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Gardening is a wonderful pastime and one that can take place throughout the year if you have a greenhouse. However, these can take up a lot of energy when it comes to keeping them at optimal temperatures and running various devices and pumps within them. Recently, an increasing number of people in the gardening community has been investing in solar panels for their greenhouses, improving their environmental footprint and also keeping their plants happy and healthy. Principle of solar photovoltaic greenhouse Solar photovoltaic greenhouse adopts the technology of the groove type condenser, compared with the existing photovoltaic technology, solar photovoltaic panels area greatly reduces the need, the system has simple structure, low cost and is not subject to regional restriction, have very strong practicability, convenient for extensive promotion, breakthrough of the solution to China's agriculture land resources per capita, per capita water resources shortage, farmer's low income play a major The Advantages of solar photovoltaic greenhouse There are actually several benefits to transforming your greenhouse into one that is a solar photovoltaic greenhouse. Here they are for you to take a look at: 1. It lessens your carbon footprint and environmental impact on the planet 2. You can save money on heating your greenhouse and keep it at an optimal temperature. Usually, this is around 30-40% of your bill 3. It can actually lead to better-tasting fruits and vegetables throughout the year due to the natural source of energy 4. Helps you to build and maintain a consistently warm temperature and does not add heat to the area 5. They can be quite easy to install 6. If you select transparent solar panels, then they could actually work out cheaper than conventional ones 7. They can aid in cooling if designed and installed correctly 8. Anyone can use and operate the system as it is incredibly easy to learn 9. Requires little to no maintenance. The advance of solar photovoltaic greenhouse 1. Modern appearance, Venlo greenhouse structure 2. Solar photovoltaic greenhouse advance well-sealed aluminum gutter design for glass cover 3. Stable glass greenhouse structure, high intensity 4. Over 90% light transmission, fit for the area with less sunshine and cold winter 5. Hot SENZIMIR galvanization according to European standards Features of solar photovoltaic greenhouse 1.High quality steel structure and it can be in service for more than 10 years: main steel material is all hot-dip galvanized with excellent anti-corrosion effectiveness. 2.Solar photovoltaic greenhouse prefabricated structure. All the parts can be easily assembled on the spot with joining parts and bolts and nuts, without any welding points to damage the zinc coating on the material, which guarantees the optimal performance of anti-corrosion. 3.Extruding film has the function of dustproof ,anti-fog, anti-dripping,anti-aging,anti-mildew; UV block treatment. 4.Side ventilation (optional): Natural Ventilation on two sides, manually Controlled. Insect net is available.
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LUYI U Edible/cooking oil transport semi-trailer is applicable in the construction, agriculture, and recycling industries among many other areas. They come in different shapes and types. Therefore, you will have a variety based on your specific needs and requirements. The bucket is optimized for high loading volumes that range between 24 -60m3. More than that, the body is designed to tackle different challenges as would be needed on a daily basis. The tow bar is sufficiently strong to withstand towing forces needed during towing. The box type is rectangular in shape and is designed with less sophisticated features for your use. Edible/cooking oil transport semi-trailer oil tank Transporter diesel oil gas delivery trailer hot sales oil tank trailer also called fuel delivery trailer, asphalt tanker semi-trailer, hot diesel tank trailer, oil tanker trailer is suitable for transporting liquid cooking oil such as diesel, edible oil, heavy oil, coal tar, and non-petroleum products. The tank is equipped with multi-channel anti-wave bulkheads, which makes the tank body strong, stable and the vehicle carried safely and steadily. it can be made of carbon steel, aluminum alloy. stainless steel, The tank has built-in multiple reinforced wave partition plates, and the bottom of the partition plate has through holes to reduce the impact of bitumen in the tank during driving and improve the strength of the tank body. Edible/cooking oil transport semi-trailer mouth is located at the top of the tank body. There is a self-locking small cover above the large cover. The breathing valve is installed on the upper side of the large cover to ensure the same atmospheric pressure inside and outside the tank. The pump oil system is installed, and the power is taken from the transmission side through the power take-off device. Two fire extinguishers and special tools. Compared with ordinary Fuel tankers, the fuel tank trailer can effectively improve transport efficiency, and save fuel consumption. Main features of edible/cooking oil transport semi-trailer 1.High transport efficiency, ensuring the products will not deteriorate in the process of transportation. 2.Rational structure, safe and comfortable driving cab design. 3. Edible/cooking oil transport semi-trailer reasonable design, advanced technology, safety and reliability, energy-saving, and environmental protection. 4.Axles is a Chinese brand LUYI. 5.Secure connection and high safety.
