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Construction waste crusher installed power according to the material property and yield within the prescribed scope configuration . At work, do the high-speed rotating impeller material out of the impeller projection and playing in the back plate and is broken, then fine particulate material from the bottom of the machine frame is discharged.

The construction waste crusher is the internal air circulation system, air flow generated in the process of high-speed rotation of the impeller, self circulation in the formation of construction waste crusher internal. In addition, the need for crushing the powder material in the product isolated, configuration and classifying cyclone, rely on airflow construction waste crusher internal pressure, material classification, extraction material, solves the problem that the dust dispersion and cleaning up the environment, without increasing power consumption.

This is equipped with a counter construction waste crusher plate is called "hot stone". In conclusion, iron ore processing machinery from deutschland special structure and performance characteristics, so that it has a good ability to work, become strong competitors in the market competition.

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Regular maintenance of ultrafine mill is an important part of ensuring the efficient operation of the equipment, because no matter how good the equipment quality is, after a certain period of time, its production capacity will decline, and only regular maintenance will be carried out on it. In order to extend the service life of equipment parts and ensure the output of the equipment, it can continue to operate efficiently. Here is a brief introduction of what is regularly referred to as the maintenance of ultrafine mill machines.

Regular maintenance of ultrafine mill is an important part of ensuring efficient equipment operation, because no matter how good the equipment quality is, after a certain period of work, its production capacity will be reduced. Only regular maintenance of it can be extended. The service life of the equipment accessories ensures the output of the equipment so that it can continue to operate efficiently. The following is a brief description of what is regularly referred to as the maintenance of the ultrafine mill.

The first is the tightness of the machine screws, the wear of the grinding wheel rings, and the use of the bushings in each part. These conditions are regularly maintained because the screws loosen, the grinding roll rings wear, and the bush wears during the production process. Affects the production process of ultrafine mill, so it must be maintained at regular intervals; Secondly, the lubrication operation during the operation of the equipment can reduce the wear of the accessories during the production. Therefore, the lubrication of the equipment needs to be maintained on a regular basis.

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In recent years in China the back breaking industry has made great progress, including uptake by the introduction of foreign advanced technology, but also our own research and development of stone crushing equipment. The future scope of use of crushing equipment will be more widely, competition is more intense, in has innovation era, China will intensify, cooperate actively, encourage R amp; D staff efforts, the crusher of our country reach the forefront of the times.

Stone crushing equipment is the principle of selection of impact crushing material, and thus its impact, the hammer, the plate hammer, impact plate are wearing parts, in the operating process of wear very fast.This defect in the appropriate long period, limiting the scope of stone crushing equipment. Because of its characteristics is that it can only used for crushing of hard materials. Followed by some new wear-resistant materials used, to break this limit, makes the new counter break get large-scale implementation.

In the meantime, stone crushing equipment is crushing equipment based on the impact strength to break material, when the machine is operating, because the motor of femoral artery, the high-speed rotation of the rotor, the material into the zone and the rotor plate hammer effect on the plate hammer impact crushing, in high speed under the action of centrifugal force, and another some of the umbrella type approach high speed bump diversion and high density damage on the turntable near the flying stones, stones at each other after impact, will constitute a vortex motion between the turntable and the chassis and constitute the multiple impact each other, conflict, damage, is discharged from the lower part through, and form many closed loop control by sieving equipment arrived at the granularity of demand.

We know that stone crushing equipment important position in many of the machine for crushing equipment, mainly due to the Shanghai impact broken technology characteristic place decision: Shanghai counters one of technical characteristics is broken -- broken than degree: stone crushing equipment crusher contrast generally can be reached more than 50, and jaw crusher, cone broken and roll crusher is difficult to go beyond the therefore, in single stage crushing demand occasions when stone crushing equipment use very extensive. Shanghai back breaking technology characteristics of two - material crushing granularity is good: the demand of occasion when the general selection of stone crushing equipment as eventually broken equipment, production of concrete aggregate.

