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Created 2014-04-26
Owner Lee
Title Manchester United exclusive watches
Description American watchmaking giant Bulova debut in 2014 in Basel 42nd International Watch Fair, and in March hosted the 28th annual cocktail party at the Diamond Museum in numerous watchmaking industry giants, managers and guests attended the feast of the mainstream media, while Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel and Denis Irwin also carry the Premiership trophy unveiled this second reception, with participants Bulova witnessed significant achievements in the new year and the wonderful collaboration with Manchester United. In the past 2013 years, Bulova ushered in the new global president and became Premiership giants Manchester United's official team timer sponsors and partners worldwide. At this year's Baselworld, Bulova brings is a new series of high-end Swiss omega replica watches - Bulova Accu · Swiss, as well as co-branded Manchester United's exclusive watches. Mr. Gregory Thumm.

Bulova company president said in his speech: In the past year, Bulova rewarding. In particular, we signed a sponsorship contract with Manchester United for three years, becoming the official Manchester United replica watches uk timer sponsors and partners worldwide. Although from different fields, but both have the same spirit of philosophy - innovation, challenge, passionate, dare to dream, dare to achieve. Able to celebrate together at the Basel International Watch Fair with representatives of partner United functionality of the old year, welcome benefit year, which makes us feel proud.

Bulova is thick with a wonderful history and heritage of the American brand, with its continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence in the field of watches made many contributions to promoting the development of the industry - - It creates the world's first hublot replica watches the production line, launched the world's first television advertisement Bulova time to run the United States. Its Bulova Accutron watch as the world's first true electronic watches, revolutionized the world of timekeeping way to provide unprecedented accuracy, they have been adopted and then Air Force One as the official state ceremony president. The technology has also been adopted by NASA, and for a number of space missions, including the Apollo moon landing, including. The Bulova with the same passion with centuries of history and enterprising spirit of the Premiership giants Manchester United to reach a global patek philippe replica partnership to vigorously expand the global market, will create more cross-border cooperation spark.

Bulova the latest Manchester United co-branded proprietary watches, belong Accu · Swiss series, in addition to stainless steel and titanium material 5, more pure 24K 999.9 Gold limited edition, customizable Manchester United club logo, which requires six months of booking period. Which watch miracle on engineering skills, this exhibition at the Basel International gucci replica Bulova Watch Fair booth attracted a lot of attention. Manchester United's exclusive watch design highly personalized, the tough campaign style hidden in minimalist designs, the Red Devils passion and beyond, Bulova innovative blend of quality and virtuosity in which watches are in. It is reported that Manchester United will be the exclusive watches into the Chinese market in the near future, bring the top products and experiences for China United fans watch enthusiasts.

as America's most prestigious watch brand, Bulova year will bring its new series of high-end Swiss-made Bulova Accu · Swiss force the Chinese market. Its historic heritage technology, superior watchmaking technology and unique design style will give China high-end louis vuitton outlet watch consumers a richer, more personalized products to choose from. ---
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