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Household tabletop manual wheatgrass juice maker machine is a fabulous juicer at a very affordable price. The easy-to-use table mount makes the PD-SY-2 an ideal travel companion, as the juicer can be easily mounted on any table or kitchen countertop. The manual juice press is small and portable. Still, it is strong, sturdy, and the perfect choice for those who prefer juicy spinach, wheatgrass, or other leafy vegetables but do not want an electric juicer. A hand-operated juice press is also suitable for those who are on the road and want to eat healthily. Description of household tabletop manual wheatgrass juice maker machine Household tabletop manual wheatgrass juice maker machine operate by hand, you can make different fruit and leafy greens juice with it. Such as wheatgrass juice, apple juice, watermelon juice, grape juice, pear juice, carrot juice, cucumber juice, etc. Almost all kinds of vegetable juice and fruit juice.Easy to maintain. There are five kinds of juicers. Different fruits use different juicers. 1. The household tabletop manual wheatgrass juice maker machine is used for rich-fiber fruits and vegetables, like pineapples, apples, peppers, spinach, ginger, celery, cassava, and so on. 2. The drupe fruit juicer is used for stone fruits, like arbutus, cherry, peach, apricot and plum, and so on. Remove the core first, then squeeze the juice. 3. The roller press juicer is used for citrus which doesn't need to be peeled and pitted, such as kumquat, lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange. 4. The pulping machine is used for little seed fruits and berries, like tomato, kiwi, strawberry, mulberry, garlic, onion, dates, cherry, hawthorn, grapes, arbutus, etc. 5. There is a special machine for juicing or pulping passion fruit. Our household tabletop manual wheatgrass juice maker machine is your cost-effective choice.
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This Decorative aluminum profile creates a smooth transition between tile and another flooring surface of the same height as wood or carpet. Aluminum Tile Trim profile creates an attractive finished edge while protecting your tile from chipping. Manufactured from premium anodized aluminum, this profile features the integrated. Features of decorative aluminum profiles 1. Aluminum 6063 material 2. With anodized aluminum for housing 3. Available by opal, frost, and transparent diffuse PC Cover 4. 0.5m-3m is available to us 5. Up to width 11mm LED strip is allowed for this LED profile Advantages of decorative aluminum profiles 1.Corrosion resistance The density of Decorative aluminum profiles is only 2.7g/cm3, about 1 / 3 of that of steel, copper, or brass (7.83g/cm3 and 8.93g/cm3 respectively). Aluminum exhibits excellent corrosion resistance under most environmental conditions, including in air, water (or brine), petrochemicals, and many chemical systems. 2.Conductivity The Decorative aluminum profiles are often selected because of its excellent conductivity. On the basis of equal weight, the conductivity of aluminum is nearly 1 / 2 of that of copper. 3.Thermal conductivity The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is about 50-60% of that of copper, which is beneficial to the manufacture of heat exchangers, evaporators, heating appliances, cooking utensils, cylinder heads, and radiators of automobiles. 4.Nonferromagnetism Decorative aluminum profiles are nonferromagnetic, which is an important feature for the electrical and electronic industries. Aluminum profiles are not self-ignited, which is important for applications involving handling or contacting flammable and explosive materials. 5. Processability The machinability of the aluminum profile is excellent. In all kinds of wrought and cast aluminum alloys, as well as in the various states after the production of these alloys, the machining characteristics change greatly, which requires special machine tools or technologies. 6. Formability Specific tensile strength, yield strength, ductility and corresponding work hardening rate control the variation of allowable deformation. 7. Recyclability Decorative aluminum profiles is highly recyclable, and the properties of recycled aluminum are almost the same as that of primary aluminum.
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Cement truck powder tank semi-trailer body is made of high-quality steel, advanced technology, and strict production technology. The structure of the vehicle is reasonable, reliable, easy to operate, and beautiful. All parts are manufactured by famous manufacturers at home and abroad, and they are purchased, inspected, and used in strict accordance with the requirements of quality system documents to ensure the good performance of the vehicle. The Cement truck powder tank semi-trailer body and main beam: cutting by the laser cutter and welding by laser positioning welding machine, good quality with beautiful welding. The thickness is designed to depend on the loading capacity of the trailer and road condition. The common material is Q345, 5mm or 4mm thickness. Cement truck powder tank semi-trailer is used for the transportation of dry powder materials such as fly ash, cement powder, lime powder and mineral powder, and pneumatic unloading. As is known to all, the remainder and discharge speed are very important to the bulk cement tank container semi-trailer. Under the pressure of 0.2MPa, the average unloading rate of the cement tanker is not less than 1.2t/min of our bulker, and the Remainder rate less than 0.05 tons. Feature of cement truck powder tank semi-trailer 1. Loading rate >98% fully filling 2. Residual rate <0.3% 3. Delivery height >15m suitable most silo 4. Faster unloading >1.5ton/min save fuel 5. The tank body and chassis are made of durable high-strength steel. 6. We design high-performance and economical configurations according to the special requirements of African markets. 7. This design emphasizes safety and durability. Shock resistant, off-road, multiple reinforcement points, ABS and sensitive brakes Advantage of cement truck powder tank semi-trailer 1. No.1 sales volume in China market for 8 years since 2011 2. Advanced technology, equipment, and production line 3. Quality guarantee, best cost performance 4. Fast and completely discharge, Less residual 5. We are a manufacturer, provide customized service, design as the customers’ every request
