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among May 22nd ambition be held attach apt sing travel"scrapbook autograph conference in Shenzhen coastal city plaza plus G-SHOCK pen,chance dear people afresh plus Bibi close neighbor not apt be missed! Always leading the fashion trend of Zhou Bichang, as early as the debut was caused a
,surrounded May 22nd want be held attach apt sing travel"scrapbook autograph conference among Shenzhen coastal metropolis plaza and G-SHOCK pen,accident dear folk afresh and Bibi close adjoin never apt be missed! Always leading the fashion trend of Zhou Bichang,Discount watch, as early as the debut was caused a African box"ventilation until today,also tin be seen immediately both juvenile plus age black framed.

watches endorsement star Zhou Bichang aspiration be held with the fans album"singing to peregrination discern the star spokespersons since 2005

super girl runner up puritanical debut by far Bibi has won the domestic sales winner as five continuous years,plus the mainland singer best Asian As the only participate in the "2011 global advertising theme" singer,merely won the maximum advertising quantity contribution star", since 2006 to add the green civilization by far Zhou Bichang went from never as profit,merely talk not invariable with their image advertising,namely the only and never to the interests of the artists as the entertainment. And Bibi's, the tide of the aboriginal namely invariable with the G-SHOCK "AbsoluteToughness" trend. The G-SHOCK Zhou Bichang launched Shenzhen signature activities,want likewise set off a tide of cyclone among the regional
Appearance chart G-SHOCK
of this campaign namely the main diagram of the latest fashion watches have robust lusty extravaganza wealthy plus brilliant colors. Get amid the van Zhou Bichang singing peregrination"scrapbook plus 1st signature qualifications in the action that day can purchase G-SHOCK/Baby-G see by the specified Casio shops full 1090 yuan pen darling friends,amuse visit the G-SHOCK website plus micro-blog understanding,Rado R5.5 Watches.

reflect your personality apt grasp the trend of dynamic, Zhou Bichang and you encounter among the G-SHOCK trend feast!

· Zhou Bichang all the girls as flower girl team the

· Chinese 1st Yangcheng "Kai Chang Zhou Bichang coming PK

· Zhou Bichang Show Luo Shanghai sings Choral "lost you" www.lvrolexshopping,new rado

· tall >
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        tag heuer legend hour 40000 kilometers, 15 city, which lasted 8 months, a round the world grand luxury adventure. Monaco, Milan, Budapest,tag heuer calibre 1887 replica, Warsaw, India, Poland, Moscow's Red Square in New Delhi, he went all stars. The avant-garde luxury


TAG Heuer legendary timepiece -- 40000 km, 15 city, which lasted 8 months, a round the world grand luxury adventure.   luxury shop sale

Monaco, Milan, Budapest, Moscow, Warsaw, India New Delhi Poland Red Square...... He went all stars. The avant-garde luxury mobile phone, environmental protection electric power commemorative edition Tesla supercar, the more heavy the debut of the classic luxury timepiece...... In TAG Heuer legendary timepiece (TAG Heuer) Odyssey pioneer global tour exhibition. This world tour, also brought the world a time travel, share 1.5 century luxury time. luxury shop sale

luxury shop sale

[TAG Heuer Odyssey pioneer global tour starting site] luxury shop sale

  luxury shop sale


luxury shop sale

luxury shop sale

[Leonardo attended the Odess pioneer global tour starting ceremony] luxury shop sale


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luxury shop sale

[TAG Heuer Chronograph legend Exhibition - New Delhi; tag heuer CEO Jean-Christophe Babin and all the stars] luxury shop sale

 ,Patek Philippe Watches; luxury shop sale

[TAG Heuer held in Budapest,PANERAI Boutique Editions Watches, the party]

luxury shop sale

  [Odyssey pioneer world tour

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"we don't want to have this anniversary only for themselves, we want to share with the buyer let them likewise to participate surrounded our history, and what extra meaningful than this?" Swiss Tissot (Tissot) recordThe host process
Tissot see exhibition,amid truth The viewer into Tissot history in the meantime is likewise looking before apt the hereafter For me,love the past and innovative mutation is quite important with this connection to seek innovation among the radical amount This remark Tissot's prevalent president Mr. Tian Bao, mean Tissot among passion across the stroll in due time ambition never stop

wants apt share, and customer don't want apt put this anniversary only for yourself. Let him also to participate among our history, what better than this accessory meaningful? Swiss Tissot (Tissot founded 150 anniversary celebration, the naught distance interactive fashion movado repository exhibition Tissot universal chancellor Mr. Tian Bao (Mr. Fran? Oi Thi é baud gives such a easy only entirely the reason. This month 19 days within Shanghai East building began Tissot movado repository exhibition, a Tissot with a history of 150 years amid 36 monumental art This classical sections, such for duration Gallery,prodigious transmission Tissot brand saga,in array apt cater dinner for all the viewers.

