program (MYP), and the Diploma Program (DP). The most recent programme evaluations took place as part of a synchronised 3-party accreditation visit with CIS and WASC in April 2015. Accreditation IST is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Council of International Schools (CIS). Location, Campus, and Facilities Tianjin, China’s third largest city, is located some 50km inland from the Bohai Gulf and is a 30 minute high-speed train ride from Beijing. It spans China’s largest artificial harbor and is a key transportation hub serving northern China. Tianjin has been nicknamed “The Shanghai of the North” in reference to its history as a foreign concession. The city has many temples of various religious affiliations and is itself a museum of late 19th century European architecture. Situated on approximately 7.2 hectares of park-like grounds the International School of Tianjin has 30,000m2 of architecturally designed facilities to support its academic, cultural and sporting programmes. The campus has two wonderful buildings: the original 12,000m2 ‘Qin’ Building constructed in 2001, and the 18,000m ‘Han’ Building completed in 2011. Facilities include a 520 seat theatre, black box, teacher and student lounges, music, art and design suites, exhibition centre, science laboritories, magnificent library and information literacy centre, double-sized gymnasium, 400m running track, multiple sports fields, over 80 classrooms, and a school-wide clean air filtration system. The Position: Elementary Principal Professional Qualifications Candidates should have an appropriate academic preparation, with an advanced degree preferred and/or principal certification. Previous leadership experience is required, preferably at an IB school that has the PYP programme, although this is not a prerequisite. IST is looking for a dynamic, innovative leader who possesses strong interpersonal, organizational, communication, and information technology skills with a record of excellence in instructional and curricular leadership.
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nike schoenen wit groen De Nike Air More Uptempo 720 combineert een basketbalklassieker uit de jaren 90 beroemd gemaakt door Scottie Pippen met de gedempte zool van de Air Max 720, een meesterlijke maximalistische mix van het verleden en heden van het Swoosh-merk, en het is nu opgedoken in een nieuwe verchroomde bedenken. Het Air More Uptempo-bovenwerk is gemaakt van helder wit leer met zwarte bies en zwarte merkaccenten op de toebox / hiel.

nike schoenen dames blauw Deze eenvoudige basis is geconstrueerd om de eerder genoemde zilveren chroomaccenten zo luid mogelijk te laten opvallen, en opvallen ze zeker, verschijnen op de kenmerkende "Max Air" -overlays van de Uptempo en wikkelen zich ook helemaal rond de hiel. Beneden is de doorzichtige 720 kussenunit omhuld tussen een lichtblauwe plastic clip en een grijze buitenzool om de look af te maken.

nike schoenen heren grijs De Nike Air More Uptempo "Denim" is een premium levensstijlvariatie van het basketbalsilhouet. Het model wordt gekenmerkt door de denimconstructie in lichte en donkere tinten en heeft een officieel kleurenschema van Wit, Obsidiaan en Totaal Oranje. De grote 'AIR'-letters op de zijkanten en overlays zijn gekleurd in een donkerdere denimtint, terwijl het allemaal op een witte rubberen zool is geplakt. Ten slotte is het model voltooid met een vleugje sinaasappel die de merktong, binnenzool en buitenzool siert.

nike air more uptempo zwart 2019 was tot nu toe redelijk stil voor de Nike Air More Uptempo. Dat zal snel veranderen als we een eerste blik op deze GS-colorway van het model krijgen, gedaan in een rood en wit kleurenschema. Kiezen voor Chicago Bulls-vibes, deze iteratie van het model is gekleed in een rood suède bovenwerk dat ook het rood op de gaastongen bevat. Nog meer rood is te vinden op de zolen, terwijl de tekst "AIR" aan de zijkanten in wit is uitgevoerd met een zwarte omtrek, samen met bijpassende witte veters en Swoosh-logo's.
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De volgende Adidas UltraBoost komt eraan.

De Three Stripes onthulden vandaag de nieuwste look in zijn veelgeprezen Adidas Ultra Boost Donna hardloopschoenenfranchise, de UltraBoost 20. De technisch geladen en geavanceerde sneaker beschikt over verschillende innovaties en upgrades van zijn eersteklas materialen.