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Half-automatic pure liquid small model soymilk filling machines are a new generation utility product, developed from most advanced technology to suit to market demand. The machine adopts a SU304L volumetric injection pump, auto cap orienting, and capping together. Economic utility, low plant cover, the machine is widely applied to sauce packing in the market of pharmaceutical, pesticides, chemicals, foodstuff, cosmetic, etc, meet to the requirement of GMP. Half-automatic pure liquid small model soymilk filling machines are widely used to pack milk, soybean milk, sauce, vinegar and yellow wine, etc kinds of drink with the film. This whole process can be accomplished automatically, such as ultraviolet sterilization, bag figuration, date printing, quantitative filling, enveloping, cutting, counting, and so on. The temperature of heat-sealing is controlled automatically. Half-automatic pure liquid small model soymilk filling machines are with features of quick filling, less liquid loss, good sealing quality, stable running, nice looking, convenient operation and maintenance, frequency convertor for a speed adjustable, etc. It is the ideal machine for medium range capacity of beer and beverage factories. This combination applies single room quantitative filling valve filling, Double winding edge forming for the sealing. With adjustable speed by frequency convertor. With the features of stable filling, big flow rate, quick filling speed, less filling error, no can no filling, automatic control for the liquid level, adjustable production speed, etc. Features of liquid small model soymilk filling machines 1. Automatically finish the processes of pouch forming, filling, sealing, cutting, date printing for a pillow pouch packaging. 2. Two types of suit for single-layer PE film and laminated films. 3. Half-automatic pure liquid small model soymilk filling machines PLC controller and A Pattern calibration photoelectric controller device, ensure the patterns will be complete and beautiful. 4. Quantitative piston pump filling ensure packaging volume can be adjusted within an accurate range. Performance characteristics of liquid small model soymilk filling machines 1. Widely used for a variety of products, such as jelly, milk, butter, fruit juices, paste, chemical liquid, water, and so on. 2.High reliability, convenient operation, wide applicability, high performance. 3. Import control elements, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens, making the system more stable and reliable.
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China BT-150M tool grinder is designed for sharpening cutting tools (drills, cutters, milling cutters, etc.), as well as for performing locksmith work (deburring, chamfering, chipping).TS machines can be used in various enterprises of the national economy, where the following works are required: sharpening tools, cleaning parts, removing chips, cleaning welding seams, chamfering, roughing overall and small parts. BT-150M tool grinder grinding a variety of welding tools, boring cutter, planer; grinding various turning, boring and milling cutter. The machine has been fitted with diamond grinding wheel, which is mainly suitable for grinding hard alloy materials, CBN materials, and ceramic materials. If the user is to grind other materials, it is necessary to prepare and replace the suitable grinding wheel. Description of BT-150M tool grinder 1.The Semi-auto tool sharpening machine uses the camera to detect the sharpening tool. With the special reticle, it can detect the length of the tool, the angle, and the radius of any radius of (R0.05-R2.5). 2.The machine tool is a high-definition rate camera used as the online detector for projectors. The projection has a high resolution, high quality, and no distortion, and its accuracy is greatly improved. The accuracy and resolution of the machine can reach 0.001mm. High precision tool on-line measurement can be completed. (as well as a simple measurement of the set parameters of the tool) 3.The machine has high structural strength and good grinding stability. 4.The grinding material of the machine tool: PCD blade, alloy blade, CBN blade, boron nitride. If the user is to grind other materials, it is necessary to prepare and replace the suitable grinding wheel. Focus on precision and detail of BT-150M tool grinder The PLC controlled tool grinder is new grinding equipment developed for grinding PCD blades, alloy blades, and CBN blades. It can repair and wear 5-30mm blades in a high range and can adjust the circle area of the tooltip R0.05-R2.5mm. High efficiency, high quality, and good effect of the grinding process. Easy to operate, for emergency convenient appliances, fast. This machine can be used for CNC blade grinding equipment of 5 - 30mm range. It also ensures high precision and high efficiency. The tool can be used repeatedly, reducing the waste of resources and saving the cost for the enterprise.