Tissot was nativity among Lekele Ke (Le Locl an within the Jurassic of Luoshan and the French border, 1853. Only 8500 residents of the Swiss town. In 150 years,ralph lauren stirrup watch, Tissot with its exquisite craftsmanship and profound cultural connotation, and innovative morale among the world surrounded the radical,hublot oceanographic 1000 replica, altar desk established unshakable position. Today, Tissot has across five continents, won extra than 150 countries love table acclaim

likewise conveys a kind of culture and a sense of history: accurate Tissot apt convey apt the globe the exact period Innovation,gallant even critical culture; calm chilly sense of history. Tissot taken 150 years grave,never exaggerated,merely likewise aboard the texture of the manner,for his craft and draft enduring, Xijinqianhua,forever customers worldwide recognition. In outlook of Tiansuo accessory namely the winner of the 2001 European Footballer of the yearly Mike? Erwin (Michael Owen like since the beginning of 1998, Erwin and Tissot accident attached to,for its image diplomat Known as the international football,omega dark side of the moon replica, Erwin prefer apt clothes watch is of lesson the chronometer credible Tissot also prefer Erwin, a >
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full of sweet air of Valentine's Day namely coming, how can we linger aboard this special day shared meaningful memories. Chocolate,Versace women Watches, flowers,richard mille buba watson replica,alternatively a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day is not enough Creative fashion wristThe outer packing namely
specially made is the sorcery paperback The external carton cover never only with a tremendous VOODOO LOVE words,apt spouse steal magic Doll"odd personality. There are tremendous white adore substrate. The media is a pair of voodoo dolls: chap kneeling in front right thing to collect her a lot with heart-shaped fine needle into love In addition apt discern box and an imitation handmade double red linen dolls,one side is among black sewing the boys; the additional side is the red line sewing the girls. Want to tell a wish no problem, it comes with five heart-shaped arrows plastic pin in the love reaction zone corresponds apt Also close apt Valentine card team ruddy convenient you write a megalopolis full of adore language.

how to linger surrounded this special daytime shared meaningful memories. Chocolate, flowers, full of sweet ventilation of Valentine's Day namely coming. Or a romantic dinner aboard Valentine's Day is not enough Creative fashion watches and Pearl Swatch style this special with a odd wizardry voodoo toy as you apt actors sorcery of worship not stuff you have loved the fiery half,alternatively worship others, can win win sweetheart center riding aboard the wings of respect romance into two.

made the preferential steal magic Doll"completely captured you

is revise this annual has been well received onward the fans admire Valentine's Day special packaging. In addition to the lover's sweet, more bravery apt multiplication the ingenious elements,tag heuer calibre 1887 replica, which originated from the Africa odd voodoo faith into fashion diagram a palace sorcery boundless embezzle sorcery Doll "Valentine's Day special watches and special packaging. Want you apt always be your fans get confused and disoriented!

translucent jelly plastic belt favor tweens lovers love seems to be lacking a morsel viscous and not so sticky attitude of love; and clasp with bright plastic rings, the ruddy the JELLY IN JELLY array of special watches. Expression of new-new generation fearless and worship love mood. The six o'clock position belt,afterward there namely a ruddy voodoo doll; three put a spell heart-shaped directional instantly median doll center,aboard benefit of wearing it
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        Mexico Calera Pan American road race and Monaco Grand Prix racing Formula One racing with legendary classic games. TAG Heuer gain inspiration and training brand and racing in blood from marriage, launched the name table

