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Soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics for Vegetables is an efficient growing system, and especially suitable for leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, herb, celery, cabbage, etc.. Soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics is a new type of plant without soil cultivation, also known as nutrient liquid culture. Its core is to infiltrate plant roots directly into the nutrient solution. This nutrient solution can replace the soil and provide plants with water, nutrients, oxygen, and other growth factors so that plants can grow normally. Soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics the most economical and affordable greenhouse. The structure is flexible, strong applicability, and wide applicable scope. High wind resistance, high steel quality, high quality locking channel, high quality hot-dip galvanization. Customized design and high quality material. Features of soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics 1.PC sheet greenhouses are fairly the recent advancement in greenhouses. Polycarbonate panels are very light and strong. It can be manufactured to be completely transparent. Greenhouse's PC sheets are treated to be resistant to the degrading effects of ultraviolet sunlight, which gives it an impressive service life. It holds the perfect balance between glass and plastic film. 2.It can be equipped with inside and outside shading system, top and side window ventilation system, wet curtain and fan cooling system, and so on. Other equipment can be applied according to the user's planting needs, including NFT hydroponic systems and substrate growing systems, and hemp greenhouse. Advantages of soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics 1. Food-grade material, safe and green 2. Easy to assemble and move, convenient and time-saving 3. No soil needed for vegetable growth 4. No pesticide damage, easy harvest 5. No nutrition pollution is released into the environment 6. Solve the contradiction between greenhouse heat preservation and light transmission. 7. Good insulation in winter. 8. Soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics has the characteristic of beautiful appearance, good light transmission, good display effect, long service life, and so on. For a place with low light and geothermal energy. 9. Unique glass sealing structure, completely solve the problem of roof leakage. power plant waste heat, glass greenhouse is a better choice. Soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics includes several parts: water pump JK-399, timer TW-260, Teflon tape 20m 2pcs, hydroponic plastic net pot 4B 168pcs, hydroponic planting sponge HY044 168pcs, hydroponic channels, metal support, tweezer, glue, sleeve, a pair of gloves, pipe clamp, screws and nuts, water cycle systems, connectors.
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Multifunctional meat ball making machine is the new designed equipment based on traditional meatball making method. It includes Frozen meat crusher, Meat grinder, Bowl cutter, Meat beating machine, Meatball processing line. It greatly improves working efficiency and speed. Main Features of meat ball making machine 1. The machine simulates artificial spoon-shaped principle of professionally designed and manufactured, the production of balls, low density, good roundness, slick and so on. meatball machine meatball making machine high quality meatball making machine meatball forming machine machine meatball 2. As long as the meat mixture into the hopper, boot 2-3 minutes automatically made into meatballs, products taste delightful, delicious, flexible, white color. meatball machine with stuffing small meatball machine meatball maker meatball maker machine commercial meatball machine 3. Multifunctional meat ball making machine is made of stainless steel, durable, beautiful, in line with national food safety standards. meatball machine maker machine to making meatball small meatball machine cheap meatball machine 4. The meatballs are filling many of the machine's output, high ball roundness. While the machine is operating, ball falls directly arrange, reduce human exposure to the products, safety and health. meatball machine for sale meatball manufacturing machine mini meatball maker machine used meatball making machine 5. Can produce a variety of flavored meatballs, pork balls, beef balls, fish balls, chicken meatball, pork balls and so on. A variety of flavors can freely transform, which reduced production costs in the original basis. 6.Automated structured, one person, two persons may be operated. Convenient disassembly, maintenance and cleaning. Application of meat ball making machine Multifunctional meat ball making machine can be used to make various kinds of meatball, such as: pork meatball, beef meatball, chicken meatball, fish meatball and so on. Also can be used to make vegetarian ball and meat vegetable mixing ball. Multifunctional meat ball making machine can forming all kinds of meat pie, such as, chicken cutlet, shrimp cutlet, fish cutlet, beef cutlet, etc. It can produce different size meat pie and cutlet by changing the forming mouth’s size and thickness. This machine can produce different shape(round shape, square shape, oval shape, triangle shape, etc.) meat pie and cutlets by changing the different mold. This machine according to the safety, hygiene, and technology of meat products processing machinery standard. The contact surface between machine and meat adopts high quality stainless steel and nontoxic ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, so it can reach hygiene standard. In order of the accuracy and convenience of the cutlet thickness, the mold core is designed for detachable. It’s the very reasonable design. Really good quality, long service life, good performance, stable running, simple operation, very good forming effect.