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Clear tempered glass belongs to safety glass. Toughened glass is actually a kind of prestressed glass. In order to improve the strength of glass, chemical, or physical methods are usually used to form compressive stress on the surface of the glass. When the glass bears external force, it first counteracts the surface stress, thus improving the bearing capacity, enhancing the glass's own wind compression, heat and cold resistance, impact, and so on. Clear tempered glass for greenhouse and building is made by cutting ordinary annealed glass into the required size, then heating it to about 700 degrees near the softening point, and then cooling it rapidly and evenly (usually 5-6MM glass is heated for 240 seconds at 700 degrees and cooled for about 150 seconds). 8-10MM glass is heated at 700 degrees for about 500 seconds and cooled for about 300 seconds. In short, according to the thickness of glass, the choice of heating and cooling time is also different. Clear tempered glass for greenhouse and building shower wall panels is a type of glass with even compressive stress on the surface which is made by heating float glass to a nearly softening point and then cooling it down rapidly by air. During the instant cooling process, the exterior of glass is solidified due to rapid cooling while the interior of the glass is cooled down relatively slowly. This process will bring the glass surface compressive stress and the interior tensile stress which can improve the mechanical strength of glass by germination and result in good thermal stability. Features of clear tempered glass for greenhouse and building 1. 5 times harder than ordinary float glass, stronger resistance to thermal breakage than annealed or heat strengthened glass. 2. Clear tempered glass for greenhouse and building once breakage occurs, the glass disintegrates into small cubical fragments, which are relatively harmless to the human body. 3. It withstands an abrupt temperature change of 220 Centigrade. 4. Sizes are produced as per customer request. Please notes of clear tempered glass for greenhouse and building Clear tempered glass for greenhouse and building specification should be confirmed before putting the sheet glass into the toughening furnace, the tempered glass can't be cut anymore after out of the toughening furnace, otherwise, it will be broken.
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The BT-150M tool grinder model is a kind of universal machine. It has both the characters of a universal cylindrical grinding machine and the characters of a tool and cutter grinding machine and is suitable for external grinding internal grinding and surface grinding as well as for sharpening genera cutting tools such as various milling cutters, reamers, pinion cutters, and straight fluted hobs, etc, This machine is suitable for common small machine plants, tool workshops, repair workshops and research institutes of science and technology. China BT-150M tool grinder the working table uses dovetail guide rail or high precision straight line roiling guide rails, good back and forth movement, high stability, steady bed platform, dexterous operation. Semi-auto tool sharpening machine motor can rotate 360° in the horizontal plane, the grinding wheel can be clockwise and anticlockwise rapidly. When grinding different kinds of material's cutter, you can turn the grinding wheel, which can add safety and reduce the time of replacing and dressing the grinding wheel, adding controllability of cutter grinding. A standard accessory can grind lathe tool, end milling cutter, face, and side cutters, hobbing cutters, circular paper Sharpening scope: In the hole, outer annulus, column, trench, taper, end mill, disc cutter, lathe tool, square shape, and diamond cutting tool, gear cutting tool, and so on. Feature of semi-auto tool sharpening machine 1. Grinding capacity: Dia:3 ~32mm (Straight shank & taper shank, the taper shank can be extended to 76MM) double wheels. It only need to rotate the motor when want to grind the tool of a different material. It can increase the safety & save time for changing & repairing the grinding wheel. 2. The kinds of the grinding tool include drills, step drills, taps, lips of end mills, round bars, etc. 3. Adopts precision 4" 6 pawls self-centering chuck, clipping one time. 4. China BT-150M tool grinder can grind the blade of drills and do the paring of the drill's abdomen. The angle of drills, both sides, and the length of the blade are the same after grinding. It can keep the accuracy of the center of drills without off-center. 5. Double cams: The cam of grinding drills & The cam of grinding taps Specification of China BT-150M tool grinder Technical Data: Longitudinal travel of table: 90mm Cross travel of saddle: 150mm The rotary angle of wheel head: 360degree Point angle: 90degree-180degree Size of wheel: 125 x 50 x 31.75mm Speed of wheel: 2800 RPM Motor: 3/4 HP, 220V/380V N.W./G.W.: 95kgs/120kgs Size of packing (L x W x H): 820 x 550 x 670mm
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3 Axle Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers dedicated to the transport of various containers, and also can be used to transport ordinary growth goods with its platform. It has sufficient strength and mainly used in the transport systems, such as ships, ports, routes, highways, transit stations, bridges, tunnels, multimedia transport systems. 40ft Flatbed Container Trailer can carry 40ft and two 20ft containers. The flatbed trailer capacity ranges from 20 tons to 80 tons with 2 axles, 3 axles, and 4 axles. We use high quality tensile steel to reduce beam fracture probability. The main beam is opting for high tensile steel Q345B and the axle can be selected of BPW or FUWA brand. Advantage of 3 Axle Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers 1. Finite Element analysis used in a vehicle to promote product performance. 2. 3 Axle Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers whole Trailer body Electrophoresis Painting, resistance, painting effect can reach above 10 years. 3. High Strength full-thickness Steel, titanium content of 0.98‰, which ensure Beam and frame’s Toughness and strength. 4. 42 tough ribs design, Ensure the safety and carrying capacity of the trailer. 5. Especially designed anti-Tire abrasion suspension system, Prevent tire offset after loading Features of 3 Axle Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers 1.The body of the vehicle is made of high-quality steel, advanced technology, and strict production. The whole vehicle has a reasonable structure, reliable performance, simple operation, and a beautiful appearance. 2.The series of 3 Axle Flatbed Gooseneck Trailers are of the beam-type structure, and the stringers are straight or gooseneck. The web height is welded from 400mm to 550mm manganese plate, the longitudinal beam is automatically buried and welded, the frame is shot-peened, the beam is inserted into the stringer and welded. 3.Widely used in different areas, mainly used in long-haul freight transport. 4.Reasonable structure, strong rigidity, and strength can be used to impact the bearing of the strike. 5.Customized design to meet different customer needs. 6. Advanced Manufacturing Technology Laser cutting, robot automatic welding, reliable quality 7. Advanced painting technology KTL electrophoresis + powder spraying, instead of the traditional paint process, has a good anti-corrosion effect and long paint life.