has been the practice of "temporary technical decision function,replica alhambra talisman watch, founded in 1860 by tag heuer. Function to inspire the design "concept, the measurement of time into a new height, so that the tag heuer became the model play a decisive role in Switzerland and the world in watchmaking avant-garde watchmaking spirit. The integration of advanced technology and the fashion trend of the tag heuer, concentrated source on the movement of dignity and elegance, and the real challenge sports self pursuit of victory, excellent quality "spirit established its own brand characteristics, from twentieth Century 20 time Olympic Games to the legendary Indy 500 racing new role, TAG Heuer eternal unremitting the pursuit of innovation and excellence that peak, the peak of popularity, from time to time to pursue higher goals, accord with various places advocating individuality, creative expression,bubba watson replica watch, moving the victory of people in daily life to wear. In 1999, TAG Heuer is the world's largest luxury goods group LVMH and Loui Vuitton-Moet Hennessi lvMH merger, become the core force in the world's fourth largest watch group, and formally entered the domestic market in 2002 July.

launched the same watches, Mexico Calera Pan American road race and the Monaco Grand Prix racing Formula One racing with the legendary classic games. TAG Heuer gain inspiration and training brand and sports car racing from the marriage of blood. Build Zhen Dian masterpiece. The spirit of sport Calera and Monaco classic series fusion excellent and noble aesthetic, with simple elegant style has won the favor of men. This year, TAG Heuer Calera and Monaco women's fashion watch series of pleasing appearance, the continuation of prestige, elegant, avant-garde design, brand core spirit, modern feminine and gentle and charming beauty of the perfect combination, clearly showed independent female temperament.


automatic chronograph model: CW2119.EB0017

add fashionable touch tag heuer. With the cowboy comfortable with, in the dust of history in the old fashion feeling deep modern women favor. Paris fashion designer Vincent Dupontreu produced exquisite hand sewn jeans are fashionable personage adored collection; denim strap TAG Heuer special invited Vincent Dupontreu design with fashion color. Nature and extensive decorated female freedom, free and easy,reviews for payek philippe 5116r, free, and with a little wild confident and elegant temperament, will feature watch pioneer sexy to play to the extreme. >

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        Gogreen! Due to the initial enthusiasm Oris designer for racing in the 1970's as a source of inspiration to create a new racing series table section: ChronorisGrandPrix '70 Limited Edition watch. For racing fans

Go green source for motorsport initial enthusiasm for


1970's first golden period, for racing activity;     Ori 1970's source of inspiration for designers to create a new racing series table section: Chronori Grand Prix 70 table of limits. For racing fans. At that time, racing concerns still simply focus on the game itself, as well as dazzling warm atmosphere.

dial on the meter on the circle,Hublot Masterpiece Watches,       this watch looks full of 70's classic style. Chronograph and date display performance, its retro design as the year. However, it is based on new technology and modern interpretation of a new watch table vitality, like F1 racing a full rich contemporary sense of flow lines. In addition, it also adds more power: the new machine with small second hand, timer and 42.50mm large watchcase watchcase (orange, 40mm and 2 timer display, including 10 minutes countdown performance, especially in British Racing Green to show the classic.

The new

Chronori adds to the second time zone display performance, the       in addition. The arrow special markers. And all this classic design under the new process, let the dream 30 years ago to possible. This limited list to carve a way 0001-1970 limited number, watchcase side and at six o'clock the edge. Chronori Grand Prix 70 limited edition watch: in precision process deduction Retro Design: it originated in the 70's,Replica Zenith Watches, the most pure passion for racing.

Ori Chronori Grand Prix 70 limited scale, multi plate stainless steel case, case diameter 42.5 mm, automatic mixing mechanical movement, accurate timing adjustment device and stop second device,replica , TAG HEUER Carrera Carbon Matrix Composite Concept Chronograph men Watch, >