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Strengthen the construction waste crusher maintenance , to prevent false and ignore maintenance. Because, improper maintenance is the main cause of equipment failure , maintenance work must be enforced. Maintenance managers should make effective maintenance plan based on mechanical maintenance instructions, and technical problems with the machine driving-related staff communication.

The quality of maintenance work should be carried out at any time and under any circumstances . Meanwhile, in order to strengthen the sense of responsibility should be established to mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative , and effectively perform maintenance work and to ensure the effective operation of incentive mechanisms .

Routine inspection work should be strengthened inspection results must be recorded in detail , including not only the previous maintenance records , parts replacement record, but also a day of work conditions and workload records to easily analyze and determine mechanical failure , timely and accurate manner to eliminate hidden dangers .

Maintenance managers should keep abreast of the disease , to understand the whole situation, and then make a reasonable , detailed mechanical maintenance plan , and make instruction and supervision of maintenance and procurement activities to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs.

Strengthen management, establish and improve the maintenance of rules and regulations, and stressed the importance of management ; complete statistics system and the major and minor fault records ; personnel should reward and punishment rules are clear respective responsibilities ; oversee the purchase and processing of accessories should be strengthened to ensure the quality and quantity of parts.

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During the development of ultrafine mill, how to meet the changes in market demand is the key point. Then how to achieve long-term development is also an issue that needs attention. So how can we achieve long-term development?

When manufacturers of mine production equipment research and develop a kind of machine, they want to obtain long-term benefits. After the equipment is introduced, they will also make necessary improvements according to market demand. The basis for improvement is the market demand, such as ultrafine mill. When it was produced, it was to satisfy the fine grinding of materials, but as the market demand changed, it constantly improved: the continuous increase of production capacity, continuous improvement of the structure, etc., but the change of market demand is more than that, then to get a long-term Development, how to grasp the future market?

For ultrafine mill, although its development is very important for the introduction of advanced technology, its development must be combined with China’s actual national conditions so that it can better meet the needs of the market. During the development of the aircraft, it’s The type is constantly expanding. This is to meet the processing of more materials. In this extended process, its operation has been greatly simplified. This is also to meet the needs of customers and can reduce production time because of operational errors.

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Under these stimuli, many mine manufacturers in China are constantly researching and developing new production equipment. For example, Industrial Technology Group Co., Ltd. has developed a variety of products to meet the needs of the new market, such as ultra-fine mill, High-pressure mill, various crushing equipment and so on. Under the increasingly fierce international competition, Shanghai is persistent and adopts research and development tactics to continuously expand its international market.

The company’s diverse equipment has been exported to many countries and regions in Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and has achieved favorable comments from customers, especially large crushers. The equipment has been greatly appreciated by foreign businessmen. From the source analysis of Shanghai BM's customers, the construction of western China is particularly rapid, because the western construction requires a lot of milling equipment, especially ultra-fine mills, because the equipment can help produce better materials, and mining and other industries The ultrafine mill used today is produced using modern advanced technology and can complete the production process better.

It is very powerful for the western construction and has made tremendous contributions to the construction of the western construction project. This article mainly introduces the rapid development of equipment such as ultrafine mills due to the construction of infrastructure, and because these equipments use advanced production technologies, they have made tremendous contributions to the construction of the western region.

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Ultra-fine mills are industrial machinery products and are often used in industrial milling. In fact, it can also be used as a small home ultrafine mill, mainly used for grinding herbs, food, feed and other dry materials, convenient and quick.

The structure of small ultra-fine mill for household use is similar to that of industrial mills. It is mainly composed of feeding port, silo, milling chamber, and motor. When it is working, the material is first crushed and pressed into the ultra-fine powder from the feed inlet into the milling chamber, and the crushed material is put into the powder collection device by the high-speed airflow in the grinding chamber and is collected and discharged.

Compared with the common industrial ultrafine grinding mill, the household small-sized ultrafine mill has more prominent advantages such as simple structure, small size and convenient use. It is suitable for use in households, pharmacies, hospitals and other places in carrying and placement. So it is very popular with the market.

The machine does not lose the fine grinding machine, and the finished product can be 325 or more in size. We know that the finer the medicines or skin care products, the more easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, this small household fine grinding machine can smash foods and medicines to ultra-fine particles, and can guarantee its greater efficacy in eating.