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Greenhouse cover material A facility that can be used to grow plants by transmitting light, keeping warm (or warming). In the season when it is not suitable for plant growth, it can provide greenhouse growth period and increase yield, and is used for plant cultivation or seedling cultivation of vegetables, flowers, trees, etc. in low-temperature seasons. There are many types of greenhouses, which can be divided into many types according to different truss materials, lighting materials, shapes, and heating conditions. Conventional product details of greenhouse cover material 1. Twin-walls polycarbonate sheet thickness: 3mm-12mm. Width: 2100mm. 2. Triple-walls polycarbonate sheet thickness: 10mm-18mm. Width: 2100mm. 3. Four-walls polycarbonate sheet thickness: 6mm-14mm. Width: 2100mm. 4. Greenhouse cover material honeycomb polycarbonate sheet thickness: 6mm-14mm. Width: 2100mm. 5. We can also customize the width like 1220mm, and the normal thickness is 4mm-6mm. But the price will higher than 2100mm width because it has the loss of fees. 6. Solid polycarbonate sheet standard thickness: 1.1mm--18mm. Width: 1220, 1560, 1820, 2100mm. Usually 1220x2440mm. 7. Corrugated polycarbonate sheet thickness: 0.8mm-1.8mm. Width is 1000mm and 1220mm. A. Length:No limit(Recommend 5800, 6000, 11800, 12000mm to suit 20' container & 40' container). B. Color: clear/transparent, lake blue, green, blue, opal,brown/bronze, silvery gray, red, yellow, etc. Features of greenhouse cover material Economical and practical, sold with attractive appearance Large volume gutter, good draining ability Wide vent, good ventilation in summer, especially suitable for tropical areas Greenhouse cover material suitable for the planting of vegetables and flowers in large scale The saw type of greenhouse has better ventilation, better natural cooling performance Top film cover, waist installation of insect net and set the rolling window, can effectively relative to the outside world, while ensuring the appropriate temperature. Application of greenhouse cover material 1. Roofing for a greenhouse, swimming pool, shopping malls, commercial streets. 2. Sunshade for stadiums and bus stops, gazebo, open-air carport. 3. Lighting canopy for corridors, passages, and subway entries. 4. ATM machine covers, telephone booths, gateways, garages. 5. Sound and heat insulation wall for expressways and houses. 6. Instead of glass, decoration door, curtain wall. 7. Soundproof material for partitions. 8. Unbreakable material for glazing widows, roof glazing. 9. Lighting of modern villa, rainproof lighting shed of underground garage entryway. 10. Front wind shields of motorcycles, airplanes, trains, liners, vehicles, motorboats, submarines and riot shields.
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Hexie is one of the most professional company in designing, manufacturing, and constructing a greenhouse. We can provide a customized solutions according to customers' requirement. Enough experience has gained in 20 years' to help our customers select,construct, manage, and maintain the optimal greenhouse structure and necessary environment control system. To create great value for our customers is the motivation that we persist all the time. Leisure/sightseeing greenhouse have beautiful appearance, good pervious to light, good display effect, long life and some other advantages. Glass greenhouse is a better choice for customers whose location have low light, geothermal energy and power station waste heat. Leisure/sightseeing greenhouse is the facility used to improve the capacity of the plants like fruit, vegetables, controlling the light, temperature and humidity in specific growing area. By making full use of its dominant advantage in making suitable closed environment, Glass greenhouse is widely used in planting, show sighting, product exhibition, ecological restaurant, and seeding factory. Advantages of leisure/sightseeing greenhouse 1.Leisure/sightseeing greenhouse good light transmittance, the transmittance of single layer glass greenhouse up to 90%, the double glazing is 80% 2.Good water proof. Anti-age, anti-sweat large area for cultivating 3.Venlo, small roof not only makes the greenhouse beautiful, also provide high efficiency for users. Uniform illumination. 4.Framework with double-face galvanizing processing, Good anticorrosive effect 5.Good Draining ability Leisure/sightseeing greenhouse belongs to a kind of sightseeing agriculture. Sightseeing Greenhouse is furnished the agricultural landscape in internal built greenhouse, in order to attract tourists, and get economic benefits. All the agricultural landscape is made up of agricultural material. It uses many famous and rare vegetable to carefully design, at the same time, used horticulture, art, sculpture, and architecture. In accordance with the approach of landscape layout, the vegetable culture art is deductive incisively and vividly. It greatly enhances the ornamental, riches Park display content to show the artistic effect of the boutique garden, the beauty of pastoral style and garden art.
