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Category Economy cars
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Created 2021-03-16
Owner gjsohcat Gcat
Title Safety And Environmental Protection
Description Overall,China's ultrafine vertical mill industry is still facing the future development of environmentally-friendly paint, safety and environmental protection, technological innovation, capital and market issues like that. (1) Carbon emissions of water-based paint, film quality, scale costs, construction tolerance and wastewater treatment of solvents; (2) Powder coatings related to biphenyl A epoxy resin, TGIC curing agent, construction energy consumption; (3) UV curing coatings related to high solvent content, active monomer varieties, cost, toxicity, wide range of construction; (4) The establishment of high-solid coating standards, government awareness, low-viscosity resin development. Therefore, in the course of development in the future, paint companies are facing relocation transformation, transformation and upgrading.
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