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ultrafine mill requires a good cooperation of all parts in order to complete the smashing of materials quickly. Therefore, the quality of the parts and the collocation between them are very important. This article mainly introduces the reasonable matching of the machine parts. problem. ultrafine mill The successful completion of material grinding operations requires the cooperation of various parts. If one of the problems occurs, it will affect the overall production process. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that each type of component is intact. Note that the matching between the various components should be reasonable, because the various parts of the ultrafine mill machine can properly play their respective performance, so how to match these parts in the production line is more reasonable? The combination of the various parts of the ultra-fine mill is like a person's hands and feet. If the location is not correct, it is difficult to operate normally. Therefore, when installing in a production line, the correctness of the installation location must be determined first, and the order must not be reversed. Some of them are not damaged due to operational problems, because the damage of the parts will also make the ultra-fine machine can not run normally and can not complete the production of materials. In addition to ensuring the correct installation position of all parts of the ultrafine mill machine, attention should also be paid to the internal hole of the roller, because it has certain rules, and the size is also a certain size, so pay attention to the size of the internal hole when matching. The size of the roller shaft must be matched, otherwise it will result in the waste of parts, which will increase the production cost, which is not conducive to a more complete production yield. The above article introduces two aspects when it comes to the problem of ultrafine mill parts collocation: First, the installation sequence of each part must be correct. Second, the size of the inner hole and the size of the roller shaft must be matched, otherwise it will cause The equipment can't work properly or it is a waste of parts, no matter which kind of phenomenon will cause the production benefit to be damaged.
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The scope of application of the vibration sieve is very extensive, mainly used for mining, smelting, coal, building materials, refractory materials, light industry, chemical industry, medicine, food and other industries. With the urgent need of modernization construction of our country, have put forward the relatively high requirements on all walks of life, and promote energy saving and environmental protection, mining machinery industry is no exception. Put forward more and more requirements of vibration screening machinery in the varieties, specifications and product quality. To ensure the high efficiency, low energy consumption, less noise pollution, is the future direction of development of the industry of the vibration sieve. ecofriendly crushre: In response to the national call for green environmental protection, low noise, vibration sieve is preferred. Effects of industrial noise pollution hazards, to the production worker body and emotion is not small, each manufacturer has been increasingly attention. In the screening industry vibrating screen because of its working principle of producing noise is unavoidable, since we can not avoid the we should consider how to effectively reduce the noise pollution of vibration sieve. The emergence of the root causes of noise vibration sieve is mainly due to vibration during operation, due to friction parts, such as bearings, vibrator. Bass shaker is according to the noise generating reasons, do appropriate to improve the design details, in order to reduce the noise pollution to the environment.
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In recent years, with the gradual acceleration of the pace of national development, not only the rise of the coal industry, mining, chemical and other industries are also constantly developing and progressing, so the demand for the mill is constantly increasing, more and more Many industries need to use the mill, but also the milling process requirements are getting higher and higher, of which, ore milling equipment has the most extensive application, to a certain extent, is suitable for a variety of materials Grinding, but also in the market has the emergence of the latest ore milling equipment, has a higher production efficiency, after market research analysis and found that ore milling equipment has an excellent reputation, milling efficiency and the traditional Milling equipment increased by about 30 percent compared to many customers trust the milling equipment, and has become the representative of China's milling equipment industry products. In general, ore milling equipment can be called a coal mill, but according to the work of the National Energy Board can be seen that the country's attention to coal resources, the market demand for coal has never been reduced, so for investors To enter the coal industry is a better choice, but the equipment is the first condition, we must choose experienced and good reputation of the manufacturer, because of their equipment have some quality assurance, but also a sound service system, in the To a certain extent, will reduce the customer's time and energy, and professional coal mill manufacturers will provide professional technical guidance, can help solve all the problems encountered in the production of enterprises, eliminating the need for business worries. I believe the widespread use of coal mills will certainly bring a broader market space, but also believe that the future of China's milling equipment industry will be even more beautiful.