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The automatic screw cap bottle capper is controlled by touch screen, the parameter can be set on the touch screen very easily. It is very flexible for different sizes of round bottles, square bottles, and flat bottles by adjustment. The main structure is made of durable 304 stainless steel. Capping time can be set to fit different caps and different levels of tightness. Automatic screw cap bottle capper manufactures and supplies a range of capping and closing machines to suit a wide range of bottles, caps, and closures. From simple hand held cap tightening tools through to fully automated cap sorting, placing, and tightening systems, we have solutions for pre-threaded screw caps, ROPP caps, valve crimping, and press-on caps. If you cannot find a suitable machine in our standard range, please contact us to discuss your individual requirements – our engineering team is on hand to discuss modifications or even bespoke machine design solutions. Working principle and characteristics of automatic screw cap bottle capper Automatic screw cap bottle capper features electrical control movement and strong stability. With positioning devices, the standard capping is easy to operate, and it is suitable for caps of different shapes and sizes; It resolves the problems on the nozzle, pump head, spray pumps, spray gun, etc. Lock lid with adjustable speed can be adjusted according to different tightness. The competitive advantage of automatic screw cap bottle capper 1. One year warranty for the whole system 2. Free equipment installation and debugging 3. After one year, we can help you to maintain the machine and the accessories are provided only one the cost price 4. Every 3 years, we can help to overhaul the machine free (Labor) 5. We can provide internship service and help you train the operator and mechanic 6. Free production technology and process configuration 7. We can help you to design the production line, workshop and provide a turn-key project
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A multi-span glass greenhouse is a structure with walls and roof made chiefly of transparent material, such as glass, in which plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown. The interior of a greenhouse exposed to sunlight becomes significantly warmer than the external ambient temperature, protecting its contents in cold weather. A greenhouse can be used in agriculture, very suited to planting vegetables, fruits, flowers. also can be used in poultry farming or be used as an ecological restaurant, sightseeing department. Multi-span glass greenhouse adopts a hot-galvanized steel frame, the covering material commonly used 4-5mm high-quality float glass or tempered glass, double glazing: 4mm + 9mm + 4mm, 5mm + 6mm + 5mm Light transmittance greater than 90%, but also can choose the covering material according to customer requirements, the top of the greenhouse and surrounded by glass fixed special aluminum. Multi-span glass greenhouse is made of hot-dip galvanized steel frame. The cover material is usually 4-5mm high quality float glass or double-layer hollow glass. Double-layer glass: 4mm + 9mm + 4mm, 5mm + 6mm + 5mm, 5mm+9mm+5mm, light transmittance More than 90%, you can also choose to cover the material according to customer requirements, surrounded by special aluminum in the top of the greenhouse and glass.Glass greenhouse suitable for a variety of regions and used in various climate conditions. Feature of a multi-span glass greenhouse 1. The greenhouse structure is made of hot galvanized steel, the diameter of the column is optional. 2. Greenhouse covering material has glass, poly film. insect net, shade net.etc. 3. Plastic is fastened to the greenhouse structure by locking profile with wiggle wire. 4. Greenhouse spans can be connected by the gutter. 5. A multi-span glass greenhouse is used for a large area. 6. Manual or electric side ventilation is optional. 7. All connection is by a spring clip, clamp, screw.etc. 8. We provide replacement of accessories in one year. 9. Manual instruction will be provided by AGROTIME after we shipping your order.
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Low-cost powder mixer v-mixer V-type dry powder blender is suitable for use in the pharmaceuticals, chemical, and food industries for mixing powder or granular materials. The cylindrical structure is the distinguishing feature and the mixing ability is well-proportioned and efficient with no blind spots in the cylinders and no accumulation of materials. This machine is straight forward and it is easy to operate with surfaces that are easy to clean in a highly finished stainless steel. The main application of mixer v-mixer V-type dry powder blender Low-cost powder mixer v-mixer V-type dry powder blender is a new design, high efficiency, and high accuracy mixer. It is widely used for dry material grains in the field of medical, chemical, food, metallurgical, and other industries. Low-cost powder mixer v-mixer V-type dry powder blender applied to good liquidity dry powder and granular material mixing in the pharmacy industry, chemical industry, food industry. This machine mixing cylinder structure special, efficiency is high, no blind angle, material adopt stainless steel, wall polishing treatment, nice appearance, equally mixing, can as per customer's request equip mixer, it can be applied to fine powder material mixing. Working principle of mixer v-mixer V-type dry powder blender Low-cost powder mixer v-mixer V-type dry powder blender is mainly composed of a mixing tank, spiral agitating vane, and transmission parts. There are two layers of the spiral agitating vane. The outside vanes accumulate the material from side to center, while the inner vanes separate the material from center to side. So that material will mix to each other in convective mixing inside the tank. It’s high. Features of mixer v-mixer V-type dry powder blender 1. Full 304 stainless steel body, 2mm thick stainless steel plate is absolutely sturdy and durable. 2. It has two working modes of timing and normally open, and the operation is very convenient. 3. High-quality motor, reliable quality, eliminates the occurrence of motor hot. 4. The V-shaped mixing cylinder has a unique structure, high mixing efficiency, no dead angle, and even mixing.