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--> today,when ERP becomes the company informatization "pronoun"much enterprises always confused -- what the relationship between informatization plus enterprise profit is what? Indeed, ERP amid the abatement of inventory, has played a colossal character apt amend the flow of resource efficiency,plus ER
--> today,while ERP becomes the corporation informatization "pronoun"many enterprises all confused -- what the relationship between informatization plus company profit namely what? Indeed, ERP among the diminution of inventory, has played a tremendous temperament apt edit the flow of resource efficiency,and the applying of prototype ERP relative standard not merely apt improve the enterprise management,5204P-010,likewise created a management software industry,merely from the internationalization of management theory,company profit comes mainly from two aspects,longines l2.733.4.02.2 ܧڧ, the four dimensions: external revenue (1- dilate current customers and old customers, 2-) internal rate of return (3- lower operating costs 4- to hasten the chief turnover duration In the enterprise below the conditions of limited resources is the input to surrounded whichever dimension the dimension of which temporarily placed,namely a strategic problem that every company have to muse.grace watches
CRM corporate profits derived 2011-6-15 Swiss watch brand synopsis the logic blueprint ERP amid the system namely the main support to upgrade the performance optimization of the internal management of enterprises, it helps enterprises statistics, reasonable allocation of resources,amend operational efficiency,dwindle management costs, from the enterprise's internal made clear synopsis of the work For instance the price management module within ERP, the enterprise including marketing costs,fix costs, management costs are recorded among detail plus integrated inquiry table according apt the amount of the month alternatively daily log enterprises tin be analyzed exactly how much of the mall development costs are wasted,discount tourbillon watches, what equipment ought be scrapped, the subsistence of duplicate management.refinement watches

plus as some non orthodox manufacturing industry, especially in the financial,dissemination service, such as customer merit mining is the opener source of profits of enterprises,but likewise includes some aisle big FMCG enterprises, ERP apt assistance them gain more profits would never be evident Business network Chinese released a set of data by the beginning of 2007, enterprises apt retain 5% of the age customers, profit up 100%; current purchaser development price is 5-8 times to retain age customers cost a lost buyer price is 5-8 times the amount of developing current customers; enterprises 20% of the tall merit customers 80% profit,enterprise 80% low merit customers bring 20% of the profits; the success rate of sales add of 10%, profit up 30%; amend go efficiency 10%, profit up 25%; most of the enterprises have 50% marketing costs are wasted; lessen the price of forever sales are 100% pure profit; funds or goods turnover period namely shortened according 15%, profits upgrade watches

along with the mall championship increasingly >
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        in fact, I am not didn't love you, but love too deep, fear that they will be stuck, finally unable to extricate themselves so, only choose to give up, perhaps this is not the best way,hublot red magic ferrari 44mm, also cannot get the best outcome, however, I can do only these, I give

actually, I'm not didn't love you, but love too deep, fear that they will be stuck, finally unable to extricate themselves so, only choose to give up, perhaps this is not the best way, also cannot get the best outcome,hublot MP 02 key of time watches replica, however, I can do only these, I gave you my own, but didn't give you what you want, I can not give you happiness, why should we then clinging to you? luxury watches

Mens watch brand ranking person only residual smile blog, mens watch brand ranking but, I feel like a trap, accidentally fell into it, but too want to come out, go out, come out after the discovery, it is better than the outside, but when you think about it, the trap has been be exalted, cannot go back...... luxury watches

all this pain, is my hand cause, my own happiness, want to have to wait, I can only choose to leave with extreme way, perhaps leave will let me forget, not be so hurt luxury watches

I can't give things,FORMULA 1 STEEL, CERAMIC AND DIAMONDS WAH1219.BA0859, I hope you can get luxury watches

in others

here, please allow me to call you baby, baby, remember, there was a man named Peng Yi, he loved you luxury watches

now as a friend, I hope you can remember me, remember I love you luxury watches

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        unified USA railway time in history for the creation of the inspiration of BALLWatch brand, to praise the past glorious deeds,Replica Patek Philippe Watches, this year we long to a 1930 production of antique BALLWatch8

luxury watches

luxury watches

for inspiration to the brilliant history

to praise the brand over the past glorious deeds, BA LL Watch created the United American railway time. This year I long to a 1930 production of antique BA LL Watch 8,hublot ferrari limited edition replica watches, kinetic energy storage clock as inspiration,review hamilton face to face watch, the launch of the Trainmast Cleveland Express - a classical elegant Observatory watch. Cleveland Express was the New York Central Railroad (New York Central Railroad's series of American busiest village in New York and is located in the central region of the bustling when Clif Lancaster, which is the birthplace of bridge BA LL Watch. At the beginning of the last century, Cleveland Express every day for 50 years will repeatedly between these two great country. luxury watches

luxury watches

Trainmast Cleveland Express luxury watches

core ETA 2836-2 automatic chain,       stainless steel. Display, minutes and seconds, date, week, earthquake 5000G mirror sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover, table diameter 41mm waterproof 50 meters. luxury watches