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Automatic yogurt ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery, the machine has the advantage of compact structure, easy to operate, high production efficiency. It is applicable to fill and seal plastic cups, bowls, boxes used to be filled with liquid or cream materials, such as yogurt, milk, jelly, fruit salad, pulp, mineral water, and so on. Features of ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery 1. It adopts a 6mm stainless steel plate mainframe. It is elegant, bright, and clean. It can be customized according to a select 12# U-shaped carbon steel structure, 12# U-shaped stainless steel structure, or 50mm stainless steel tube structure. 2. The liquid contact parts adopt 304 or 316 stainless steel material with food hygiene requirements, other parts are H62 copper, anti-acid & anti-alkali aluminum-magnesium alloy template, 304 stainless steel plates. 3. ThisAutomatic yogurt ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery adopt with an electrical, pneumatic hybrid drive. It is running smoothly. It is automatic, from sending cups, injected with fruit pulp, twice filling (pneumatic valve control level), send roll film or cover the foil lids by the manipulator, twice sealing, pneumatic ribbon coding, film correction, twice heat sealing, single cut, waste film recycling, product output. 4. It detects the color code and corrects the location of the seal film to ensure an accurate location by photoelectric eye. 5. We can provide you with a different range filling pump. 6. We can design kinds of personalized custom parts, such as acid and alkali resistant aluminum-magnesium alloy template, filling system, sealing system, cutting, etc. 7. You can select a traditional circuit control system or a PLC control system. 8. We can design any new model according to your requirement. Configuration instructions of ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery 1. Auto drop cups, it adopts with pneumatic chuck mechanical stripping dropping cup. 2. Auto filling, according to the filling material characteristics to choose a suitable filling way, such as filling solid particles such as fruit flesh, liquid filling methods, etc. 3. Print code, it adopts pneumatic ribbon coding by the heater. 4. Twice sealing, first sealing is plane, second sealing is the thread. Optional configuration of ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery 1. Manipulator transfer the products to the conveyor line 2. It is a closed space from injecting with fruit pulp to cover the foil lids, and it adopts toughened glass and stainless steel square tube 3. Automatic yogurt ice cream juice honey cup form filling seal machinery can be equipped with a HEPA air filtration system by a Laminar flow fan in the closed space. 4. Pipeline within the closed cleaning. 5. Foil lids and roll film. You can select the sealing material one of them or both.
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LUYI Gooseneck skeleton container trailer is made of standard steels-Q345 and Q235. The frame beam is welded by a laser tracking welding machine and polished by a shot blasting machine to ensure quality at the beginning. For export, we use famous brand parts, such as the JOST brand kingpin and landing leg, WBACO brake valve. This Gooseneck skeleton container trailer specially designed for 40ft container, 40ft high cube container, 40ft flat rack container, 40ft open top container, we can also design another model according to your different requirements, such as an extendable flatbed trailer for transporting wind blade, steel pipes and fittings and other long items, flatbed trailer with an upright column for log loading, etc. Gooseneck skeleton container trailer applicable with all standard and high cube container sizes including 2x20ft or 1x40ft heavy.Manual operation for reduced complexity.Low weight, low rolling resistance design.Market-leading components including JOST, BPW, FUWA. In general, the flatbed trailer suit for carrying loads of 40 ton~60 tons of weight. Actually, the gooseneck skeleton container trailer is the simplest trailer for dry bulk cargo, we also can offer another model according to your different requirements, the extendable flatbed trailer for transporting wind blade, steel pipes and fittings and other long items, flatbed trailer with an upright column for log loading,20ft flatbed trailer for transporting 20ft container,40ft flatbed trailer for transporting 2x20 ft container and 1x 40ft container, and flatbed trailer with the front wall and so on. Features of gooseneck skeleton container trailer 1. Gooseneck skeleton container trailer Steel frames are built with top-class hot rolled or rolled steel plate, automatic welded longitudinal beam, and adopting advanced sanding and painting process as preliminary treatment. 2. Different types of suspension are designed for the various operating conditions: Bogie suspension; Air suspension; Mechanical suspension. We can make the order according to the customer's needs. 3. We have State-of-the-art detection devices: Components, hardness, and phase of metal are analyzed to ensure the standards of processed material and the quality of finished products. The function of gooseneck skeleton container trailer 1. Gooseneck skeleton container trailer widely used, which is mainly used for long-haul freight transport, ex: 20 ft or 40 ft container. 2. We can design and manufacture a skeleton truck trailer according to your exact requirements, ex: You can be required to promote the front axle or use the air suspension or choose the straightness type or goose neck type.