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Multispan glass greenhouse with photovoltaic solar system is characterized by a high light-transmitting rate, beautiful appearance, and stable structure, suitable for the plants in great demands for sunlight. The skeleton is made by hot-dip galvanized steel materials, connected by galvanized anti-rot bolts and screws without any welded points. Multispan glass greenhouse with photovoltaic solar system is often used for growing flowers, vegetables, fruits, and transplants, etc., also have applications in exhibitions, experiments, restaurants, entertainment. Multispan glass greenhouse has many properties that make it one of the most useful and practical greenhouses. Its low cost, large film size, easy to attach, and good light transmissin are characteristics that have helped to expand its use so that now it is the most common covering. For people who just want to start their first greenhouse business, plastic film greenhouse would definitely be their first best choice. System details of multispan glass greenhouse 1. Multispan glass greenhouse with photovoltaic solar system is used coconut coir as a substrate. There is a nutrient solution supply machine, which can control the EC value and PH value automatically. Inside installs hanging pipe and hanging line. 2. Substrate: coconut coir The parameter of coconut coir: biological and environmental, plenty of organic nutrients, retaining water, and ventilating. 3. PVC planting trough The planting trough is made of PVC pipe. The planting trough can be put on shelves, and also can be put on the ground or underground. The PVC trough has many sizes, customized by you. 4.Planting Arrangement One side is a little high, and the other side is a little low for drainage of the waste nutrient solution. Install track between the two rows for daily management and picking. 5.Irrigation and fertilization The irrigation system is including a nutrient solution supply machine, water pipe, branch pipe, and drip nozzle. The machine can be controlled EC value and PH value automatically. The main water pipe is a PVC pipe. System advantage of a multi-span glass greenhouse 1. Save the land, no soil is needed for hydroponics 2. Suitable for vegetable, lettuce or flower, etc. 3. Stable and high productivity with NFT channel, save the fertilizer and environment friendly. 4. Plants grow healthier and easy to harvest. 5. All the growing conditions can be controlled with a hydroponics system .
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We manufacture our conveyor disposable plastic cap crown capper machine here in our facility. It is flexible, durable, and works with most containers and caps including flat caps, sport caps, metal lids, and many others. It’s built on a heavy-duty, tig welded, stainless steel frame with anodized aluminum plate construction to provide durability in almost any packaging environment. The modular design lets you start with just a cap tightener and easily add capabilities when you need them. Conveyor disposable plastic cap crown capper machine applies and torques caps into containers. It's suitable for various materials and figure containers. Such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, and metal bottles. If we want to change different materials or figure bottles and caps for tightening, we do not need to change any components. We just adjust the position of several components. No bottle no cap falling. Conveyor disposable plastic cap crown capper machine, conveyor, cap screw parts, bottle clamping strap can be conversion adjusted to meet the tightening requirements for various bottles and caps. The machine is made of good type stainless steel, also applied to GMP standard requirement. (custom-tailoring diversified for special specification ) Product features of cap crown capper machine 1. Power height adjustment.Comprehensive universal cap chute and escapement. 2. Hand-wheel operated. 3. Gripper Belt height and width adjustment. 4. Variable speed AC motors 4,6 or 8. 5. Spindle Wheels Spindle Wheel adjustment knobs, with lock nut handwheel. 6. No change parts required for a wide range of containers. Sanitary 304 stainless steel driveshafts and adjustment support shafts. 7. Conveyor disposable plastic cap crown capper machine uses a stainless steel chain plate as the conveyor belt, which is reliable in operation and simple in adjustment. 8. Using the principle of synchronous chain plate gland can be anti-counterfeit for various plastics 9. The lid is capped without any scratches. 10. The body is made of stainless steel, beautiful appearance. 11. Fix the conveyor line device at the rack to prevent the problem of shifting the conveyor line after working for a long time.