luxury watches

classical essence come down in one continuous line luxury watches

Connected to a

precise pursuit the excellent accuracy and BA LL Watch brand spirit. The appearance of digital design and minute display outer vaguely revealed the classical spirit antique clock, Trainmast series case delicate slender is carried by the mechanical movement of Swiss Observatory certification. While the small time degree for BA LL Watch self luminous micro gas lamp, the There is nothing comparable to this the night reading performance. Slightly arched appearance with the sun light pattern, any angle reflecting glare. Its simple design is strong compared with metallic digital, Arabia digital thickness up to 0.4 mm more appearance to create a three-dimensional effect. Craftsmen in metal cutting and play >

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surrounded accessory to English plus Devin, the allowable website of the French edition of Oris has been officially launched. In accessory apt the production information namely affable within French see,fake hublot key,likewise additional the new desk section information: OrisTT3F1K Gold Limited Edition see
every week aspiration cater Ori globe plus the latest activities plus news. Also greet those who support the Ori French friends plus penetrate ahead to have accessory friends to use their own language apt the latest information to receive Ori,Calibre de Cartier. Ori legal website. Replica watches for sale
Official website of Ori
the French version has been officially launched,van cleef & arpels replica watch.amid accompanying apt English and Devin. Replica watches for sale

likewise adds a new desk partition information: Ori TT3 F1 K gold limited scale and Ori TT3 track the table of limits tin be watched in the meantime amid English, German, French, three edition.within accessory apt the production information easily outdoor the French watch Replica watches for sale
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        the 137 year history of the America jeans brand Levi's (Levis) in August to create a new brand is more suitable for Chinese figure "single Ning Zhen (Denizen)", new styles to cater to a certain economic strength, thought, fashionable Chinese consumers stomach

has 137 years of history American jeans brand Levi's (Levi 's) in August to create a new brand is more suitable for Chinese figure "single Ning Zhen (Denizen)", new styles to cater to a certain economic strength, thought,Cartier Watches, fashionable China consumer appetite.

Armani Ladies Watch Chinese into the second largest consumer of luxury goods manufacturers shouted to Chinese starting _ ladies watch brands, luxury goods manufacturers shouted: "to China starting!"

2004 Armani arrived in China held a conference of

at the same time, Chinese tourist consumption in Europe also increased. GlobalBlue data duty-free shopping company shows, this year 1 to October, Chinese tourists consumption rose by 99% over the same period. In the provision of tax services of high-end shopping malls,bentley b06 replica, this year the average transaction amount to $932.

with the continuous increase of national income, the rise of the middle class and consumer demand upgrading is the main factor driving sales of luxury goods Chinese growth.

said she, in a foreign country, luxury consumers are over the age of 40, while the domestic consumers to more young. In the report of the respondents, 55% of the age between 25-34 years old.

the World Luxury Association data show, in 2007 Chinese luxury consumption has amounted to $8000000000,richard mille rm027 replica watch, $8600000000 in 2008, and in 2009 has grown to $9400000000.


, the French luxury goods giant Hermes opened stores in Shanghai, designed to launch new brand "for Chinese market".

Rolex in 2006 to open its first store in

The new

brand new type in order to meet Chinese taste

2005 Patek Philippe stores in Shanghai

2000 Vacheron Constantin opened its first store in Wangfujing


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        2007 OMEGA Chinese Tour "Eagle Award China player Liu Junfeng, today put the player and club,Breguet Watches, OMEGA was invited to become the" 2007 OMEGA Mission Hills World Cup "in honor of the observer, through

today put the player and the club,luxuryshopsale, the 2007 OMEGA China Tour "Eagle Award China player Liu Junfeng. OMEGA was invited to become the "2007 OMEGA Mission Hills World Cup" in honor of observers, more to rare opportunity took pictures with the World Cup before departure.

www,high quality swiss luxury

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once a year within November nine 2006, Geneva senior watch contest (GrandPrixd
ask desk details: extra electronic ink.

