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Category Economy cars
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Created 2021-03-19
Owner gjsohcat Gcat
Title The Maintenance Of Ultrafine Vertical Mill
Description We come to ask experts to guide the maintenance of LUM ultrafine vertical mill equipment. Staff: Hello, I heard that you have been working in the milling equipment manufacturing industry for many years. You must be very researched on the maintenance of superfine mills, right? Expert: Hello, I can't talk about research, but because of the long working hours, some common problems can be solved easily. Staff: You are really humble. We are here to ask you about the issues that need attention in the maintenance of LUM ultrafine vertical mill equipment. I hope you can give some valuable opinions. Expert: The maintenance of LUM ultrafine vertical mill is not difficult to say, only the following aspects need to be done: Point: Before starting the equipment, pay attention to the fact that there is no material in the grinding cavity to ensure that the equipment is started without load to prevent the equipment from starting to work. This will cause great damage to the equipment. A long time will affect the service life of the equipment;
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