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Since the pollution caused by agriculture planting is getting worse, and the arable land is reducing, the soilless culture, with many advantages, is more and more in people`s graces in the world. The advantages of the greenhouse with the hydroponic growing system: safe, saving land and water, saving labor, saving fertilizer and pesticide, high yield and high quality, not subject to natural climate condition, no continuous cropping obstacle. Commercial greenhouse with the hydroponic growing system is a form of hydroponics that is known for its simplicity, reliability of operation, and low initial investment cost. When pots are filled with an inert medium which does not function directly like soil that contribute nutrition to the plants, but which as a temporary reserve of water and solvent mineral nutrients in the anchors the roots. The hydroponic solution alternately floods is allowed to ebb away. Commercial greenhouse with the hydroponic growing system is now widely used in commercial greenhouses. It is a system of agriculture that utilizes nutrient-laden water rather than soil for plant nourishment. Because it does not require natural precipitation or fertile land to be effective, it presents people who are living in arid regions with a means to grow food for them and profit. Also, the technique can be used in rooftop farming and therefore is very useful in areas with limited space such as urban areas. Features of the greenhouse with the hydroponic growing system Structure Material: Stainless steel / Hot-galvanized steel Structure Date : Nornally in 400 cm * 125 cm * 180cm , L= 400cm / 600cm or Customized Channel Material : Food Grade PVC-U Flat Channel ( 5 lays / 10 channels) Commercial greenhouse with the hydroponic growing system channel Date : In 50 mm * 30mm * 2000mm L=2m / 4m / 6m / 8m Hole : 25 holes per Channel (4m) in 45 mm matched with 3 # / 5# Net Pots Parts : Outlet Timer / Pump / Water Tank and Pipe / Net Pots and Foams What can plants? Leaf Vegetables : Lettuce / Celery Cabbage / Cabbage / Spinacia / Celery / Oilseed Rape / Amaranth and so on Fruits and Vegetables: Strawberry / Eggplant / Tomato / Green and Red Bell Pepper / Sword Bean / Green Bean / Balsam Pear / Pumpkin / Cucumber and the Big White Gourd and so on.
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Peanut huller threshing groundnut sheller machine is a medium-sized peanut shelling device. Since it was put into the market, it has been well received by users. The product has the characteristics of simple use, high production efficiency, low cost, and good cleaning effect. A 1.5kw three-phase motor or a 2.2kw single-phase motor can be installed as needed. Peanut huller threshing groundnut sheller machine is a small size peanut sheller machine and can get 200kg peanut kernels per hour. A new type of groundnut sheller machine is a perfect tool for home use. We have exported many peanut sheller machines to other countries and all receive good feedback from our customers. You have flexible options about its engine such as motor, gasoline engine, or diesel engine. We have 2 year warranty time and can provide free service during this time. Introduction of groundnut sheller machine 1. 6BHX series large peanut shelling unit consists of two parts: a peanut cleaning machine and a peanut shelling machine. It adopts the combination of a closed screen box and a special fan to realize the suspension sorting. 2. Peanut huller threshing groundnut sheller machine is the most ideal equipment for peanut processing households. The structure of groundnut sheller machine 1. Peanut huller threshing groundnut sheller machine is composed of a host frame, the main feeding hopper, four rollers with left and right spiral plates, four cages, three motor, a sorting screen box, a rear fan, a secondary feeding fan, a two-roll feeding air duct, pipes, and other components. 2. Changing the cage on the side is a historical breakthrough about sheller. The stem system setting reduces functional consumption. It can protect the internal structure and transmission of the sheller. At the same time, it improves work efficiency and makes the machine easier to operate, more environmentally friendly. Advantages of groundnut sheller machine 1.The high degree of automation, efficient, simple. 2.High output, high shelling rate, high cleaning rate. 3.low breakage rate, low loss rate. 4.Environmental and durable. 5. The equipment is suitable for different types of peanut shells in different areas.