De schoen is voorzien van een nieuwe versie van Primeknit die is gemaakt met Tailored Fibre Placement-technologie, waarvan Adidas zei: "kalibreert voetsteun om de explosieve energie van Boost volledig te ontketenen." Het is ook gebouwd met zachte Boost-middenzooldemping, het 3D Heel Frame van het merk dat draagt ??de hiel en vergrendelt deze op zijn plaats, Stretchweb-buitenzolen met continentaal rubber voor grip op meerdere Adidas ZX Flux Womens oppervlakken en lichtgewicht Torsieveerconstructie voor ondersteuning wanneer de voet landt en de loopsters naar voren drijft.

De Three Stripes onthulden vandaag de nieuwste look in zijn veelgeprezen hardloopschoenenfranchise, Nike Air Max 270 Damen de UltraBoost 20. De technisch geladen en geavanceerde sneaker beschikt over verschillende innovaties en upgrades van zijn eersteklas materialen.

De schoen is voorzien van een nieuwe versie van Nike Air Max 2017 Dámské Primeknit die is gemaakt met Tailored Fibre Placement-technologie, waarvan Adidas zei: "kalibreert voetsteun om de explosieve energie van Boost volledig te ontketenen." Het is ook gebouwd met zachte Boost-middenzooldemping, het 3D Heel Frame van het merk dat draagt ??de hiel en vergrendelt deze op zijn plaats, Stretchweb-buitenzolen met continentaal rubber voor grip op meerdere oppervlakken en lichtgewicht Torsieveerconstructie voor ondersteuning wanneer de voet landt en de loopsters naar voren drijft.

Het nieuwe silhouet is het resultaat van niet-aflatende stresstests in het lab, talloze uren onderzoek en feedback van duizenden hardlopers; de ultieme combinatie van comfort Adidas ZX Flux Femme en reactievermogen, ontworpen om hardlopers het vertrouwen te geven om verder te gaan.

adidas Ultra Boost 2020's nieuwe en geavanceerde Primeknit-bovenwerk met Tailored Fiber Placement (TFP) -technologie. De innovatieve techniek legt vezels tot op de millimeter vast, wat resulteert in een krachtig, lichtgewicht bovenwerk dat nauwkeurig is gestikt en geconstrueerd. Van het opstijgen tot het landen, hardlopers kunnen controle initiëren met een schoen die de voetsteun precies kalibreert om de explosieve energie van boost volledig te ontketenen.

Ondertussen vangt de Boost-middenzool de energie in elke stap en stuurt deze terug naar teen om hardlopers vooruit te stuwen, waardoor ze hun run naar het volgende niveau kunnen nemen met niet-van-deze-energie terugkeer. Tegelijkertijd biedt het 3D Heel Frame - een gestript ontwerp dat de hiel op zijn plaats houdt en stevig op Nike Air Max 90 Damen zijn plaats vergrendelt - de perfecte mix van aanpassingsvermogen en ondersteuning.

De zoektocht naar de perfecte hardloopschoen is bijna net zo arbeidsintensief als het hardlopen zelf (bijna). Als je het proces ingaat zonder je huiswerk te maken, kun je schoenen krijgen die meer kwaad dan goed doen - ik weet dat ik het deed. Na twee jaar pijnlijk en moeizaam hardlopen, geloofde ik dat mijn lichaam het probleem was, niet de schoenen, vond ik The Ones. De Adidas Ultraboost - de perfecte schoenen voor mijn brede, groter dan gemiddelde Nike Air Max 270 Femme voeten.

Toen ik voor het eerst begon te rennen, maakte ik de groentje de fout mijn voettype te raden en online schoenen te kopen, zonder specialistische input. Ik bestelde een paar dat er geweldig uitzag, maar ik haatte het om erin te rennen. Ze waren zwaar, zoals rennen met twee stenen aan mijn zolen, en er was geen stuiteren in mijn stap, alleen een doffe klap van rubber op het voetpad. Binnen Adidas Stan Smith Mujer een paar minuten na elke run staken mijn voeten uit totdat de toppen van mijn tenen gevoel verloren en pijnlijke blaren veel voorkwamen. Ik dacht dat iedereen een beetje leed toen ze renden en dacht dat ik gewoon een grotere maat nodig had, dus bestelde ik gewoon een ander, iets groter paar en ploeterde verder.

