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Category Economy cars
Created 2021-03-02
Owner MMOruki
Title I haven't actually played Runescape in over 6 years
Description Hey, I haven't actually played Runescape in over 6 years, not since I was an addicted, brain-washed kid. My account was hacked because of RuneScape gold me being a silly novice at working mails, being unable to recognize a phishing email from a real one, but that's is irrelevant; I lost control of my account is what matters. At the moment, I was moving onto games such as World of Warcraft, and as such, I had little incentive to put effort into restoring my account. And therefore I didn't, I made it to the hacker. Furthermore, I decided to buy runescape 3 gold regain my account; a very simple task considering I'd overwhelming evidence surrounding the first 2 decades of this account.
Broken No
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