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Commercial hydroponics glass greenhouses are luxurious, elegant, and permanent. They are usually for commercial, research, and luxury custom eco-park design. When you are inside of a glass greenhouse, the clarity of the glass will make you feel as if you are surrounded by your own cultivated paradise. This alone is enough reason for so many gardening enthusiasts to choose glass over a PC sheet or plastic film for a greenhouse. The frame of a hydroponics glass greenhouse Commercial hydroponics glass greenhouse for tomato vegetable frame is made by the materials of hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, connected by screws, bolts, or suitable connectors. The roof can be pitched roof (supported by rectangular tubes) or arched roof (supported by circular tubes). The uprights of the greenhouse are made by the rectangular tubes. The frame structure is anti-corrosion and high-temperature resistant. Covering materials of a hydroponics glass greenhouse Commercial hydroponics glass greenhouse for tomato vegetable is available on the roof or the side of the greenhouse, the thickness of which can be 4mm or 5mm.and the glass greenhouses are luxurious, elegant, and permanent. The clarity of the glass will make you feel as if you are surrounded by your own cultivated paradise. This alone is enough reason for so many gardening enthusiasts to choose glass over a PC sheet or plastic film for a greenhouse glazing. For Light deprivation greenhouse, Skyplant has 3 main series: EU model multi-span film greenhouse: European design, modern appearance, foundation needed, can meet advanced growing needs EM model: economical multi-span, no foundation needed, satisfy basic growing needs) TU: single tunnel Single span light deprivation greenhouse -European structure, single tunnel span commercial film greenhouse for agriculture Feature of a hydroponics glass greenhouse Commercial hydroponics glass greenhouse for tomato vegetable modern appearance, special designing structure, high intensity, easy assembly, a single film is suitable for the tropic area while the air-inflated film is suitable for the frigid area. Structural Characteristics of a hydroponics glass greenhouse Gothic roof structure, span: 8M/9.6M, section: 4M /5M. Gutter height: 3-5M, top height: 5.5-7.5M. The framework's structure is assembled by prefabricated parts. All main parts are hot dipping galvanized after processing with zinc cover 275G/M2 in order to avoid any rust. Covering is 3 layers extruding film, the outer layer has the function of dustproof and the inner layer anti-dripping; UV block treatment
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Capacity vacuum packing machine is featured automatic processing of vacuuming, sealing, cooling, which is used in vacuum packing of food, pharmaceutical aquatic, chemical and electronics industries. It can prevent the products from oxidization and mildew, as well as corrosion and moisture, keeping the quality and freshness and prolonging the storage time. Description of capacity vacuum packing machine 1.The material of Main Structure: 304 stainless steel. 2. Electrical requirement and plug could be custom according to customer requirements. 3. The products can be prevented from oxidation, going mold, insects, or getting damp, thus can be kept fresh for a longer time. 4. Can finish the whole programs of vacuum extraction, gas flushing (optional), sealing, cooling, and exhaust automatically. 5. Lid Gasket: The vacuum chamber lid gasket made of high-density material guarantees the sealing performance of the machine in routine work. Features of capacity vacuum packing machine 1. It's suitable for work at the relatively narrow site or needs to move the site frequently; 2. Easy to operate, just need to press the vacuum chamber cover, then press the set procedure to complete the vacuum pumping; 3. Capacity vacuum packing machine after being packed in vacuum, the product is well protected against oxidation, mildew, moth-eaten and damp, thus extending the storage period of the product; 4. The vacuum chamber is made of transparent plexiglass to monitor the whole vacuum pumping process; 5. It also has DZ-300T, DZ-400T. The vacuum chamber is quite larger. Application of capacity vacuum packing machine This Capacity vacuum packing machine is applicable for vacuum packing of food, grain, fruit, pickle, preserved fruit, chemical medicine, medicinal materials, electronic elements, precise instrument, rare metal, etc. In the form of liquid, solid, powder, or paste by using plastic film or plastic aluminum foil film. It can prevent the packed products from oxidating, mildewing,worm-eating, rotting or damping, and prolong the shelf period. It especially applies to industries as tea, food, medicine, shop and research institute,etc.and has features like a beautiful outline, compact structure, high efficiency, and simple operation, etc.
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Rockwool, a lightweight hydroponic substrate is made from spinning molten basaltic rock into fine fibers which are then formed into a range of cubes, blocks, growing slabs, and granular products. Because Rockwool and other stone or mineral wools used in horticulture originate from rock, they are considered by many to be a natural product. Rock wool hydroponic tomato growing system is a widely utilized substrate in commercial horticulture for the production of crops as diverse as tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries, herbs, and cut flowers; however it can also easily be used by smaller hydroponic growers wanting to take advantage of improved root zone technology. Rock wool hydroponic tomato growing system -Hydroponic rock wool for agriculture has characters of excellent stability, nontoxic, and nonpollution. Rock wool hydroponic tomato growing system is an important base material in modern agriculture suitable for industrialized planting of vegetables, fruits, and flowers, etc. -Rock wool hydroponic tomato growing system combined with drip irrigation and other modern technology, the product can enhance the growing speed, improve the efficiency and quality of the crops and reduce the production cost Benefits of using Rockwool for growing 1. It has a large water retention capacity, and also holds sufficient air. It holds a lot of water which gives you an advantage against power or equipment failures. And it also holds 18 - 25% air which gives the root system ample oxygen so long as the media is not completely submerged. 2. It is available in multiple sizes and shapes for various hydroponic applications. Everything from 1" cubes to huge slabs. 3. Rock wool hydroponic tomato growing system is also durable, it doesn't readily fall apart or break down. 4. Insect Free.