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40Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Container Semi-Trailer is specially designed to carry various cargo containers. You can choose to transport one 20ft,40ft 0r 45 ft container or two 20 ft containers at one time. The only difference is the number of locks required for specific transportation applications. Shandong Luyi Vehicle Co., Ltd. adopt advanced electrophoretic painting, which is the same process as car panting. High strength special steel. Select domestic and foreign well-known brands of accessories, which are more reliable and durable. Advantage of 40Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Container Semi-Trailer 1.Customized design is available OEM ODM are welcome 2 Reply to your inquiry in 24 working hours 3 Experienced staffs will answer all your questions in professional and fluent English 4.Exclusive unique solution can be proof provided by our well-trained and professional engineers 5.Special discount can be offered with a large quantity 6.We will try our best to meet your requirements Product Function of 40Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Container Semi-Trailer 40Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Container Semi-Trailer Commonly used for container transporting and other dry bulk cargo: PS: Dry bulk cargo: such as wood, crop pallets, bagged cement, floor tile, glass, equipment, stone, steel pipes, and so on. PS: customize available: (1) extendable flatbed trailer for long items, (2) flatbed trailer with an upright column for log loading, (3) flatbed trailer with groove / sleepers / portal frame / front wall / Sidewall /side pillars / D-rings. Small item, make your trailer more functional. Characteristics of 40Ft 2 Axle Skeleton Container Semi-Trailer 1. Straight or gooseneck type, used to carry non-removable big size objects in the factory and construction site. 2. Made of high-strength steel, strong bearing, rational construction, and good stability. 3. The frame is welded by automatic submerged arc welding, beautiful weld joint, reliable performance. 4. Good looking, easy to sell. Use shot blasting to improve the surface.
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Multi-span glass greenhouse for agricultural crops is characterized by a high light-transmitting rate, beautiful appearance, and stable structure, suitable for the plants in great demands for sunlight. The skeleton is made by hot-dip galvanized steel materials, connected by galvanized anti-rot bolts and screws without any welded points. Multi-span glass greenhouse for agricultural crops is a Venlo type of greenhouse covered by the glass as lighting materials. Multi-span glass greenhouse for agriculture crops has the longest life, which is suitable for use in a variety of areas, and all kinds of climate conditions. In the greenhouse industry, according to the size of the span and width, it is divided into many construction types, and with different using ways, it is divided into vegetable glass greenhouse, glass ecological greenhouse, seedling glass greenhouse, sightseeing glass greenhouse, and so on. Multi-span glass greenhouse for agricultural crops is luxurious, elegant, and permanent. They are usually for commercial, research, and luxury custom eco-park design. When you are inside of a glass greenhouse, the clarity of the glass will make you feel as if you are surrounded by your own cultivated p aradise. This alone is enough reason for so many gardening enthusiasts to choose glass over a PC sheet or plastic film for a greenhouse. Main features of glass greenhouse for agricultural crops 1. Strong structure in all types of greenhouses, for modern and high value-added agricutlure farming. 2. Excellent hot galvanized steel structures and accessories, anti-corrosion. 20 years of using life. 3. Proprietary technology in PE film, Famous brand.Guaranteed 4-6 years using life. 4. Ventilation and insect nets can give your planting in a comfortable situation. Increasing yield. 5. Cucumbers, tomatos, yield per 1000㎡ normally more than 15000kg.
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Pop buckwheat grading machine is widely used for pre-cleaning and cleaning of grains and seeds for grain depot and seed company, and raw grains for flour mill, rice mill, feed, chemical and food processing industry. One machine can clean various grains such as wheat, maize, rice, beans, oilseeds by changing different screens. Pop buckwheat grading machine can further remove light impurities and dust if equipped with vertical air aspirator, and get an ideal air cleaning effect by adjusting the machine according to the impurity content of raw grains. It is mainly made from corn powder. It is a new choice for your breakfast after mixing with milk. Designed as a kind of breakfast cereal, it is crunchy taste and water resisting property make you have something in mouth for chewing, but not hard. Our company has three types of production lines by capacity 150kg/hr, 240kg/hr, and 500kg/hr. Production line of the pop buckwheat grading machine Flow chart: Mixing---Extrusion---Flaking---Drying---(Sugar Spraying)---Flavoring---Drying---Packing Corn Flakes or Breakfast cereal snacks: a. Pop buckwheat grading machine is a new and popular breakfast cereal or leisure crispy snack among the family, due to the high nutritional value, like rich carbohydrates and dietary fiber. We adopt various Cereal and vitamins and minerals as raw material, the finished corn flakes can be served with coffee, milk or functional drinks, etc. b. The quality corn flakes are not puffed but must be ripened completely in the extruder and the ripened material will be extruded from the mold with the transparent corn pellets shape; c. The flake shape can be acquired by using the flaking machine and the thickness of the flake depends on the two smooth rollers gap. d. The Roasted processing is so important for reaching the close-grained and crispy texture. At last, it can be sprayed with melted sugar or powdered sugar as the finished delicious corn flakes.