luxury shop sale

once a anniversary Geneva senior watch contest (Grand Prix d'Horlogeri Swiss Grand Theatre surrounded Geneva held ten prizes are awarded along the jury selection, November 9 2006. Won the "2006 best electronic watch"gift of electronic ink desk SEIKO produced according the.refinement market bargain

luxury mart sale

SEIKO electronic ink desk

luxury mart sale

namely limited so this watch longing no longer produce this is the 1st time for SEIKO to win this gift plus was recognized aboard SEIKO electronic ink surface extraordinary advancement. SEIKO electronic ink canvas is made the world's first electronic ink technology watch, a new milepost history SEIKO altitude electronic watches manufacturing technology,Franck Muller Watches. The electronic ink museum for the first period table is 2005 annual Basel Watch Fair,Breguet Watches,and put on the mall among early 2006. And the same update products being planned.

luxury shop sale

plus by anybody point of outlook tin show utter In addition, this watch adapt electronic ink technology,tin let the duration alternatively other data displayed surrounded the huge exhibit district The exhibit tin museum motley period parameters,Vacheron Constantin Quai de l'Ile watches, including and the backdrop mode,can use a cozy graphical glitz plus signs of a m and afternoon.

luxury mart sale

grace mart sale

approve the gift of the SEIKO watch company prevalent adviser Mr. Yoshino Shu. When received the medal from the 2005 Swiss miss hands, Yoshino said: refinement market bargain

last annual also introduced the SEIKO Spring Drive which marks the solid tread &n>
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last daily Japan SEIKO (Seiko) companies involved have driver Misaki Sato F1 combat team challenges and chase accurate and high quality". Because the F1 contest marks the pinnacle of mechanical innovation, objectively and company
activity an important symbol aboard the globe stage. Companies are acute to participate among motley sports timing and sponsorship, SEIKO founded surrounded 1881, Seiko) rectify precision and quality to transmit the precision period 124 years affair philosophy because the goal. Since the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games for accounting as more than 40 years afterward the 1st Seiko, SEIKO) likewise participated among the six Olympic Games,8 World Championships and hundreds of universal swimming, cycling events games for the weakness elegance mart bargain

elegance mart bargain

SEIKO of Japan Seiko) companies involved have driver Misaki Sato F1 combat team last yearly The challenge and the pursuit of accurate and high quality because the F1 contest marks the peak of mechanical innovation,VCARN9VJ00, objectively and corporate mark values are alike so the Japan Inc selected Takuma Sato for image ambassadors, interpretation of SEIKO Seiko) innovation and refining the concept of jot This daily,ROTONDE DE CARTIER HPI00412,among addition to and Misaki Sato cooperation, SEIKO Seiko) Company and B? A? R Honda has signed a universal partner accession refinement market bargain

refinement mart sale

yet he has become the main one of the teams. The 2004 season,Replica Piaget Watches, the B? A? R Honda team as the first duration in the F1 World Championship among 1999. Although only a short period of 6 years. B? A? R Honda column followed Ferrari thereafter, with 119 points ranked surrounded the constructors' standings in second area Jensen? Barton's list of the third agreeable grades, and Takuma Sato, train hand account eighth. B? A? R Honda team ambition be one of the most promising 2005 season crew elegance market bargain

elegance market sale
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        surface speed F1 camp has a Chinese face! Recently, the first Chinese F1 Racer Dong Hebin signing the tag heuer! Fashion and passion, speed and collision, F1 play is the heartbeat! TAG Heuer and Dong Hebin in the same time challenger, as the history of the

surface speed F1 camp has a Chinese face! Recently, the first Chinese F1 Racer Dong Hebin signing the tag heuer! luxury shop sale

fashion and passion, speed and collision, F1 play is the heartbeat! TAG Heuer and Dong Hebin in the same time challenger, as the first sponsorship Racer watch brand, have been racing 25 world champion hand wearing a tag heuer chronograph, wearing a tag heuer logo racing suit, helmet, won the champion throne.

luxury shop sale

luxury shop sale

['s first F1 Chinese rookie Dong Hebin outside the nest] luxury shop sale

luxury shop sale

[F1 is the first Chinese rookie Dong Hebin Heuer fans]

luxury shop sale

 ,Swiss movment; luxury shop sale

[TAG Heuer, Dong Hebin in the same time Challenger] luxury shop sale

 ,Chopard L.U.C Watches; luxury shop sale

luxury shop sale

['s first F1 Chinese rookie Dong Hebin favorite TAG Heuer]   ,Breguet Classique Watches;  

luxury shop sale

      in 2010, TAG Heuer