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Easy operation small hard candy making machine is expected to compact granulated and powdered ingredients into tablet, which is polularly applied to trial production and small-batch production in pharmaceutical factories, chemical plants, food factories, hospitals, research and development institution, and laboratory. Easy operation small hard candy making machine is characterized by excellent performance, high applicability, convenient application, undemanding maintenance, small volume, lightweight, and hand-operated function in power-off. Only in this way can a pair of dies be filled in the machine in which the depth of ingredients filled and the thickness of the tablet are adjustable. It is suitable for compacting Chinese and Western tablets in the pharmaceutical industry and pressing a variety of similar products in other industries, and customers welcome it deeply. Characteristics of hard candy making machine The small hard candy making machine is a combination of filling jam pump, batch roller, bracing, mold forming, crumb collector, cooling cabinet, it can be up to synchronization level of Europe high speed and advanced candy equiepments , its main parts (filling candy forming machine, mold for European) can mutually exchange between them, this full automatic filling jam hard candy production line is the best equipment for producing hard candy. Easy operation small hard candy making machine is designed for pressing tablets from various granular materials for use in pharmaceuticals, various chemicals, food products, and a host of other uses. Typically it can be found in hospitals,science research institutions and is used for trial manufacturing in labs to produce small to medium production amounts of different kinds of tablets. Advantages of hard candy making machine 1.PLC/computer process control available; 2.An LED touch panel for easy operating; 3. The standard production capacity is from 150kg/h to 1200kg/h; 4. The main parts are made of hygienic Stainless Steel; 5.Optional(mass) flowing controlled by Frequency inverters; 6.In-line injection, dosing and pre-mixing technique for the proportional addition of liquid; 7. Dosing pumps for the automatic injection of colors, flavors, and acids; 8."Two-color stripe depositing", "two-color double layers depositing", "central filling", "clear" "butterscotch" "sugar-free" hard candies, etc. can be made. 9. Moulds can be made according to the candy samples provided by the customer.
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Sweet Lollipop Making Machine is the automatic ball shape lollipop forming machine, and it can make the stuck plug into the lollipop automatically. It can produce different specifications ball lollipop, oblate lollipop, and so on. The Sweet Lollipop Making Machine is consisted of the vacuum sugar cooking machine, batch roller, rope sizer, forming machine, hoister, cooling cabinet, packing machine, and so on, can produce monochrome, two-color, multicolor lollipop. Electrical integration control of the whole production line, easy to control the operation, large output, high efficiency, no waste of sugar, is the ideal equipment to produce the great lollipop candy. Sweet Lollipop Making Machine is designed based on the hard candy depositing line with more than 20 years' candy depositor fabricating experience. The 4th generation GD series lollipop depositing line is an upgraded machine against 3rd generation one. It is an advanced equipment that can continuously produce various kinds of lollipops under strict sanitary conditions. It consists of vacuum continual candy boiler, jam pump, batch roller, rope sizer,forming machine, crumb absorber, cooling cabinet(can be equipped according to the consumers’ request),and it is the equipment for large, middle, small candy enterprises to produce spherical, oval and other shape candy. our product has advantages such as reasonable structure superior function pleasant appearance, reliable performance and so on, it will convenient your work and help you to attain the utmost profit. Application of Sweet Lollipop Making Machine The Sweet Lollipop Making Machine is specially designed to produce ball or flat lollipops, such as single-color, 2-color, striped lollipops, layered lollipops, etc. The line offers high output, good quality of products, automatic operation, and high levels of production efficiency. The line is continuously depositing syrup from Microfilm Cooker at final moisture into metal molds. This makes candies have a smooth surface finish and good taste. Sticks are placed accurately by an automatic stick putting device or inserted straightly by an automatic stick insertion device.
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Description of Electric Mini Fish Cake Maker Machine High Quality Electric Mini Fish Cake Maker Machine Smooth power control knows, easily adjusting the power and temperature. Cost-effective gas/electric heating unit, bring a high effect with lower consumption. Electric Mini Fish Cake Maker Machine is stainless steel with cast aluminum mold, double heating. One cycle makes 6pcs fish cake in 3-5 minutes. With non-stick Teflon layer, easy to operate and clean, double sides heating .also has Regular reminders. Raw material:Flour, milk(,cream,refined sugar,egg,sodabaking powder,salt,butter,water. Features of Electric Mini Fish Cake Maker Machine Note: Power apply:220v50hz, if need change power, pls let me know. Note Electric Mini Fish Cake Maker Machine total 8pcs different mold, if need more mold, pls contact me. 1. Electric Mini Fish Cake Maker Machine can produce different shape products through changing different molds, such as fish shape, walnut shape, pine nut shape, penguins shape, elephant shape, beer shape, and other shapes. 2. Also can produce different flavors through filling different stuff, such as chocolate taste, strawberry taste, mango taste and so on.