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China agricultural vegetable greenhouse is the simplest structure greenhouse with the lowest cost and the most convenient installation. The framework is the core structure of the tunnel greenhouse. It includes the groove, the door, the ridge, the arch, the end column, and so on. The single-span is usually between 6m to 12m. The advantage lies in the maximum use of the land area, simple installation, strong durability, and long service life. In addition, it is very convenient to disassemble, install, and transport. So the cost is the lowest, but the most cost-effective one Safe and reasonably of agricultural vegetable greenhouse 1.The sunlight greenhouse large span column-free structure, large space, suitable for mechanized operation. 2.Strong frame bearing capacity, long lifetime. 3.Reasonable roof lighting angle, adequate indoor lighting, good insulation performance, energy saving. 4.China agricultural vegetable greenhouse computer optimization design, good lighting, material saving, low cost, high land utilization. 5.Computer insulation wall, interior wall insulation, outer wall heating, easy to form a good greenhouse microclimate. 6.With quilt and grass mat for winter heat preservation, electric rolling machine. 7.The utility model is suitable for the wide application of flower planting, seeding breeding, vegetable production and demonstration park for sightseeing. Components of agricultural vegetable greenhouse 1. PC sheet: 4mm pc hollow sheets made with 100% lexan material of 10 years guarantee. 2. Frame: virgin aluminum alloy with 15 years guarantee. 3. Base: Q235 steel with 15 years guarantee. 4. Bolts 5. Installation manual. cost commercia plastic polycarbonate used agricultural greenhouse for sale The structure for China agricultural vegetable greenhouse Is Galvanized Steel Structure Which is Strong for High Wind and Heavy Snow, Anti-rust, and Anti- Corrosion. It can be used for more than 20 years. Our GT polycarbonate sheet greenhouse Added protection of blocking 99.9% of harmful UV rays From a growing perspective, polycarbonate provides a much more stable growing environment. All polycarbonate panels used in GT greenhouses are made from two skins of polycarbonate – creating a double-glazing effect and outstanding thermal performance. What Materials for our polycarbonate sheet? We use all new material not recycled materials, it is better not to use the recycled materials, as the strong and harsh sunlight will discolor the panels and they will be yellow after 2 or 3 years. As it is little or no UV protection, this is very dangerous to your plants.
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Small manual hand press machines are small stamping equipment for watches and clocks, instruments, electronics, jewelry, hardware and clothing, shoes and hats, and other industries, the workpiece can be punching, bending, riveting and press, and other processes. The machine structure is light, high production efficiency. The closure height and stroke length are adjustable for ease of use. The small manual hand press machine is applicated to all drawing, blanking, forming process, especially in the following areas: all kinds of containers, all kinds of automobile covering parts, electric parts, kitchen utensils, tractor, motorcycle, aerospace, aviation, electronics, instrumentation, plastic, rubber, chemical, and other industrial departments. The main performance characteristics of a small manual hand press machine The small manual hand press machine has the advantages of small volume, simple structure, and little cost. High quality cast-iron body, study design. For press-fitting and pulling bearings, 4-position plate, Chrome-plated steel pinion, and ram. Features of small manual hand press machine 1.Control on foot or hand Pedal. 2.Punching Power( 0.5Ton to 4 Ton ). 4. Solid structure and easy to operate, convenient to upload and download material so that ensure efficient work. 5. Multifunctional use for indentation, punching, riveting, assembling, cutting, etc. 6. Safe and human-centered design, comfortable and durable operation. Small manual hand press machine the major driving manner is that the electromotor drives the flywheel, through the function of the clutch to punch the cards. Because the punching The speed is fast and the power is strong, the edge of the cards is smoothly cut. The machine is designed with precise automatic punching location holes. The main usage of small manual hand press machine Small manual hand press machine used in punching, bending, blanking, cutting, riveting, etc. this machine usage with a die, safely and high efficiency operate, using high quality material, make sure the edge of finished products beautiful and smooth.