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nike chaussure 2019 homme Combinant un classique du basketball des années 90 rendu célèbre par Scottie Pippen avec la semelle coussinée de l'Air Max 720, la Nike Air More Uptempo 720 est un savant mélange maximaliste du passé et du présent de la marque Swoosh. maquillage. L’empeigne Air More Uptempo est constituée d’un cuir blanc éclatant avec une bordure noire et des accents de marque noire sur la pointe / le talon.

nike chaussure femme rose Cette base simple a été construite pour permettre aux accents chromés argentés susmentionnés de se démarquer aussi fort que possible, ce qu’ils distinguent certainement, en apparaissant sur les superpositions distinctives «Max Air» de la marque Uptempo tout en enveloppant parfaitement le talon. En bas, l'unité d'amortissement translucide 720 est insérée entre un clip en plastique bleu clair et une semelle extérieure grise pour compléter le look.

nike chaussure bleu rouge Le «Denim» Nike Air More Uptempo est une variante de la silhouette de basketball inspirée du style de vie. Défini par sa construction en denim ombrée dans des tons clairs et foncés, le modèle propose un jeu de couleurs officiel: blanc, obsidienne et orange total. Les grandes lettres «AIR» sur les côtés et les superpositions sont colorées dans une teinte de denim plus foncée, alors qu’elles sont toutes collées sur une semelle en caoutchouc blanche. Enfin, le modèle est complété par des touches d’orange ornant la languette, la semelle intérieure et la semelle extérieure de la marque.

nike air more uptempo navy 2019 a été relativement calme pour la Nike Air More Uptempo jusqu'à présent. Cela changera bientôt lorsque nous aurons un premier aperçu de cette gamme de couleurs GS du modèle dans un jeu de couleurs rouge et blanc. Privilégiant les vibrations des Chicago Bulls, cette itération du modèle est vêtue d’une tige en daim rouge, qui comprend également la langue rouge sur les languettes maillées. On trouve encore plus de rouge sur les semelles, tandis que le texte «AIR» sur les côtés est fait en blanc avec un contour noir, avec les lacets blancs et les logos Swoosh assortis.
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nike schuhe damen sale weiß Der Nike Air More Uptempo 720 kombiniert einen Basketballklassiker aus den 90er Jahren, der durch Scottie Pippen berühmt wurde, mit der gepolsterten Sohle des Air Max 720 und ist eine meisterhafte, maximalistische Mischung aus Vergangenheit und Gegenwart der Marke Swoosh bilden. Das Air More Uptempo-Obermaterial besteht aus einem knackig weißen Leder mit schwarzem Besatz und schwarzen Markenakzenten an der Zehenbox / Ferse.

nike schuhe schwarz herren Diese schlichte Basis wurde so konstruiert, dass die oben genannten silbernen Chromakzente so laut wie möglich hervorstechen, und zwar auf den typischen „Max Air“ -Overlays des Uptempo, während sie sich um die Ferse wickeln. Unten ist die lichtdurchlässige 720-Polstereinheit zwischen einem hellblauen Kunststoffclip und einer grauen Laufsohle eingehüllt, um den Look zu vervollständigen.

nike schuhe blau orange 2019 Das Nike Air More Uptempo „Denim“ ist eine Premium-Lifestyle-Variante der Basketball-Silhouette. Das Modell zeichnet sich durch eine Denim-Konstruktion aus, die in hellen und dunklen Tönen gehalten ist. Das offizielle Farbschema ist Weiß, Obsidian und Total Orange. Der große "AIR" -Schriftzug an den Seiten und die Überzüge sind in einem dunkleren Jeansblau gehalten, während alles auf einer weißen Gummisohle aufgeklebt ist. Abgerundet wird das Modell durch orangefarbene Akzente an Zunge, Innensohle und Außensohle.

nike air more uptempo 96 rot 2019 war für den Nike Air More Uptempo bislang recht ruhig. Das wird sich bald ändern, wenn wir einen ersten Blick auf diese GS-Farbgebung des Modells werfen, die in Rot und Weiß gehalten ist. Diese Version des Modells, die sich für Chicago Bulls Vibes entscheidet, ist mit einem Obermaterial aus rotem Wildleder verkleidet, das auch das Rot auf den Mesh-Zungen enthält. Sogar noch mehr Rot befindet sich auf den Sohlen, während der „AIR“ -Text an den Seiten in Weiß mit einer schwarzen Kontur sowie passenden weißen Schnürsenkeln und Swoosh-Logos ausgeführt ist.