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Soilless Cultivation Aeroponics Cultivation is based on the use of light carbonaceous materials such as peat moss or forest-rotated leaf, vermiculite, a substrate for planting seedlings, allowing the plant roots to be in direct contact with nutrient solution, and mechanized and precision seeding of modern seedling raising techniques. Introduction of Soilless Cultivation Aeroponics Cultivation Soilless Cultivation Aeroponics Cultivation fertigation irrigation cultivation using an advanced computer, industrial automation, and internet of things technology, according to the law of fertilizer demand at different growth stages of crops, using all-water-soluble fertilizer as raw material, accurately controlling the proportion of nutrients, and accurately formulating the liquid formula fertilizer required for various crops, according to needs. Quantitative automated fertilization. Advantages of Soilless Cultivation Aeroponics Cultivation 1. Can achieve the computer, mobile phone APP remote control ; 2. Quantitative irrigation and fertilization; 3. Real-time monitoring of water and fertilizer ratio; 4. Soilless Cultivation Aeroponics Cultivation fully improve nutrient utilization; 5. Temperature control wet control, simple operation; 6. Internet interface, fertilizer, soil EC / PH detection sensor intelligent detection; 7. Integrated controller, water pump, EC/PH detection system, and multiple solenoid valve control. The external switch is safe and easy to operate; 8. Scientific fertilization method, fertilizer water can be recycled; 9. The use of a wide range of environments, orchards, greenhouses, horticulture and other planting sites can be used; 10. The structure of the fertilizer applicator is stable and reliable, corrosion-resistant, and rust-proof. There is no external leakage of electromechanical equipment. Long service life, parts can be assembled, good interoperability.
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Dough Mixer Machine the belts imported from the United States is 10 times more durable than domestic belts. Using well-known brand motors, double-acting and double-speed can save at least 40% of the time. The average blender takes 20 minutes, and this blender only takes 12 minutes. Adopt French bearings, noiseless, and abrasion-resistant. The electronic component: Schneider (France) Dough Mixer Machine noodle bucket is made of 304 stainless steel, which is completed by the drawing process. Motor overload protection. High quality Schneider appliance switches included. The automotive spray painting avoids fading for years. The tin bronze gear maintains good wear-resistance. The ETL wiring connection facilitates the device maintenances. The pure copper motor provides stable performance, high torque, and low noise. The premium grease seal ensures seamless sealing and prevents oil leakage. Cover opening protection and Bowl Sliding protection ensure the operator’s safety. The non-welding brushed stainless steel bowl adopts a one-step molding technique and enhances durability. Technology& Advantages of Dough Mixer Machine - Manual or micro-computer controlling panel. - The surface is made of stainless steel. The body is made in cast iron that the machine is within a stable working environment. - Dough Mixer Machine all parts touching food ingredients are made in S/S to meet the requirement of International Food Standard. - With emergency stop function when opening the safe-guard.
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Introduction of Greenhouse Cover Material Greenhouse cover material is well known as greenhouse cover or greenhouse roof cover. It as made of 3 layers co-extrusion by a blow molding machine. The most obvious features are it has a high light transmittance (≥95%) and it can add some functions such as anti-fog, anti dripping, anti-dust for customer’s options. Diffusion film also supplied. Widely used in greenhouse, agriculture harvest film, construction film, cover goods. Advantage of Greenhouse Cover Material Woven fabric cover film is made of HDPE woven fabric inside with both sides waterproof LDPE lamination coated with UV stabilizer. The Scattered light makes the fruits and plants get even sunlight. It’s higher tensile strength makes it hard to be torn out, and the life span is over 2 times than the blow molding film. Greenhouse cover material also called reinforced laminated cover, widely used in greenhouse cover, fruit tree tent cover for cherry, cargo cover, rolling curtain for poultry house, etc. Our advantage 1. Area of more than 60,000 square meters. 2. Has more than 20 sets of large and medium-sized advanced blow molding equipment, 50 engineers, 100 employees. 3. The annual production capacity of 30,000 tons. 4. 24 hours quality inspection and sampling inspection during production, final inspection before shipment. 5. It's one of the top ten brands of Chinese agricultural film.