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Hot sale agricultural commercial glass greenhouse structure, adopting hot-dip galvanized steel pipe as the main column, connected by galvanized steel truss and galvanized gutter with galvanized bolts and screws without any welding point, embedded steel parts also supplied together. Once build up,20 years service life guaranteed; For the Glass multi-span greenhouse and polycarbonate multi-span greenhouse, commonly adopting the design of 3 roofs for every span, each span can be 16m and every inner single bay can be 8m. Hot sale agricultural commercial glass greenhouse adopting high lighting transmitting float glass and polycarbonate sheet as covering material is excellent for facility agriculture greenhouse construction. Beautiful appearance, simple and standard and quick construction and installation, stable structure, very suitable for the vegetable and flower cultivation. Hot sale agricultural commercial glass greenhouse is a structure with walls and roof made chiefly of transparent material, such as glass, in which plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown. These structures range in size from small sheds to industrial-sized buildings. A miniature greenhouse is known as a cold frame. The interior of a greenhouse exposed to sunlight becomes significantly warmer than the external ambient temperature, protecting its contents in cold weather. Hot sale agricultural commercial glass greenhouse is high tech production facilities for vegetables or flowers. The glass greenhouses are filled with equipment including screening installations, heating, cooling, lighting, and may be controlled by a computer to optimize conditions for plant growth. Different techniques are then used to evaluate optimality-degrees and comfort ratio of greenhouse micro-climate (i.e., air temperature, relative humidity, and vapor pressure Advantages of an agricultural commercial glass greenhouse Each of our structures is built out of pultruded fiberglass which provides a strong lightweight, non-corrosive material that has very low thermal conductivity. Our arches also offer significantly improved thermal characteristics compared to traditional steel structures. They won't heat up and bake your greenhouse in the summer or steal your expensive heat in the winter. Plus, the low thermal conductivity limits harmful condensation inside the greenhouse.
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The sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing consists of an electric sugar pot, a cooling table, a heat preservation roller, a drawing machine, a forming machine, a cooling screen, and a packaging machine, which can produce round and oval hard candy. The whole production line of electrical integrated control, easy to control the operation, is small and medium-sized Ideal equipment for a candy factory. Sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing is suitable for making hard candy and milk grease candy. Composed of thermal rolling bed, thermal bar drawing machine, special lollipop forming machine, and climbing conveyer, the production line is featured with logical structure, stable performance, good looking, easy and simple operation, convenient maintenance, etc.. It can make heart, palm, foot, animal, and another special-shaped lollipop. Sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing is a compact unit which can continuously produce various kinds of hard candies under a strict sanitary condition. It is also an ideal equipment which can produce out good quality products with the saving of both the manpower and the space occupied. PROCESSING CHART of sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing Raw material melting — Conveying — Filter — Storage — Constant syrup conveying — Pre-heating — Micro-film vacuum cooking—Discharging — Mixing with flavor and Color — Depositing — Cooling — De-moulding — Conveying — Packing— Final products Processing Flow of sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing Sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing is an advanced and continuous plant for making different sizes of hard candies. It is ideal equipment which can produce out good quality products with the saving of the manpower and the space occupied. This depositing line mainly consists of a cooking system, batch roller, rope sizer, die forming machine, cooling tunnel, and packing machine. Main Features of sweet lollipop making machine manufacturing 1. Simple structure in linear type, easy in installation, and maintenance. 2. Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts, electric parts, and operation parts. 3. Sugar and all other materials are automatically weighed, transferred, and mixed through an adjusted touch screen. Various kinds of recipes can be programmed in the PLC and applied easily and freely when required. 4. PLC, touch screen and servo-driven system are imported brand, more reliable and stable performance, and durable use-life 5. Simple and compact machine structure, menu style operation interface, convenient operation and maintenance, high efficiency, low-noise, stable performance, and long life. 6. We have different shapes of mold, In our Production Design, you can produce different shapes of hard candy in the same line and in the same time.
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PVC growing gutter for hydroponic growing strawberry can save the land, as no soil is needed. A hydroponics system can also control all growing conditions while using an NFT channel and dripping irrigation method to maintain stable and high productivity, allowing lands to grow healthier, and for crops to be more accessible to harvest. Hydroponics, by definition, is a method of growing plants in a water-based, nutrient-rich solution. Hydroponics does not use soil, instead, the root system is supported using an inert medium such as perlite, Rockwool, coconut coir. The basic premise behind hydroponics is to allow the plant's roots to come in direct contact with the nutrient solution, while also having access to oxygen, which is essential for proper growth. Planting instructions of PVC growing gutter PVC growing gutter for hydroponic growing strawberry provides greenhouse design and construction, seeds and fertilizer, and planting technology solutions. The following are the planting instructions provided by our company: lettuce planting instruction, pepper planting instruction, tomato planting instruction, and cucumber planting instruction. Application: Vegetables, fruits like strawberry 1. Made of nontoxic PVC growing channel gutter. 2. Save space and make full use of land with A steel frame. 3. Size can be made according to the customer's specific requirements. 4. Easy to install and operate in daily planting and maintenance. 5. Suitable for all kinds of the greenhouse. The PVC growing gutter for hydroponic growing strawberry mostly uses an A-type rack with substrate culture for strawberry, tomato, peppers, and other plants growing. Advantage of PVC growing gutter for hydroponic growing strawberry 1.Strawberry vertical cultivation in the greenhouse can greatly save greenhouse land. Improve greenhouse use area and space. 2.Reduce pests and diseases and facilitate daily management. 3.PVC growing gutter for hydroponic growing strawberry food grade UPVC material, long service life. 4.Low cost but stable and high productivity. 5.All the growing conditions can be controlled with a hydroponics system. 6.Plants grow healthier, No pesticide damage, environment friendly, easy to have. 7.It is a new modem strawberry cultivation techniques.